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KK celebrates his 91st birthday


FORMER President Kenneth Kaunda yesterday celebrated his 91st birthday with his family and Chinese Ambassador to Zambia Yang Youming.

And Chinese President Xi Jinping has described Dr Kaunda as a pillar of the Zambia-China friendship, which spans over 50 years.

Dr Kaunda, who repeatedly joked about his age, was presented with a cake from his family which he shared with his children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, in-laws and journalists after he was assisted to cut it by his grandchild.

“I am very grateful and humbled. Thank you, thank you very much,” he said.

Speaking on behalf of his family, Dr Kaunda’s son, Kaweche, said the family is grateful to God for giving them the former President, who has led an exemplary life.

Mr Kaunda said being members of Dr Kaunda’s family is a challenge because it is not easy to follow in the foot-steps of such a great man.

“God willing, we hope we can also live exemplary lives and equally as long as he [Dr Kaunda] has lived,” he said.

And President Xi, in a letter read by chief of political section at the Chinese Embassy Wan Nan Lin, said Dr Kaunda spearheaded the China-Zambia friendship that is still ongoing more than 50 years later.

He said Dr Kaunda promoted the friendship for the benefit of people.

“The Chinese people have utmost respect for Dr Kaunda and they are wishing him a heart-felt birthday and good health,” Mr Xi said.

Earlier, Mr Yang presented Dr Kaunda with a present, a recording of his party that the Chinese Embassy recently hosted in his honour.

“I hope the video reminds you of the good memories which you have of China,” he said.

Others who visited Dr Kaunda at his residence are United States (US) ambassador to Zambia Eric Schultz, Minister of Finance Alexander Chikwanda, USAID Zambia director Susan Brems, Higer Bus Company general manager Wu Ming and staff, Dr Roger Chongwe and Dr Simon Zukas.



  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MR PRESIDENT. Will forever be grateful for free education privilege you provided us. Free hospitals and the sacrifice to liberate our brothers and sisters in southern africa even though they may have a short memory. Wish you many more years to come.

    • Every time I see KK, he just reminds me of Roller meal and smelly Cooking oil. Also just wanna ask him what happened to Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe during visit you invited before he passed away.

    • Happy birthday super Ken… You are indeed super.

      You built almost all the roads that successive govts keep re-taring to this day as they cant build new onews.
      Thank you for Ndola-Kitwe dual carriage, Zamefa, Serios, Dunlop, Lenco, Nakambala, Mwinyilunga pineaple, Kawambwa tea, Mununshi Banana, Fiat assembly, ITT, Land rover assembly…etc

      Thanks for free education, health services, TAZARA, INDENI oil refinery, TAZAMA oil pipeline

      We remember you for mwaiseni stores, ZCBC, NIEC, Supaloaf, UBZ.. just to mention a few.

      You were not a saint as President but you wanted Zambia to develop

      Happy birthday


      Thank you so much, the father of our great nation.



  2. Thanks for liberating most of southern african countries. Kindly remind Zuma how loving Zambians were towards South African then. We lived with so many in Matero and Emmasdale and drank Mosi together. Today we are a bad people in the eyes of Zuma because we did not develop our country at the time when his own people were running away from Botha.
    Happy Birthday Mudala!

  3. Only thru long life will satisfy Him, O Lord thank you for this live in Kaunda and living as an example among many. My Grace of God be upon you and see your 100th Birthday.

  4. Happy Birthday Super KK!!!!!!!

    Thanks for free education, free health care, free birth at UTH, UBZ, Mwaiseni, CBC, etc. May the good Lord give you more years as you enjoy your retirement.

  5. The devil himself still enjoying life even in his old age. As kid growing up in the 80s I hated to wait on the road the whole day for him to pass on his way from Lusaka to the Copperbelt. Waiting and you don’t even see him, only to be told napita kale mulilya motoka. A real dictator KK was and sadly he has never said sorry to the people he injured during his reign.

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