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Some people are stealing Documents at State House to frame my Aides-President Lungu

Headlines Some people are stealing Documents at State House to frame my Aides-President...

President Edgar Chagwa Lungu share alight moment   with Zimbabwe minister of foreign Affairs Simbarashe Mumbengegwi on arrival at Harare International Airport for SADC Summit on April 28,2015 -Picture by THOMAS NSAMA
President Edgar Chagwa Lungu share alight moment with Zimbabwe minister of foreign Affairs Simbarashe Mumbengegwi on arrival at Harare International Airport for SADC Summit on April 28,2015 -Picture by THOMAS NSAMA

President Edgar Lungu has said that some people who want him to fail are stealing documents at State House to frame his aides. Speaking to journalists shortly before departure for Zimbabwe, President Lungu said that some detractors are “hell-bent” on seeing his Government fail, but he is certain they will not succeed.

“They are inspired to steal documents by those wanting to find fault in my staff.

“When Kaizer [Zulu – his political aide] was cleared, no one talked about it when earlier they rushed to the media to say he is being investigated. This is sad,” President Lungu said.

The President also said he is not afraid to have his immunity lifted because he knows he is innocent.

“I don’t mind my immunity being removed. I am game. I have nothing to hide. Why should I fear when I am innocent?” President Lungu said.

He said it is the culture of some individuals to remove the immunity of former presidents.

President Lungu was reacting to sentiments by the United Party for National Development (UPND) that the opposition party will ensure his immunity is removed once he leaves office so that he can be investigated.

President Lungu said everyone is innocent until proven guilty by the courts of law.

“There are people who want to humiliate me in future. But we are all innocent until proven otherwise by the courts. You can’t judge anyone outside courts of law,” he said.

President Lungu also said he is determined to ensure a trade balance between Zambia and other countries.

“Some people think they can take Zambia for granted. We are not dull,” he said.

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    • Why is this president always whining?
      Every time a mic is placed in front of him, what comes out of his mouth is, “….mayoooo, balefwayo kunjipaya….mayooo, balefwayo kunkaka….mayooo, balefwaya nkafilwe…!”

      C’mon, dude! Man up! Toughen up! Grow some golfs, OK?

    • These are no ordinary people Mr. President. No ordinary persons can walk into state house and steal documents. They are your aides checking on each other. Do not rubbish the issue get to the bottom of it.

    • HH thinks he can buy himself into plot 1 by using his money. Paying disgruntled OP to get intelligence will not help him get into state house.

      The problem with UPND is that the whole party structure has become so bitter. This is because they see the reflection from their leader.

      Having lost 4 elections, HH seems to be running out of ideas and steam.

      Come 2016, when MMD & PF, HH will buried for good.

    • Sadly you are absolutely SPOT ON…in a normal corporation this Edgar ‘s CV would only make it to the Human Resources rubbish bin.

    • Shut up and crawl back to your basement and continue lamenting on why you left Zambia to go and become a Namazai when myself as a mere Civil Servant am cruising in my ML63 AMG.

    • Its you who is dull. If you are not Zambian then where do you come from you rascal? We voted for Lungu because he was the right choice by us Zambians, if you rascals never wanted him then too bad you can go and hung your stupid selves……………KOLWE

    • You are a worker and you are bragging about an expensive vehicle oblivious to the fact that it is a depreciating liability speaks volumes about yourself…talk to me about assets that pay you.

      wake up!!

    • @Jay Jay, and who told you that i have not been investing? To have my cars serviced at dealerships you think am small guy. Iwe just continue with your usual 1 hr sleep since for you to survive you need 5 jobs. Its like amafi yatukote upipa yalikufulunganya sana namazai iwe

    • very true, we are a dull lot, for the president s own guys at state house to leak out information just goes to show that even some of the people he surrounds himself will have seen the wrong doings that are going on. This should be a wake up call for the president to consider the goings on and know that not all his staff are happy with things the way they are.People posting silly comments on this serious issue are the ones benefiting frome the proceeds of these crimes.

  1. The President proudly telling us that there are thieves at state nyumba yanga! If they can steal documents, next time they will steal all the amarulas and maybe some people will be fired!

  2. Ka Lungu, don’t accuse people all the time. How do you keep your documents after getting drunk. Kachasuman be sober sometimes.

  3. A nation of dullards it appears. We advised you on a document strategy and you repulsed us. Stop complaining! Laws are stuck in the distant past, practices mirror medieval Britain and mindsets are certainly pre-colonial. That is why you even hear solutions referring to age or region. It is a huge mess for the real leader to sort out.

  4. Which real leader…under five? very silly indeed. Fumeni apa babombe inchito. Why should any sensible citizen be proud of stealing classified state information, and think the President should be scared. The fact is the President has now found out the real culprits. So there is nothing for the President to be scared of. It’s the dogs that fabricate these stories and report that PF is that and that.
    Just tell hh that now the President knows the thieves of the information he gets, he should be the one to be scared.

  5. Street Lawyer,
    No wonder you are a street lawyer wherever you are. In our beautiful country (Zambia) there are no street lawyers, but perhaps that’s why you are scared. Pease be assured that Zambia is safe and secured. There are just a few thieves in the government circles that want to corruptly live a life by selling state information to the opposition.

  6. Which people is this ID.IOT always mourning about? He is already developing Pyschisophrenia talking about ghosts just after only 90!!
    Yes Zuma mocks you and Mugabe to make you know that you are both foo.lish – how are you going to address that trade imblance then?
    Lungu you are not only foo.lish but the most dull President in this World. At least Mugabe is principled and courageous to stand against that South African Xenophob, Zuma, NOT you!!

    • Why do want to insult the President? Please have respect for him. However you hate him he is still president, take or leave it. Even when he is gone he will be called former president……..so whats you problem iwe CHIMBWI

    • If you enjoy insulting people why don’t you star with your father? Thy say charity begins at home. If you think your tactics will win you 2016, you have a shock waiting for you

    • I wouldn’t want to be called former president of a poor country like Zambia. A country which cannot even manufacture a toothpick.

  7. Oh jeez. This has got to be the dumbest president in the history of presidents. Lyonse it’s always fighting against invisible enemies and whining! ‘They want me to fail, they are saying this and that nfyo nfyo…’ grow the fcuk up and get to work you visionless twat! yaba!

    • You sound like you have eaten uncooked/raw Katapa (cassava leaves) and you are ranting and raving madly while foaming at the mouth. If the people stealing documents are prosecuted, you Dudelove will claiming that, the president is being vindictive. Learn to reason and if you need some tablets to cure your bi-polar rantings, get to the nearest mental health institution.

  8. Are you saying that the same stolen documents are forged or fake? Then which private citizen can get into State house and steal State house documents? Is State house that porous or you mean your other aides stealing from your other favourite aides? Lungu is just a very dull president… I blame the docile Zambians who do not think when voting… How can a normal president talk such rubbish??

    • Imagine such a lawyer defending you in court….you are gone…not surprised why Edgar Lazy LAMENTABLY FAILED to hack it as a lawyer as he sounds like someone who is drunk.

    • The same docile and dull zambians are the ones who will vote for your prefered leader so watch your language. Unless your prefered leader is going to voted by the elite British or American he will never be president in Zambia.


    • Your President is the most dull in your country. Some of you Germans are the most silly of a race that thrive on insults. So back to sender pink-back.

  9. This makes sad reading coming from a head of state , really sad and shows very weak myopic shambolic leadership….if “people” can steal documents on your watch what does that say about you and your internal team? The best thing this lazy bum would have done is hold a press conference at State House and even challenge ACC to investigate no be protective of his corrupt aides like a mother would instinctive do with her naughty sons. These are serious allegations that need serious responses…when was the last time Zambians saw their President host a live press conference?
    We are truly not going ANYWHERE under Edgar Lazy…as he has just green signaled the corrupt elements to carry on looting…WHAT a LAWYER!

    Zambians wake up from docility & let’s elect proper leadership!

  10. So those document being stolen if they have wrong transactions we are entitled to know.The clearance of Zulu is fake one.In Zambia when one is eating with the President they have immunity.Who ever thought that one day PF will raise against Nchito whom they nominated and supported as DPP.The K14 M refund to Development Bank of Zambia was quite when Fred was in good boots with Sata but now things are like this.In PF every thing is corrupt wait when they leave office how they will run away from Zambia.
    Thief’s at state house and none of them is caught.

  11. This whole statement does not make sense. He claims that people who want him to fail are stealing documents to “frame his aides.” There is something fishy here. If you protect a corrupt aide then you should be in for high jump. Have clean aides and a clean administration then you will not have sleepless nights. Fortunately, for this guy a large majority of zambians, including the Zambia press, are not analytical.

  12. Upnd remember that by using people to documents from government you’re setting a trap for yourself. You cannot be so sure these people will not do the same to you if a higher bidder comes along. I witnessed a case where 2 council employees were assuring a Upnd official that they would give a document that would finish off the mayor of that town. So don’t just brush this off

  13. This presidential immunity thing is just meant to encourage corruption. Its archaic. What we need are strong legal & judicial structures that will not be abused to fix people.
    Our parley in its current form is also useless. I don’t think Petauke. Malambo & Mulobezi have missed anything not having an mp for three years.

  14. Seems like someone likes playing the victim all the time. This reflects weakness, you’re the head of state biggie, roll with the punches and deal with it. No one said it would be easy.

  15. If Lungu was a lawyer and defending someone for a petty crime …I would nt be surprised at the end if that someone is sentenced to maximum prison in Kabwe!!

    • Frustrated Knucklehead. Go and bath coz your stench coming from you is unbearable. It seems the farts your have been subjected to everytime you shove your head in HH’s behind is highly toxic especially that the gentleman really wipes his behind

  16. I pity the President because I personally know many senior Government officials who are active supporters of UPND. This is dangerous as 95% of UPND members are Tongas and 95% of Tongas are UPND members. How doe you trust such people in Government>

  17. Ok – am Shocked to hear that from the president…has just said that PEOPLE ARE STEALING DOCUMENTS FROM STATE HOUSE – oh my God. What is going on in this country? Not even state house is insulated from the Cartel??

  18. Change the State House document cabinets and keep all the keys yourself in your pocket, Mr President. Or keep all the keys in another cabinet so that you can just have one key in your pocket. Otherwise you are just making excuses Chagwa! When the time comes you will be facing the music alone, Douglas Syakalima warned you yesterday!

  19. They can steal all they want, balemuletela fye Kapoli mu nabo , U.S. voters are just waiting for 2016 to Kolopaaa kolozozo bla zo. Hakainyelawila Humwine again!

  20. ha! ka Lungu, he stole my line from grade 4. I forgot to do my homework so I told the teacher Mrs. Nyirenda that a bully stole my homework. She didn’t buy it and I got the usual punishment. 3 lashes on the butt.

  21. As I can understand, this specific documents did exist.
    If that is the case, who is trying to “cover-up” acts of corruption?

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