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South African musicians release song to help fight the spread of xenophobia

Headlines South African musicians release song to help fight the spread of xenophobia


Many artists got together to help fight the spread of xenophobia in South Africa. This song is a little message from them on how they feel about what what is going on.

 “We would like to thank J Something, Proverb, Reason, Chad Saaiman, Nadia Nakai, Shugasmkx, Brickz, Tswyza, DJ Speedsta, Kwesta, Thabsie and Luvuyo Mandela for their contribution on this song. The music video was directed and produced by Studio Space Pictures. The song was produced by Sipho “Psyfo” Ngwenya”.



by Kapa187


  1. with or without this song SA is now XSA.

    Its a serious indictment on the quality of leadership in now XSA

    Zuma is a lamentable failure

  2. There’s a simpler message to South Africa: tame your propensity to violence. This is not mfecane time. Stop it you bloodthirsty Zulus!

  3. Many thanks to South African Musicians for composing this song in fighting the spread of this Xenophobia. But it is the President of the Republic of South Africa that show more power to reduce this act, to my surprise, the president is going nothing

  4. We must not buy this. Their President has confirmed he is xenophobic. He tells SADC that it’s their countries that are causing South Africans to kill foreigners. What a foolish uneducated president! The neighbouring countries which he failed to name are Zimbabwe and Lesotho but he accused all of us of sending illegal immigrants to South Africa because he is scared of Mugabe. Mugabe would have told him off

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