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Monday, February 24, 2020

PF invites Petauke Central By-Election Applicants, Non-Members free to apply

Headlines PF invites Petauke Central By-Election Applicants, Non-Members free to apply

Davies Chama
Davies Chama

THE Patriotic Front (PF) has maintained Mambwe businessman Jack Shuma and Patricia Mulasikwanda as its adopted candidates for the Malambo and Mulobezi parliamentary by-elections, respectively.

The ruling party has, however, invited applications from members wishing to contest the Petauke Central parliamentary by-election and local government by-elections.

PF secretary-general Davies Chama said in an interview on Monday that Mr Shuma and Ms Mulasikwanda will contest the Malambo and Mulobezi parliamentary seats on the PF ticket.

“The candidates for these constituencies were already adopted before the court cases so we shall maintain them,” Mr Chama said.

On the Petauke parliamentary by-elections, Mr Chama said the PF has advertised to invite applications from members wishing to contest the seat on the party ticket.

This follows the death of PF Petauke Central parliamentary candidate Leonard Banda who was adopted in 2013.

“We are an all-inclusive party and members who are not from our party are free to apply,” Mr Chama said.

And the United Party for National Development (UPND) says it is ready to contest the Malambo, Petauke Central and Mulobezi parliamentary by-elections.

UPND deputy spokesperson Edwin Lifwekelo said the opposition party will maintain its Mulobezi parliamentary candidate Hastings Sililo but will depend on the outcome of the pending court case in relation to former Malambo member of Parliament (MP) Maxwell Mwale.

Mr Lifwekelo said UPND will advertise to invite applications from members wishing to contest the Petauke Central parliamentary seat.

“If Mr Mwale will be cleared before the nomination date, then we will maintain him but generally we are ready for the three by-elections and the adoption will depend on the party and people’s decision,” he said.

The three by-elections were scheduled to be held on September 26, 2013 but were postponed because of legal technicalities.

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  1. Ba PF. What all inclusiveness? Just swallow your pride and kneel before madam Dora to stand for you even though she insinuated that your founder member Micheal Chilifya Cobra Sata was as good as a xenophobic beast.

    • That man is so scary dark

      Having children with him, would make my children probably darker , so No


    • @Mushota

      So you can be bonked by anyone, I thought you are married?
      Or did he propose to you? Evil thoughts always!

    • @Mushota

      So you can be bonked by anyone, I thought you are married?

      Or did he propose to you? Evil thoughts always!

      Or could you be advetising yourself?

  2. Actually, the last part of the Headline should read Dora Siliya is free to apply.

    Please stop fooling us

  3. Non members are invited? PF has no membership cards hence anybody can claim membership unless they had publicly denounced PF. It was like in the UNIP days, even those who did not believe in the ideals of UNIP carried UNIP cards to avod trouble and for the sake of entering markets

  4. And you say PF is growing strong when you’re sidelining your own members. Non-members to apply. Just say Dora Siliya to apply and will be adopted. To the other applicants just know that whether you’re a strong PF member you’ll not be considered unless Dora decides not to apply.

  5. …imaging your once renowned uncle who has been recently admitted in hospital eventually becomes worse and gets transferred into ICU….all of suddenly, during a visiting hour he develops seizures and relatives are vacated and told to wait outside while doctors and nurses are attempting to save his life…. solemnly relatives eventually see a doctor come out and announces… ‘I’m sorry, he couldn’t make it…’
    …..I’m relating the above scenario to that of MMD…. these forth coming bye elections shall be the dreadful announcement of ‘passing on’ of the once mighty party….


  7. “We are an all-inclusive party and members who are not from our party are free to apply,” IT IS OFFICIAL; WE CAN NOW HAVE MEMBERS BELONGING TO DIFFERENT PARTIES AT THE SAME TIME!

  8. Soft bums Go Dora….ni constituency ya anyina wako? Petauke ni ya dora mwmvwa mweo a chimbwi? Two years tiliye MP … mweo kyipa mitima nga ni nsato! Akolwe mweo

    • But why are you worked up? After all if you stayed for 2 years without an MP, you can as well hold on for another year instead of blowing so much money on a by election. Advise Dora not to contest this election!

  9. PF has no morals. How can they invite applications from non-members of the party? It is laughable for the PF to sink so low as to ignore those that have suffered for the party for years in preference for new entrants just for the sake of capturing the seat. This waiver is aimed at making it possible for Dora Siliya to stand on the PF ticket. What a shame! I wonder what true PF members are thinking and feeling. They have been totally side lined.

    • True. PF has no morals. How else can they invite Siliya who just a few days ago insulted Sata their founding father and yet Lungu claims he is following his legacy.

    • Can anyone of you cants tell me how membership in pf is attained?
      Pf is an open door party because we believe that anyone with a practical idear of how to improve the country can join provided he understands the polical direction and governance issues of the party. Also you are free to live at no cost to you. How does that sound.

  10. …I know that xenophobia is now turning in his grave at embassy park for Panga Family to offer Dora an olive branch.

    Dora insulted PF MPs by raising her middle finger in Parley!

    She blatantly described the 3 yrs of PF rule as more than xenophobic attacks….

    Today, Davies you want to invite DORA!?

    PF You are digging your own grave. If you adopt Dora, then I will confirm that RB is ruling IN PF because Dora like Mulusa is RB’S woman not in the sense you may tend to think.

  11. Why waste money for these byelections? What has Petauke, Malambo & Mulobezi missed for over half of the Parley term without an MP?

  12. Edward Lifwekelo should be clear on Malambo seat. He is biting his tongue as opposed to being objective on the issue.

  13. I agree with some bloggers. A party is like a club and only members are supposed to contest. But in this case it appears that this is aimed at one particular individual who is not a member of the party. This is why I do not agree with those who say that a party that wins an election and forms a government should invite outsiders to run a government in the interest of tribal balancing. Why did they not join the party in the first place so that it is tribally balanced?

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