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PF welcomes the decision by Dora Siliya to recontest the seat under the ruling party ticket

Headlines PF welcomes the decision by Dora Siliya to recontest the seat...

President Edgar Lungu with PF Secretary General Davies Chama and Justice Ngosa Simbyakula on arrival at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport on February 1,2015 -Picture by THOMAS NSAMA
President Edgar Lungu with PF Secretary General Davies Chama and Justice Ngosa Simbyakula on arrival at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport on February 1,2015 -Picture by THOMAS NSAMA

PATRIOTIC Front (PF) secretary general Davis Chama has welcomed the decision by former Petauke member of Parliament Dora Siliya to recontest the seat under the ruling party.

Mr Chama said people are free to express their intentions to contest the Petauke seat under the PF by applying.

“We are a welcoming party. We embrace everyone,’’ Mr Chama said.

He said that the selection of candidates who will contest the Petauke and other parliamentary seats under the PF will be done in a democratic and transparent manner.

Mr Chama said that PF is willing to work with anyone who would like to join the party and that those interested should not hesitate to join the ruling party.

Speaking in an interview in Lusaka yesterday, Mr Chama said the PF is an attractive party which many people want to associate with.
He said the PF is an all-embracing party with an open door policy.

Mr Chama said President Lungu has a philosophy of uniting Zambians because it is the only way of ending tribalism.

“The President wants to unite the country and deal with the problem of tribalism which was evident during elections,’’ Mr Chama said.

Meanwhile, MMD spokesperson Raphael Nakacinda says the opposition political party is unshaken by Ms Siliya ostensibly leaving the party to seek re-election on a PF ticket.

MMD spokesperson Raphael Nakacinda said the party was aware that Ms Siliya’s crossover to the ruling party was imminent because of her activities in the constituency.

“As MMD we will continue fighting to put back the party on the level it was years back even without some members because our ideologies are based on satisfying people’s needs,” Mr Nakacinda said in an interview.

On Mr Mfula’s appointment, PF chairperson for elections Emmanuel Mpakanta said President Lungu expects the provincial executive committee to foster unity in the ruling party.

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  1. Plunderers of pre-2011 have joined plunderers of post-2011 to form plundering alliance for post-2016?

    • Ala ku myesu ku Zed kwaba ubusushi. And it’s all Politics of POVERTY na tulyemo on top.

    • @ Zedpoorpeople you’re very right MMD must fuse into PF officially for it is already disintegrated and allow its members free alignment to any party of their choice. The lukewarm response to PF on MMD members defecting tells it all, it is only when the MMD members align with UPND when we hear UPND being chastised and accused of wanting to kill MMD.

      As for Dora she must be lucky that she can hold the Petauke electorate hostage and for them to like her so much as their representative I can only deduce she speaks their (foul) language effectively!

  2. This move will put the Post in high rev. RB is having the last laugh. Just because they controlled Micheal and PF now they are choking with rage RB is back in control. Anyway the battle is not over yet.

  3. From the current realigment of parties and candidates, it appears 2016 will be a battle of titans.

  4. Davis Chama that Dora Silva you are now supporting will turn against you insult you and help have you removed from your position you chaps never study some ones back ground . Choose who to accept that girl made RB lose elections people do not like her.

  5. Dora the Explorer is now a full on BANDIT!

    “Politistution” at the highest level. MMD is dead & wondering where & when the burial is?

    Mr. Sata is vigorously turning in his grave, PF has been hijacked by maliciously propagandized Bandits from MMD. The Chief Mambala is dinosauring himself in Michael Sata’s PF, pummeling with his gnashing MMD bandits.

    Where is Never “us people” Mumba? Surely he’s been busy with the brown envelope from PF whilst contemplating about the High Commissioner job in Brazil.

    Rather than wasting time, MMD should just announce the burial day of it’s dead party full of maggots!

    Dora the Bandit!

    The Skeleton Key

    Running around like a headless Chicken, seriously one ends up licking the visionless Lungu.
    Poor Sata’s PF!

    • sketeltu if our president is turning it is not your issue,but ours leave it to the us to sort out while you continue with your hope for your undp.The PF is a welcoming party ,but will monitor closely those with questionable backgrounds as safety valves..PF is now forward

  6. Muliokela should take her to alangise, she’s cheating on him. She is sleeping with both poor and rich people.

  7. Politics have really gone to the dogs, pigs and moneys…
    What a country-no sense of shame
    so Dora is actually using the middle finger on herself!

  8. RB is getting his key lieutenants in positions; people who have no loyalty to Lazy Lungu like Masebo was to Sata; they are destroying this party inside out like a cancer and the party faithful have nowhere to turn to.
    Sata chose Lungu to act as president when he was abroad for a reason as he knew the lazy man lacked ambition, vision and foresight…he can not stand on his two feet and needs to be guided what a good apprentice for experienced corrupt old men like Banda and Mugabe to manipulate.

    • jay jay leave international politics to people that understand them..coming back to RB we are aware how he made your dream of getting your undp into state house thru the back door fail..you dont like him at all…for your own info PF has a monitoring body within to check your concerns..lastly i even wonder why you are so concerned on how the PF runs the party..whats your business? concentrate on consoling your undp as they look extra week after the losing the recent erections.

  9. Keep on crying you dreamers in UPND!!wait for 2016 and see how many MPs will crossover to PF in all its strongholds!!you have welcomed Musokotwane,Chituwo,Lungwangwa,Muchima,Mutati,Masebo,Mucheleka,Katele Kalumba,etc so its only wise for PF to accept MPs like Dora Siliya,Simbao,Namugala,etc!!2016 WILL BE ANOTHER FUNERAL FOR UPND AND A RECORD 5TH STRAIGHT DEFEAT FOR TRIBAL AND SATAN1ST HH!!!

  10. Zambia will never develop. Please,just close the shop and turn off the lights. How she she join the party she a stuck up her middle finger in parliament? What is the matter with Edgar Lungu? Uniting the nation does mean that people should be jumpimg from party to party like proverbial monkeys. Rupiah Banda and his cohorts should be in jail by now. Zambians, you have no hope!

  11. Why do we keep having bye-elections in Zambia, if people like Dora Siliya can join any party in minutes. She has not even formally left MMD. Therefore, in future if an MP is expelled from one party, they should simply declare that they have joined another party within minutes and avoid expensive bye-elections. As a matter of fact, all Zambian MPs look like monkeys, jumping around in search of peanuts!!

  12. All you UPeND whiners, if you can accept William Tekere Banda in your tribal grouping, whta is wrong with PF accepting Dora ichisusu?

  13. A family falls apart whenever the father,head of house,dies.this is no different from property grabbing! Everything has been taken away from the PF.& the children are just watching. This is a very sad situation that Michael should be tossing & turning in his grave….this is so painful.

    • The old man is turning so much in that casket smoke is coming out from the grave…absolutely no leadership merely a puppet in State House from the corrupt elite!!

  14. Shamuna PF, shame,
    PF is finished, welcome RB defacto president of Zambia.
    RB is having the last laugh. I will be adopted as an MMD in conviction but PF have to accept me since PF=RB=MMD.

  15. Dora is stronger than all those small names that crossed to undp, its a big name to have on your side..welcome madam…PF is getting stronger by the day…

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