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End the culture of removing former head of states’ immunity-RB

General News End the culture of removing former head of states' immunity-RB

President Lungu Greets former President Rupiah Banda at labour day In Lusaka
President Lungu Greets former President Rupiah Banda at labour day In Lusaka

THE demon of removing immunities from former presidents should stop because it was eroding the respect that the office of President was enjoying, former president Rupiah Banda has said.

The practice, he said, was retrogressive and an abuse of process because it abrogated the principle of natural justice and presumption of inocence.

The culture of stripping former leaders of their immunity was not good for the country and called on Zambians to reject the evil schemes of demonising former President because it was only achieving to promote disunity in the country.

He said Zambia as a Christian nation should not accept the culture of demonising former leaders or serving leaders adding that he was happy that President Lungu had been preaching peace, love and reconciliation, the virtues he said could unite the country.

He said having been a victim of hatred perpetrated by a group of individuals, he did not want the culture of removing immunity from former presidents to continue because it was eroding the respect the office of the presidency was enjoying.

Mr Banda said the campaign for the removal of president Chiluba and himself was driven by the same group of individuals who were only motivated by hatred, retribution, vengeance and the desire to control State power.

“Those who have launched the campaign to have President Lungu lose his immunity after serving this country should be satisfied that they succeeded with president Chiluba and myself. This culture should be stopped because it is not good for the country. The people who have been behind this campaign are the same. They did it with Chiluba and they did it with me. I have spent a good part of my time in the courts and I want to show that I am a good citizen despite the amount of propaganda that has been mounted against me.

Now they are bringing people from outside this country to spew hatred against me. I hope they will not succeed with President Lungu,” Mr Banda said.
He said the campaign against President Edgar Lungu should be stopped because it was only perpetrating hatred among citizens.

He said that people should be satisfied that they succeeded in removing his immunity and that of second republican president Frederick Chiluba.

Last week, UPND presidential advisor Douglas Syakalima warned that President Edgar Lungu’s immunity would be removed because of the way he was handling many issues.

But the UPND has since repudiated the statement, stating that it was not party policy to seek the removal of immunity from former Presidents.

Mr Siyakalima warned that President Lungu’s immunity would be lifted immediately after leaving office to pave way for investigations into his government’s questionable operations. Speaking to the Daily Nation yesterday, President Banda said it was saddening that a campaign to have President Lungu lose his immunity had been launched under the guise of fighting corruption.

The former President said it was unfortunate that Zambians had allowed the culture of hunting former leaders which he said was only meant to victimise, embarrass the former presidents by dragging them to courts of law.

He said it was not surprising that some people outside Zambia had been hired to legitmatise an evil cause of demonising him on matters that were currently in court because the group had not come to terms with the fact that Zambians had elected Mr Lungu as the Head of State.

But former Alliance for Better Zambia president Frank Bwalya said the pronouncement by Mr Siyakalima about the party’s intention was enough to convince people that the opposition party had an agenda against President Lungu

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  1. While I agree with you in principle, but I think yours needed to be lifted.
    What was FAZ vehicle doing at statehouse for almost 5 years?
    Why not pack it at Ministry of Sports or police station if it had issues?
    You were on a rampant to deplete the nation’s resources.

    • If this man was not removed from office, we would have found him making a road block in police uniform to take bribes. When there is nothing left for a thief to steal, he will steal his own pants.

    • Boss RB tell us why a vehicle donated to FAZ was parked at state house for 5 years?

      That may just be some of the reasons why some people may advocate for the removal of your immunity. Abuse of authority na machimo malume.

    • It begins with a weak Constitution. It gives the presidency almost unlimeted powers. If Bwana RB you had allowed the constitution to be reviewed for better checks on the presidency, you probably could not have seen the inside of the court room on issues related to abuse of the presidency. When we call for a constitution that wiil stand the test of time, we mean well. If you do not listen, well, do not blame the people for spending your retirement in court.

    • According to the Zambian constitution; ‘when a retired head of state participates in active politics, they loose their benefits’. Malume RB, you announced that you were returning to active politics before the 2015 by elections and I remember Mr Mukanga saying the government was going to and later, had withdrawn your benefits.

      How did you start enjoying those benefits because you forfeited them when you challenged Dr Mumba for the MMD presidency? If I am right you did not get paid in either November or December of 2014 if not both months.

      These are the questions Mr Lungu and Mr Mukanga will have to answer when PF becomes an opposition political party.

      Those of us with long memory will remember these things.

    • Yes, that culture should end. And also, presidents should end the culture of behaving with impunity when they are in that office.

  2. Presidents must know the implications of corrupt practices while in office. To say the practice of stripping suspected thieving former Presidents must stop is to say some people are above the law. Stop ma deal or else “We” the people who raised you up will bring you down. Kwamana.

  3. It would be good not to remove the immunity of former Heads of State. What would be better would be for former Heads of State not to steal while in office and not to engage in dubious ‘oil deals’ with their sons.
    Former PM Olmert in Israel has been convicted of corruption and will serve a jail term. That is good because it shows that no one is above the law. The better thing would be for former & current Heads of State not to abuse their authority.
    Is anyone bothering KK? The reason is simple. He led a clean life and so enjoys the respect of all.
    Rupiah did a lot of questionable things. So let him answer. If EL is doing questionable things, he shud be prepared to have his immunity lifted. Nothing personal.

    • The culture of stealing whilst in office as Number One is what should stop then there will be no immunity to lift…

  4. Boss RB tell us why a vehicle donated to FAZ was parked at state house for 5 years?

    That may just be some of the reasons why some people may advocate for the removal of your immunity. Abuse of authority na machimo malume.

    • The vehicle in question was not bought by FAZ it was a GRZ vehicle. When RB came to power he had a meeting with FAZ and the coaching team. One of the requests from the coach was that the lack of a personal vehicle was discouraging and most programs could not be fulfilled. RB agreed to look into the issue. Upon enquiry he was informed that FAZ actually had a car for the coach but that Kalusha controlled its use. In fact he had issued instructions for the car to be packed after 5pm. However when an expatriate coach was hired he had the car 7/11. RB then requested boma to find a vehicle and even if registered under a private plate it was to remain GRZ property….in a nutshell

  5. The best thing to do is to give immunity to the president while in office so that he is not disturbed while discharging his duties.but soon after leaving office the immunity must automatically cease to exist.this will deter thieving and office abuser presidents like RB and Sata respectively from wanting. The so called immunity makes presidents think they are “gods”.

  6. Just stop the culture of stealing with impunity ba mambala esp ci RB. Iyo ulelanda rubbish. you should be sserving by now, just wait wen i take over —you will go in , period. How i miss Captain Solos’ scare to these thieving idi0ts

  7. What is christianity got to do with stealing. There is no way you can be let on the loose when you are bent on stripping the nation of its resources. In fact if you know your Bible very well, Jesus was very particular about those bent on stealing public goods. During GOD’s Time it was actually death if you went to war and started plundering what you were not instructed to plunder. How do you forgive thieves? there is no way this can ever be in order. What people should understand is that , Those who store during their rule will never enjoy those properties, they will just be crumbling down. In case of Zambia, just look search behind and tell me who is living in peace those of whom store or never worked foer what they have now. REMOVE IMMUNITY IS THE ANSWER PERIOD. Look at you, not ashamed

  8. Immunity is one of the key elements of democratic governance. It is a privilege that can only be enjoyed by a few political players. These include diplomats and Heads of State. In certain countries, all legislators enjoy immunity. The argument that immunity must last forever has come under heavy criticism in recent years. In certain democratic countries, immunity can be lifted at any time as long as the laid down procedure is followed. For instance, impeachment can be applied during the political mandate to rule in Government. Similarly, after the political mandate is over, then immunity can be lifted automatically to allow for accountability and transparency. To the extent that the lifting of immunity deters against the temptation of abuse of office, it is ethical and right.

  9. You fools! What has RB got to do with the keeping of the Faz vehicle at a State Hse?! Has RB been living at State Zhse the past 5 yrs? The question should be why wasn’t the said vehicle not released from October 2011?
    RB out your poverty driven hate. Sort out your issues sha!!

    • I agree with you .5years ago mean 2010 RB handed over that vehicle to MCS Why has PFkept the the vehicle for 4 years.

  10. HH and team must not retract their earlier statements of stripping Mr Lungu of his immunity. If he is doing shady activities and shielding corruption, then he must be answerable. Even future immunities must be stripped off until our leaders stop looting our resources.

    After following up the oil deal carefully from the Nigerian side, it is crystal clear that RB deserves to be prosecuted. Mr Lungu is next.

    You UPND guys must stick to your decisions. The first statement was perfectly fine until another guy came in to withdraw the earlier pronouncements. Why didn’t you consult each other before releasing such statements?

    We want to support you all the way, therefore, sort yourselves out. And, please, stop boycotting national events, its childish. Start campaigning now.

  11. Contrary to public opinion, the economic indicators during RB’s time were mostly positive.

    All economic indicators are going downwards during the PF due to the socialistic approach.

    Not until we learn to use economic figures in making decisions, shall we progress as a nation.

    There used to be liquidity during RB’s time besides all other positive economic indicators. We were not borrowing, we produced enough food, etc.

    A greedy group led by Mmembe and Nchito turned the clock. Laden with debt and greed, they think they can bulldoze their way out of the mud through malice.

    Here we are now with everything pointing down, with all love thrown out of the window of hatred.

    • Tutu @ 14.
      No one is saying the economic indicators were bad during RB’s reign. We are saying he took what was not his, what belonged to the country. That is why he is going to court. Mutembo has been a constant anti-corruption fighter, and RB with his group of lawyers & politicians are trying to fix him thru the tribunal. They seem not to be succeding. Tayali was just confessing that the Solicitor General wrote Changala’s letter & the Terms of Reference which EL signed. You see why we need to remove immunity?

    • Tutu, there were other factors as well, copper price was very high at the same time and only a few corrupt elements were enjoying themselves like RB and his sons through corrupt means.
      Also it was a free for situation in terms of corruption, everyone was free to engage in corrupt activities. And if RB had continued in power this Country would have been destroyed beyond repair. So Tutu were you one of the beneficiaries of dirty mone, proceeds of corruption and crime. We have not forgotten the terror of RB and Dora Slit and Tekere Banda

  12. Stop stealing and this issue of immunity will not arise. Madala wants to bend the rules to suit himself. Don’t think of your belly alone, think of the future of the country RB please!

  13. What if they are crooks and steal money while in office? This begs the question: Why vote in presidents who are crooks. We should do a little background check. For example it is alleged that KK fired RB as General Manager of Namboard because he connived with a Nigerian accountant to steal money from the company, FTC allegedly stole a widow’s pension, the late MCS allegedly deposited a government cheque for 3 days in his personal account, the late LPM allegedly appropriated a plot belonging to Unza and the incumbent president allegedly stole a client’s money. HH is also alleged to have enriched himself during the privatisation exercise. Therefore on the basis of hearsay it appears no one is clean. Unfortunately a person is only guilty if convicted in a court of law.

  14. Actually RB must be advocating for less powers that n the office of the president. Better request for a new constitution to curb some powers from the president and enshrine them in institutions. The zambian president has too much powers that make it easier for them to engage in corrupt activities. Nice try mr Banda but no thanks!

  15. Rupiah Banda is a shameless old man who has no respect for government property.

    He is one of the people that have made their generation look like the most dangerous generation that this country has ever produced!

    No sense of patriotism what so ever! Unlike the fore fathers that got us the independence.

  16. Mr. Banda, you should have told your children that ndalama nizaboma osati za wisi. If you steal public funds expect to be punished. Anyone who steals from the public should be punished. Actually It should be automatic that once you leave office, your immunity also ceases, the public should support the restoration

  17. I think RB was confusing himself. Does he want Presidents to steal with impunity? Infact there should be no immunity at all for anybody…president or common man. Do the right thing and you will not be worrying about immunity or impunity.

  18. Awe bwana RB naimwe,jus clear ur name,hw will people be taken to court when they hav their immunity?

  19. It cannot be stopped as it is one way of limiting Presidential Powers. Period! Otherwise this country will be looted of all ts resources by the so called few elected and selfish leaders!!!

  20. The best option here is what I notice most fellow bloggers have advocated. Let the immunity only survive during the presidential term. After that, let it cease so that we do not have parliament debating nonsense when an ex-president has been caught with his hand in the granary! RB wants to continue STEALING!!!

  21. “Mr Banda said the campaign for the removal of president Chiluba and himself was driven by the same group of individuals who were only motivated by hatred, retribution, vengeance and the desire to control State power.”
    RB don’t be a coward. Can you name these people so that we know them and be cautious when dealing with them.

  22. I know where these claims by RB are coming from. The fear of facing NIGERIAN witnesses in court. The Nigerians have come with hard evidence of oil deal against Banda. Chiluba anbd Banda had their immunity removed to pave way for prosecution over corruption allegations.

  23. If Banda was talking about ending the incomprehensible and reprehensible building of president’s houses, I would take him seriously. But talking about immunity? Well, look who is talking!

  24. We don’t understand money in Zambia. Our analytical minds are so shallow to say the least and malicious people like the Post have taken advantage of this.

    Where were these Nigerians who have taken four years to surface, to give evidence of an oil deal which never happened?. Does it take four years to remember that you did not supply oil which no one paid for? No one supplied oil and no one paid for it. So where is the deal?.

    DBZ loan was obtained on known dates, with records of the debtor and creditor. Why do people seem to think that Mutembo should go free. Jut because they read the Post everyday?

    This is how the mind works. It believes what it reads everyday. Or what it sees everyday.

  25. Atase iwe ci colour! So you are saying Presidents must have the right to steal! If anything the immunity should only last when the person is still in office and immediately he/she leaves office automatically the immunity should cease to exist! This will save the country a lot of resources and time! Authorities and law makers look at this suggestion seriously! Africans are not disciplined and need such harsh laws for them to behave!

  26. surprising all those writing bad about Rb is it not two days ago when one member from upnd talked of imunity every PF member was on ZWD and tumfweko condeming and insulting never to remove lungus immunity now what rupia is saying.PF think before you comment. when you want to show that you are clever you will be embarrased because your own words will swallow you.

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