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Kambwili warns against harassment of journalists

Headlines Kambwili warns against harassment of journalists

Chishimba Kambwili
Chishimba Kambwili

Information and Broadcasting Services Minister Chisamba Kambwili says no journalist in Zambia should be harassed on account of performing his or her duties.

Mr Kambwili who is also Chief Government Spokesperson has also warned that he will not condone the harassment of journalists by political cadres whether from the Patriotic Front (PF) or opposition.

Mr Kambwili was speaking at the Freedom Statue in Lusaka yesterday when he graced the 2015 World Press Freedom Day commemorations.

This was after Zambian Journalists joined their colleagues world wide to celebrate World Press Freedom Day which falls on May 3.

In Lusaka, the celebrations started with a match past from Lusaka Main Post Office to the Freedom Statute.

The 2015 local theme is dubbed, “Gender Equality and Media Safety in the Digital Age.”

“I’ll not condone the harassment of journalist by political cadres whether in PF or those from the opposition. However, you Journalists should be responsible and adhere to your reporting ethics,” said Mr. Kambwili.

Mr. Kambwili, condemned the attitude of some political cadres who are in the habit of beating up journalists that were merely performing a national duty.

The Minister is however disappointed that some media houses have opted to abuse their freedoms by pursuing private agendas which he said are un-ethical, un-professional and borders on criminality.

He advised the scribes to utilize the social media to fight ills such as gender based violence, child defilement and other gender related vices.

The minister reaffirmed government’s commitment to introducing the Access to Information Bill (AIB) this year when parliament sits next month (June).

Mr. Kambwili is happy that the Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA) is fully operational in over-seeing the growth of a free and professional broadcasting industry.

On digital migration, the Information Minister assured that both digital and analogue television formats would continue to operate side by side after June 17, 2015 to the time when the television broadcasting industry will be digitalized.

“Zambia won’t experience a television blackout after the June 17th ITU deadline,” Mr. Kambwili said.

World Press Freedom Day 2015 Organizing Committee Chairperson Enock Ngoma bemoaned the poor salaries offered to scribes in some private media houses.

Mr. Ngoma said some Journalists were getting low salaries as low as K500 yet they are faced with a lot of challenges like transport.

He bemoaned that government was allegedly dragging on enacting the AIB because it is now 13 years hence the out-cry by members of the fourth estate.

Journalists the world over observe May 3 to celebrate the fundamental principles of press freedom; evaluate press freedom , defend the media from attacks on their independence and pay tribute to journalists who have lost their lives while on duty.

The international day was proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly in 1993 following a recommendation adopted at the 26th Session of UNESCO’s General Conference in 1991.

This was in response to a call by African journalists who in 1991 produced the landmark Windhoek Declaration on media pluralism and independence.

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  1. This man should be the last person to talk about this subject. Isn’t he the one who stormed ZNBC and harassed the senior staff?

    No respect for you sir!

    • He can be reasonable when it suits the occasion. After that gathering, it was business as usual.

    • Malume Achilibe mukosi, the warning should start with you for having harassed ZNBC employees about 4 months ago.

      I see why Mwanawasa said Zambians have short memory. In 4 months, the Minister has forgotten that he is a perpetrator of the very act he is warning others against.

    • Has SATA’s PF been sold for pieces of Silver. There will be venom spat by the cobra in the next life on the sell-outs and the traitors.

    • Say no to this mediocrity and vote Honourable Mr Wynter Kabimba as your President in 2016


    • Kambwili is just arrogant nincoomp. Always using foul and threatening language. Same message can be conveyed in a positive way as well. Kambwili shall just be fired. He does not deserve to hold any government position.

  2. Kambwili’s leadership style belongs to Shaka Zulu erra. In this erra you have to lead by intellegience and integrity. You cannot always be threatening people. We are not all Form 1’s

    • Warn this warn that, surely everything is warning. I am sure he even warns his food to enter his mouth, very entertaining though my funniest memory is of him as usual losing his cool in front of the camera waving his finger threatening to deport a Chinese national just after the 2011 elections. I hear the Chinese ambassador leaned on him and the guy who was supposed to be deported is still around. Best comedy ever.

  3. It is like “armed bank robber warns pick-pocketers to desist from in-bread delinquency.”
    What next, Hon. Chikwanda warns against excessive borrowing?

    Buffoonery at work

  4. Zoonadi Zoonadi vintu vacinja, amene anali na galimoto lelo alibe galimoto. This reminds of a song by Mr.Kazembe. Kambwili was the last man I expected to say these words, may be someone pushed them in his throat who knows. should we praise LUNGU for the jobhe is doing, because I see a lot of some stubbon people reforming in the name of “sebana wi kute”. All the same, i think this is the way to go at the end of the day. There comes a time when those not civilized also get into the reams of civilization, which is a sgn og maturity. What remains to be done is to see these politicians respect each other’s view points it be from the opposition, then you are getting somewhere, not where even before finishes talking some one is already hauling insults. One Zambia One Nation should be put to…

  5. I honestly think “Big K” Kambwili has a sponge, instead of a brain in that Cranium of his.
    Is he Not the same cadre, who got so excited when President Chagwa kept him on as a minister, he began spouting threats, & hatred against “Journalists” – Zambian Watchdog??
    “I will make sure Zambian Watchdog is closed, even if it means going to the C.I.A, for assistance”
    Very Dull minister indeed

  6. i remember when EL appointed Kambwili to his current position… Kalaki said “its a trap”!! it makes sense… Kambwili was put in a spotlight as GOVT Spokesperson becoz EL knows Kambwili talks alot of nonsense, hence EL will find plenty of reasons to fire him soon… even when he has a good idea, he just doesnt know how to bring it out…. simply dull

  7. I am not really so much into politics but I was surprised to hear Kambwili talking like this about the topic. It seemed kind of hypocritical to me.

  8. Okay ichi chi munthu chikamba kamba, vaupuba lyonse atase! One wonders what is in between those ears! Either where the brain was supposed to be there is sewer water or…..!

  9. Kambwili “Gabon Disaster Hero” forewarned is forearmed. I’m warnng you that you will never be president of Zambia. I’m warning you that your head is inflated with nothing bu air

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