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Magistrate court refused to refer Kabimba and M’membe case to the High court

General News Magistrate court refused to refer Kabimba and M’membe case to the High...

Wynter Kabimba and The Post owner Fred M’membe
Wynter Kabimba and The Post owner Fred M’membe

Rainbow Party President, Wynter Kabimba and Post Newspapers Proprietor Fred M’membe have suffered a legal set-back, after the Magistrate court refused to refer their case to the High court.

This is in a matter where former President Rupiah Banda dragged Mr. M’membe and Mr. Kabimba to court for contempt of court.

It is alleged that the accused published a story suggesting that President Edgar Lungu and Former President Rupiah Banda were framing suspended DPP Mutembo Nchito in order to fix him.

The accused had asked the Subordinate Court to refer their case to the high court after they were denied an adjournment to prepare their defence.

Defence lawyer Nchima Nchito argued that failure to allow the defence time to prepare their case amounted to a breach of the constitution hence the need to go to the High court for redress.

The state objected to this position accusing the defence of coming up with methods to delay the case.

In delivering ruling, Lusaka Magistrate Kenneth Mulife dismissed the application and ordered that trial should continue.

Magistrate Mulife said had the defence told the court that they needed time to look through the court records, he would have allowed them but this was not done.

He said it was unfair to expect the court to grant an application to the defence based on reasons that they did not make when making such an application.

And after the ruling former Deputy Minister of Finance Newton Ng’uni took the witness’s stand and accused suspended Director of Public Prosecutions Mutembo Nchito of having abused his office.

And in cross examination, the accused alleged that Mr. Nchito connived with a Public analyst on Drugs, to accuse Mr. Brebner Changala of having possessed prohibited drugs when in fact not.

Meanwhile a Rainbow Party cadre on Tuesday threatened to break a ZNBC’s TV 2 Camera that was filming proceedings at court.

The cadre later approached this reporter and apologized for his earlier actions.

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    • A thief who when he left office left Zambia with the biggest foreign reserves the country has ever seen since attaining independence 50 years ago!

  1. Chiluba was a thief, RB is a thief, SATA was a thief, LPM was a pompwe and ECL is an angel sent from above working with RB a pompwe. Bakobolalamwe.

  2. If he left that kind of money why where Zambians still wallowing in poverty? Why did Zambians remove such high performer by voting in an opposition party?

    Stop hallucinating with theories because life was even better under Kaunda than this RB. May be the foreign reserves you are referring to were enjoyed by you and your RB not an ordinary Zambian hence the hunger they expressed by voting out your RB.

  3. RB was hounded out by the cartel, especially the Post!! His foolishness was to allow his coward son Henry become a fugitive outside the country instead of defending himself like his father. Imagine here at home he even used to run away from cameras!!

  4. When zambians wake up anither pimpee will be at statehoyse. Give me s Kachema any day..i will be assured of milk. Manure snd fir sure beef..ever heard of MOOBEEF???THATS KSCHEMS FOR ME

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