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Investrust Bank faulty ATM machines upsets customers

Columns Investrust Bank faulty ATM machines upsets customers


Dear Editor,

I am an Investrust Bank customer based in Lusaka. What has hurt me is that the past 4 months, 99% of the Investrust Bank ATMs have not been working. Today I arrived in Chipata and tried to use the ATM at Kapata Bus Station I failed because the ATM was faulty. I went to the Branch in Town, the story was the same.

The question is , is management aware of the inconveniences that their fake ATMs are causing? Meanwhile although the ATMs are not working, when you draw cash over the counter you are charged K40 per transaction instead of the normal K15. This is day light robbery by the bank. How can we support our own when the services provided by the bank are the worst compared to any other bank in Zambia?

I hope Dr. Chembe is coming to change this nonsense.


Disgusted Customer


  1. it is really disturbing and inconveniencing. this bank has failed completely to provide good services to its customers. especially in month-ends their machines are always faulty. please BOZ do something. even NATSAVE is better off.

    • Try better, organised and professional banks, ones not managed by PF cadres, like Stanbic, Barclays, FNB and Stanchart. Your “Proudly Zambian” stance will always keep your temper high! Open your eyes.

    • By far the worst bank in Zambia, not only do their ATMs not work try the pompous attitude from staff (especially female) at Arcades you walk in you have to beg for a greeting never mind being attended to at enquiries as if they are doing you favor to look in your direction. Even post office and natsave are way better

    • The docility of Zambians is disgusting to say the least. All the time you wasted writing to LT could have been spent closing that account and moving to another bank. It’s your money you worked hard for it and if the ATM is not working, go inside and withdraw your money for free! Otherwise you and other bankers should get together and sue these thieving banks so they learn to respect the customer.

  2. Let me take this a step further. Then some disillusioned guy, probably still high on last night’s whisky, wakes up and says start putting local Zambian products on the shelves ignoring the fact that local services and goods are so of low quality. First address the quality issue then have the confidence to direct international stores to sell local products. Take for a example local eggs, suppliers have no curtecy to even clean their produce before selling them, they complete with chicken poop all over them. Obviously one will go for the SA eggs that come cleaned over the local ones.

  3. Even here on the copperbelt its the same shollow service we receive just the other day I was withdrawing K150 from the ATM at Civic Centre Chingola a new branch. The machine kept rejecting my card. I went inside and was charged K40 the bank teller had even the audacity to pour sarcasm on me when I tried to remind her that the machine was faulty hence I was not supposed to be charged K40. I have been with investrust for 9 donky years lured by the cheaper services they offered equally this Bank has failed to even give me a simple personal loan, now that they are charging like other civilized and modern banks its time to move “Indeed I have learnt cheap is expensive”.

  4. This guys should improve when I was opening this account we where the five of us but out of the five am the only one remaining the other guys av gone to the other banks and am also planing to live them its very frustrating

  5. ba jumbe u cnt compare investrust to natsave, natsave hs good services which we enjoy and low transaction fees of k5.

  6. The banks in Zambia need reforms. How and why should customers pay to withdraw money over the counter and or at the ATM?

    We need free banking. It is up to banks to make profits from our deposits, but not bleeding us out through flimsy charges, if that is grammatically correct to say.

  7. U re right im also planning to open an account with another Bank,this so called INVSTRUST is completely useless.

    • Completely and utterly useless, this ATM thing has been going on for at least 2 months, so you cant check your balance or draw at their poorly spread ATMs try going inside you are being asked to pay K10 for the slip requesting the balance on your a/c by some cocky staff member (true story)

  8. I began to bank with this bank because I got tired of Barclays also I wanted to support local Banks infact I now hold accounts with FBZ and them only. However the services a worrying Investrust is run like a kantemba…there is very little professionalism the staff look demoralized and they look ill trained for their job. The man at the helm Friday looked tired and frail like the services offered to get a loan is near next to nothing and to engage in conversation with staff was an intelligent. They have brought Chembe at the helm but I think its a non-started Richard is a regulator not a commercial banker, but we give him our support but come December if those ATMs are still not working and your shoddy services continue I shall walk 11 years is a long time to support a white elephant

  9. I love BBZ with a a fee of 150 I can shop online, make withdrawals as many times as I wish and transact on my mobile at no extra fee. on the other hand Indo Zambia is so annoying,they make sure they dispense a minimum of K2,000 per transaction so that they can get K4 per transaction

  10. People ask: why do we have all these South African shops running the show in Zambia?
    I ask do you remember Mwaiseni, Niec and ZCBC all run by Zambians? They all failed and collapsed due to poor customer service, lousy management strategies etc and downright poor accounting. This is the “Proudly Zambian” thing…Investrust is like Mwaiseni, ZCBC and all failed project of yonder years. Leave them and come to Stanbic!

  11. Look at the composition of the management team then you will know why Invetrust Bank is in problems, all expect 3 are from one region. If it were Tongas or Lozis you would say it’s tribalism but what’s this?
    1. Friday C Ndhlovu
    Managing Director
    2. Richard Phiri
    Deputy Managing Director
    3. Ackim Sinkala
    Financial Controller
    4. Cuthbert Tembo
    Company Secretary & Legal Counsel
    5. Polombwe Ndhlovu
    Head – Operations
    6. Peter Mwale
    Head Treasury
    7. Zefnat D. Sakala
    Head Public Sector & Non Profit Institutions
    8. Harry Mafuta
    Head of Corporate and Investment Banking
    9. Esau Mtonga
    Head Credit Controls & Administration
    10. Shadrick Banda
    Head Internal Audit
    11. Suresh Khambete
    Head Risk Management & Training
    12. Naim Kakvi
    Manager Information Technology

  12. Rubbish bank,i applied for the ATM card 2 months ago after the old one expired.Up to now it’s not ready and they continue stealing my K40s.Shame on you!

  13. Investrust Bank ” The other side of the coin”

    allow me to air my independent view as regards the recent Investrust ATM cash dispense and card capture pandemic being experienced across almost all there ATMs.
    To be honest i cant paint all with the same brush as i had a different experience when my card was captured and cash not given out.There staff at Arcades branch assured me that my was to be credited within 48hrs which was done and also introduced to the Investmobile for easy access to my money.
    To my fellow Zambians as much as we condemn let us be patient with out very own indigenous bank whilst they are enduring this transition.
    Kudos to Investrust Bank
    Concerned citizen
    Tops Tops lusaka

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