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Mutembo Nchito withdraws his appeal from the Supreme Court

Headlines Mutembo Nchito withdraws his appeal from the Supreme Court

DPP Mutembo Nchito addressing delegates during the 3rd International Association of Prosecutors (IAP) Conference for the Africa-India Ocean Region in Livingstone at Zambezi Sun Hotel
Suspended DPP Mutembo Nchito

Suspended Director of Public Prosecution Mutembo Nchito has withdrawn the appeal in a matter where he lost his quest to prosecute Post Newspaper Editor Fred Mmembe, who has been sued for allegedly defaming former President Rupiah Banda.

Mr. Nchito has withdrawn the appeal in the Supreme Court, based on the opinion from Attorney General Likando Kalaluka that his quest to prosecute Mr. Mmembe is against Public Policy.

The appeal was before Supreme Court Judge Roydah Kaoma.

Meanwhile, Judge Kaoma has reserved ruling on the cross -appeal by Mr. Mmembe in the same matter.

In March this year High Court Judge Chalwe Mchenga, quashed Mr. Nchito’s application to take over the prosecution of Mr Mmembe in the matter where the later has been dragged to court for allegedly defaming former President Rupiah Banda.

Judge Mchenga had ruled that it was not befitting public interest for Mr. Nchito to take over the prosecution of Mr. Mmembe,in the defamatory case before the Lusaka Magistrate Court.

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  1. How can he withdraw when he is suspended. The advise on public policy or PF?RB policy came from the state that is persecuting him using the tribunal!!! It is their ‘public’ policy that RB should not be prosecuted.

    • This is just an expensive exercises – The bottomline is the losers here are the taxpayers.


    • Mutembo is a coward, we thought he will continue to be notorious, and entertain us.

    • People like Nchito disgust me. Who in their right mind would appeal to a court to prosecute their friend? This man has no scruples whatsoever because if he did, he would have extricated himself from the case based on principle. Which is why I find it preposterous when people write about how ethical Nchito is and that RB is behind the tribunal.
      Now Mmembe is appealing on his behalf. What a crock of BS! Mmembe needs to be reminded that Nchito is practically no longer DPP or is Mmembe suffering from a case of amnesia or a case of “some of us” or delusions of grandeur that he is the actual president of Zambia?

  2. This guy truely crossed the line he thought he was the Zambian Law himself his down fall was expected power got to his head. They will surely deal with you Nchito just wait your days are numbered.

  3. Just slap him with car theft or chigololo…We a tired of Nchito this ncbito that that ncbito tole……nchito ni kawalala

  4. This is not correct vs lusaka Times it is the acting DPP who has withdrawn the appeal. Please check your facts

    • Yes the Acting DPP has withdrawn the appeal because it lacks merit and second the appeal only held because this fat desk lawyer abused his powers to appeal on behalf of his friend who he misled in the corrupt Zambia airways debt

  5. Just reading between the lines…. The Post tones down on PF, Mutembo withdraws the case, DBZ takes it easy on the debt,Post is now pro PF…..interesting times! What next, Zambia Watchdog, Will also take it easy……… Politics at its best. HH?

  6. We have argued that Mmembe suffers from grand delusions and now things are showing themselves. This man has caused so much tension in the country by his schemes in the guise of fighting corruption. Yet it is just targeted onslaught on perceived enemies. But thanks truth is unfolding and he is sinking.

  7. Lusaka times this is a lie. Get your facts correct. It is the Acting DPP who has withdrawn the case. Do not make us to start doubting you. How can Mutembo do that when he is on suspension and not operating in the office.?

    So I can’t comment on lie until I have a correct version of the story.

  8. Kavuyi. It is true. It was on 13 hrs news, 19 hrs news at ZNBC1 and at very 2 hrs at ZNBC2
    Mutembo is just realizing that his camp with Mmembe is a wrong one. Just like Kabimba is to realize soon. Mmembe matipa only. His time is up
    May 13, 2015 Tribunal ruling. Mutembo’s concerns thrown out. Justice Sakala and Ngulube to remain. Mutembo appeals to High Court.
    His appeal is expected so as to buy time. But the high court will move swiftly to rule that Mutembo’s concerns thrown out. He will then appeal to supreme court. But supreme court will also move swiftly to throw his appeal. Finally Mutembo resigns as DPP citing court bias. Then Police will arrest him for criminal transgression.

    • @Patience pays Your ZNBC is not reliable. For once please think , how can suspended officer go back to the office to withdraw the case. The truth is that it is the acting DDP who has withdrawn the case and not Nchinto.

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