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Wylbur Simuusa apologises to his Nchanga constituency

General News Wylbur Simuusa apologises to his Nchanga constituency

AGRICULTURE and Livestock Minister Wylbur Simuusa (centre) flanked by his deputy Lackson Kazabu (left) and Permanent Secretary Julius Shawa during a 2013/2014 Crop Forescasting Survey media briefing in Lusaka
Former AGRICULTURE and Livestock Minister Wylbur Simuusa

NCHANGA Member Parliament (MP) Wylbur Simuusa has apologised to his constituency for the delayed rehabilitation of township roads.

Mr Simuusa said in an interview during the week that the state of the roads in his constituency is bad but is glad that contractors are now on site and have started rehabilitating the streets.

“Nchanga constituents have every right to complain on the state of roads. They should bear with me as their leader but I am committed to ensure that roads are rehabilitated. Contractors are on site,” he said.

Mr Simuusa said the delay was due to some unfaithful contractors but he is happy that works have started even in areas where roads have not been worked on.

He said work has started on roads like Mipala, Kabompo, Kapisha and that leading to Nchanga hospital. He said the rehabilitation will soon be completed.

The Nchanga legislator said by the end of the year all township and peri-urban roads will be rehabilitated.

And Mr Simuusa has disclosed that Nchanga constituency will have three health posts contracted as part of the 650 that Government will build countrywide.

He said the health posts will be built in Kapisha, Lwano and Kamuchanga which have had no health facilities since Zambia’s independence in 1964.

Mr Simuusa said sites for the three health posts and contractors to build them, have already been identified.

Mr Simuusa said most people in the rural areas have difficulties in accessing proper medical care because health facilities were few and far apart.

He said the building of these health posts are in line with Government’s vision of providing equitable access to cost effective, quality healthcare to all citizens of Zambia as close to the family as possible.


  1. I do not see the PF adopting you as a candidate in 2016. You have admitted to failure.

    • Zambian politics!
      Why should a lawmaker be concerned with the implementation of a law in his constituency? Where is the council? Where is the Provincial Minister and his PS. Are these not the same projects that Mulusa is supposed to be checking on?

      One cause do failure in our government is not that we don’t have resources, but because we don’t know how to do things. Even when we have a document that clearly explains how, we ignore it for no apparent reason.

  2. Youve realised that time is running out for you.after being left out of the cabinet and pretty much every priveledge in govt ,youve realised that being an mp is valuable afterall.youve taken nchanga people for granted for so long and your day of reckoning is coming.

    • Mr.Simuusa,you have failed the people of Chingola.You have shown selfishness at its best.You keep on fake promises.

  3. People Simusa has not failed his constituency. Simusa has no money of his own to pay constructors to rehabilitate the roads in Nchanga just as you have seen other MPs struggling to ensure the developments are taken to the people.
    It’s the responsibility of the govt to take these developments to the people and the MP to over see these developments

  4. I remember at one time simusa was defending the same road contractor he is saying are unfaithful, what has changed now. At the time we told him he had interest in under or non performing AVEC.

  5. Country men and women is it the role of an MP to contribute his personal money to build roads and other infrastructure?
    Unless somebody wanted him to fail,thus,not given the resources?
    Its unfortunate that were the funds for the country are generated the roads are bad.
    look at the Nakonde road and the boarder itself,Solwezi -Chingola road and mufulira Ndola road all are in a diporable state,thus,we should not blame the MP but the sitting government which has the responsibility of such projects.

    • Rubbish my friend. Go to Kalulushi and see how much is going on in improving roads! I wonder why Wylber has failed

  6. While it is true that it is not the job of the area MP to bring such large scale infrastructure to the constituency but that of the central govt, the MPs in Zambia can be faulted on that point because it is the basis on which they campaign. The go as far as saying vote for me so that development comes to your area..especially since I belong to the ruling party. They disregard that their role is primarily that of legislator and by misleading the people on their role open themselves up to unfair judgement. Further more, when one has been part of the executive, as was the case with Wilbur, the reality is that they are in position to influence funding allocation to projects such as road construction..even if that again is not their responsibility

    • Lets not beat about the bush, Simuusa has failed us. I for one will not vote for him, I have other people in mind to take over as MP. The topic should not even arise anyway, who will adopt him in the first place?
      Let him just pursue his presidential ambitions, parliament forget.

  7. Boss just go back to what you know best. Take on your hard hat and back in the Open pits as a geologist. You are a let down graduate in politics.

    • @Workmate, even in the Open pits operations, he failed lamentably. And no wonder then the manager open pits, Francis Temba never promoted him. Again, the guy failed at Maamba Collieries.

  8. Mr MP you had enough time to rehabilitate the constituence, unfortunately you were just busy piling for your family forgeting that the tenure is not for life. KEEP YOUR APOLOGY

  9. Simusa is most useless PF MP the party has ever had. He has failed to even slash the grass in his yard where he has parked his machines in Chingola, so how can he promise to work on the Roads in his constituency which is much bigger than his yard. Bepako bambi boi pantu ifwe tatwakakuvotele if PF makes a mistake of adopting you again.

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