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PF Government lifts ban on hunting of Lions and Leopards in Zambia’s game parks

Headlines PF Government lifts ban on hunting of Lions and Leopards in Zambia's...

Trophy hunting
Trophy hunting

The PF government has lifted the ban on hunting of big cats in Zambia’s game parks.

Minister of Tourism and Arts Jean Kapata announced the lifting of the ban at a media briefing in Lusaka and said that hunting of lions will resume in the 2016/2017 season, while that of leopards can start in the 2015/2016 season.

“I am lifting the ban on the following conditions: the guidelines are drafted into a statutory instrument so that they become part of the wildlife law. Lion hunting should only resume in the 2016/2017 hunting season and not this year.Leopard hunting can resume this year 2015/2016 season, but with very cautionary quotas,” Mrs Kapata said.

The hunting of cats was enforced in January 2013.Mrs Kapata said safari hunting is the most profitable and good for off-take of wildlife which can benefit all citizens if properly handled.
She said since the adoption of community-based natural resources management approaches, safari hunting has contributed significantly to improving the livelihoods of rural communities.

The minister said the main thrust to safari hunting in Zambia is the cat hunting, which involves the shooting of the lion and leopard.
She said the suspension of the hunting in the 19 hunting blocks greatly affected wildlife resources and the livelihood of the locals in the game management areas.

“Government’s move to ban the hunting of lion and other cats on January 10, 2013 had a good basis with a background of weak regulatory mechanisms,” Mrs Kapata said.
She said some problems that led to the ban included, declining lion populations in some areas due to over-harvesting, hunting of underage lions and depleting of the lion habitats.

Mrs Kapata said the leopard population was and is still healthy but hunting was affected because of lapses in monitoring aspects.

She said based on the advice given and fresh information from the field, ZAWA has produced documentation that describes the status of the lions in Zambia and prescribed guidelines that will be used to regulate cat hunting in Zambia.

“Some of the regulatory methods are currently being used in Tanzania, Mozambique and Zimbabwe. These have been found to be effective,” Mrs Kapata said.
She said Government is sure the methods will be useful in the regulation of cat hunting in Zambia.

Trophy hunting
Trophy hunting



  1. Once again we are allowing white people to deplete our natural resources for their pleasure and our detriment.As if taking our copper is not enough,now they take our lions and leopards.How much money did the boers pay Jean Kapata?What gives her the right to make such an outrageous decision on behalf of 13 million Zambians?

    • Another PF miscalculation. How many lions do we have in our national parks? How many may die of disease and natural causes? Who really benefits from hunting fees paid?After PF, our children will have to pay loans and only see game in videos and pictures.

    • Very Stupid Move, what’s wrong with these ministers.. lions and leopards are rare animals these days and you want to finish the little we have??

      There is no ways this will benefit Zambians. For sure she has been paid and lied at, because they are so dull to think on what is wrong and right?? come on tourism can be boosted through other innovative ways??

      Sickening to see such dullness.

    • So now they can shoot the last lioness of Liuwa?????

      Lungu and his PF Government are so greedy they are selling Zambia to the highest bidder.

      They are converting our childrens inheritance into cash to fill their own pockets.

      MORE MONEY IN THE POCKET means THEIR pockets, not ours!

    • This is a very sad developent, it’s all about the money! There are other sane ways to cover up budget shortfalls. This decision lacks morality. Exotic animals should never be looked at as a source of income for the government, these animals are priceless.

    • “I am lifting the ban on…..” this what happens when you give so much power to one empty tin instead of institutions.

    • Give us the population of these Cats then we will appreciate what you are proposing. You can’t just wake and say GRZ has lifted the ban.Numbers, please.

    • This is such a shameful and disheartening sight. Minister of Tourism should be ashamed of herself. This is a real heartbreaking sight for me. These so called affluent people with nothing better to do come to our country to deplete our natural resources for the same of fun and games at the expense of our future generation. Government must really be serious about this matter. God designed the echo system in such a way that it controls itself to ensure that nature balances itself. This selfish evil act is not natural at all. And none of the so called politicians aspiring for high office or in government are saying a word. Not even the so called ZAWA. Shame on us Zambians. We have become dossile to the point of insanity.

    • @1.9 Real, I agree with you 100%. The minister should tell the nation the total population of lions and that of leorpards. The GRZ should not just lift the ban because it is broke or else those animals will be wiped out from Zambian game parks. What more with poor security and the rampant corruption obtaining in Zambia. Incidentally, where are the animal rights activists?

    • Would like to enlighten some readers,Animals be they lions ,antelopes or whatever are not hunted in Game parks. they are hunted in GMA’S. Game management Area where off take of surplus animals are allowed by ZARA to help contribute to the survival of the other animals. a old animal is useless in the wild it could die or be eaten by predators,but if hunted it will generate revenue to help survival of the rest is it will fund anti poaching patrols etc…
      so people think rationaly not emotional.

  2. I normally support any type of resource or money generation mechanisms. However, I dont support this one. I dont care about how much money we will get by killing lions for fun. This disturbs me.

    We have enough land for farming, water reservoirs, minerals, etc., where we can raise funds from. Not this slaughtering of big cats. Shame on you, Government for allowing this. Can you find other ways of fund raising?


    • Typical racist you are , the whites are not the main holders of hunting concessions in Zambia. Indians are and over 50% of tourist hunters are not white. But the biggest ***** is a Black Zambian who is the minister that has allowed it.
      There is no need to shoot Cats except with a camera.

  4. One day, we will wake up to find that we have no lions or any other wild animal in Zambia. ……lifted, the hunting of big cats……and we are proud of this!

  5. Once again we prove that as a Country we always paddle against the current. While everyone the world over is doubling their efforts to conserve wildlife especially these same endangered species, we somehow see it prudent to allow ours to be hunted down for sport.

    But as usual in our country if you dig deeper in this decision you will find that those that are involved in this decision stand to benefit one way or the other. Rarely do we take decisions for the good of the country without some kind of benefit to ourselves.

    It may come now or in future but a either way a revelation will be made on who benefited from this decision, of that I have no doubt.

  6. I hate to see white people killing our animals and making fun of the whole killing and taking silly pictures of themselves and slain animals. Let us be honest, the Zambian community does not benefit from these hunting apart from those foreigners who kill and take the skins period. ZAWA and govt must come up with measure to do the hunting and exporting of the skins so the money can be generated back into protecting the animals. How many Zambians really hunt lions and Leopards that they can benefit anyway?

  7. Now Zambia will never be featured on National Geographic Wild again. Zambia is praised for her sheer number of wild animals which has been the result of good conservation efforts. Now all that is about to go out the window. What does Jean Kapata know about the importance of wild life? These animals are being killed for nothing but trophies. Really people. How long does it take for an animal to grow to reach that size? How long does it take to kill such an animal? Please let’s take care of our God-given resources.

  8. Kateka tewabantu fye, you are also a leader for the animals that are found in this country. these animals are able to sense and see that our leaders are up to no good and they actually run away to other countries just. dont be supprised when you see a rising trend in animals migrating to Botswana, just like they migrated from Zimbabwe to Zambiaa or from DRC to Rwanda and Tanzania. Short cuts wont take us anywhere. i see i future where our children will have to travel to South Africa to go and see a lion or cheetah,just as we are doing for the rhinos.

  9. PLEASE my fellow Zambians, Let us all put aside our political inclinations and PROTEST this move by the government…



    • Who told you that is is only muzungus who are eligible? You are too. I personally would rather these animals are killed.

  10. Actually Trophy Hunting benefits local communities more than photographic safaris and you can’t argue this one if you look at the economic benefit. Yes lodge owners are trying their best to up their game by hiding in corporate social responsibility funded by their guests. They don’t pay any money from their profits. very selfish people. They tend to detach themselves from the communities they operate from. Morally I wouldn’t kill a lion for a trophy, but if the benefits are higher for the poor communities the lion roams then I will choose the latter.

    • How many communities around game parks have you seen build sky scrapers,develope technologically all due to the fantastic money earned from trophy hunting.I’ll tell you- none.The communities are still poor,with poor sanitation,poor water and remain subsistence farmers.Being able to buy a Mac donalds meal once in a month hardly qualifies as economic benefit for locals.Go hunt Lions in England or America and leave Africa alone!

    • The fact that Trophy Hunting accounts for about .27% of the GDP and only 1.8% of overall tourism in nine countries that allow trophy hunting has not been discussed. It is not worth losing the tourism revenue. Tourists will avoid Zambia if it allows the hunting of endangered species. Once the wildlife is hunted to extinctions, who will tour Zambia?

  11. More money in their pockets….Withholding Tax and now this. What next? PF forever bane!!!

  12. minerals are being depleted, animals are being hunted down to nothing land is being handed over to non Zambians.
    when a villages hunts down an impala for domestic consumption ZAWA arrests them and they are sentenced to jail. Big cut hunters ruthlessly kill the animals, remove the skin and throw away the carcus. They take the skins abroad, embalm them and sell them for a fortune after buying them for coins. shame! Only cropping of animals should be allowed when they become too many.
    Guys is there a way we can petition against this move? Honorable Harrington, you are a patriot please led the way, we shall follow.
    Those of you who are gifted in IT, open up a campaign against the killing of big cuts on facebook, twiter etc.

  13. Atase bane chi Kapata ici watusebanya.We trusted u.why do u want our resources to go to white pipo?fullllllllllllllllllllllllllll!i’m a PF member but i don’t support this move.Please EL our beloved president don’t allow this .It seems Kapata is now corrupt.A normal person can’t do this to the nation.our animals will be finished.This move will make PF unpopular.We need to keep these animals for the future generation.EL wesu please talk to Kapata.We don’t have a good system to monitor white pipo who are hunting these animals.We’ll protest if govt won’t listern.Kapata should be removed from this ministry coz her lack of understanding on certain issues.she must be dullllllllllllll and corrupt if she goes ahead and lift da burn.

  14. When you see this you want to think Green Party makes sense. Instead of killing lions grow weed.

  15. May we please give reasons why you think the Minister is wrong. Use facts not just some theory……

    • The minister herself has not given reasons why the ban has been lifted. She does not say why the killing of lions should start next year and that of leopards to start this year. The minister’s statement is economical on reasons and on facts hence the outrage by concerned citizens.

    • 1. Only ignorant or cruel children hunt and kill lizards for fun. One must be very immoral to kill leopards or lions just for fun. A lion has a family, it wants a lot of things including wanting to not be killed.
      2. You cannot put a price on the life of an animal that wants to live and enjoy the life it is meant for.
      3. The hunters and government like saying they develop areas where the hunters hunt. This is very questionable. Nabwalya in Mpika and Mfuwe in Mambwe are very poor.
      4. The lions and leopards are not so many and sooner than later they will be no more. Many factors contribute to this. For example, shooting the best males with strong genes.
      5. Many poachers think that there is no reason for them not to kill the animals because after all govt allows those who are rich to…

  16. Big game hunters depleted our animals when the white man arrived in Africa. Leopards Hill in Lusaka was named so because of the high number of Leopards in the area. Today, not even a Kalulu can be found in 100Km radius. Game Parks were the last sanctuary for wild animals. Today we have sold that sanctuary for a few dollars

    In America, Big Game hunting almost made the Bison (=American Buffalo) extinct. Humans slaughtered an estimated 50 million bison in the 1800’s leaving only 100’s of them.

    Poor Decision in my opinion.

    • If you think wild animals should still roam leopards hill , first how many people would be killed or if other animals like Kudus roamed they will be poached in no time, like the owls last week. As for Bison there’s over 60,000 safe in Canada. Most pro wildlife NGO are funded by whites against hunting. The only shooting should be done with a camera.

  17. Kwena chamkalipa sana ukumona efyo abantu twachetele nokubabika mubuteko batampa ukonaula amafunde yachalo. Kwena uku ekuluba, mwatampa bwangu sana ukulufyanya.Kubanensu abasungu ngawaipayafye imbwa kukupela mulandu uukalamba sana.Apapena mwafwambula twapapata tontonkanyepo bwangu apotatulapena.

  18. People the Lion have reach a very high proportion in numbers and have been attacking people. Each game reverse follows the international conservation regulations. Once not put in check the only animals you will see are lions and once they cant find animals to hunt they go residential. Google for more info before we rush and condemn. Botswana also allow Elephants hunted down has they increased in number and the only country to protest was Australia. Africa does its best and we think too. Secondly but hunting raffles and get license its fun than just drinking or parting

    • As of today Australia has banned import of Cat skins into the country and has cut foreign aid to Zambia by 70% starting 1 July.

  19. Indeed, plain stinking stupidity has now become Zambia under Lungu’s official ideology. This is the vulgarity of lumpens wielding power in the corridors of any state. It’s all about mastur*bating and jerking off in public. Even female ministers can now show off their ability jerk off “female ejaculation” style, “bi namukuka bya mwa lififi, bi fenywa ki kaswende ka kaloyawe bya pyalula bukolyo ka mikongo ka sishang’ata”.

  20. On this one,please reverse the decision.No matter what it takes,this is what makes Zambia to be called zambia.please stop the idea once for all killing these beautiful animals,croping is the answer.

  21. I originate from Chitungulu and my father still lives there so do most of my family in the African context. Our only benefit from wildlife was revenue the community received from hunting and since its suspension my community has become poorer. I mean poorer! There hasn’t been alternative revenue. Some of my cousins who were community based scouts had their jobs terminated. So for you who say NO to Trophy Hunting, ask my relatives in the village who feel the impact. What have you done to resuscitate those economies? Do you know how much poaching is going on in GMAs where hunting was banned? I thought wildlife management should be self-sustainable if properly managed? Yes I am asking you.


  23. I very much feel that we should be given the full statistics of these cats as they are spread across our National PARKS. I think without these statics it sends out wrong signals to the rest of us Zambians who are part of the citizens who are owners of this asset. The first thing that comes to people’s minds is that Government is seemingly broke and it has resorted to the resource that communities may not question about. Jean Kapata as a MINISTER, should not feel shy to ask the technocrats as to what the statics are like, to convince the other learned colleagues who have shown interest in the issue and are quite concerned. We are all aware of the curent economic happenings in the country that provide a good indication that the government coffers are some what low. WE ASK THE POWER THAT BE

  24. @John Chinena

  25. A live lion or leopard will continue attracting tourists for several years. A dead one??? Only the killer, and once and for all!!!

  26. One of the most nauseating decisions I have seen! Absolutely pathetic and scandalous. I do not usually comment on news articles but this pathetic decision that warrants a particular race to deplete a God given gift stinks. Just what the heck is wrong with us? Not being political; but this is one very wrong decision.

  27. I love PF but on this one ninshi Lungu aweeeeeeee.U can’t do this Kapata twapapata mwanaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.What’s wrong with Africans?Mano nangu bupuba?ataaaaa bane

  28. Numbers 35:33English Standard Version (ESV)

    33 You shall not pollute the land in which you live, for blood pollutes the land, and no atonement can be made for the land for the blood that is shed in it, except by the blood of the one who shed it.

  29. Dear minister you are a displaced resource which is required in health care industry. What a shame, now you are making decision on wild life when your calling in nursing.

  30. This is were I cut my sympathies with PF. From today I will campaign to have this unthinking regime out of power by whatever means necessary. Zambians this party does mean well for our people and its future. Kapata’s decision is indicative of that.

  31. Why is it that whatever stance the Govt takes it has to admit ignorance and do a humiliating U turn ?

    Forex control laws applied then teversed.

    Mining taxes made policy in inaugration address but now abandoned.

    Remember Kumar vs Sata ? Now we begging KCM to stay

    Bumper harvest and maize exports turning into drought

    President complaining about local ownership whilst at Mfuwe but now inviting foreign hunters to kill our wildlife. If u want to hunt cats rather offer that opportunity to locals first !!

  32. This is the most ridiculous decision ever made showing pure ignorance!
    Economic concerns are always key but if that is the concern This minister has single handedly placed Zambia on the list of Sanctions and embargoes (this decision should not have been done on behalf of the people)
    No civilised country will want to trade with a country that fails to see the economic rewards of preventing extinction.
    These lions and leopards play a key part in the maintaining of ecosystems and weather patterns beyond what we can comprehend just see this example of the impact of the re-introduction on wolves http://youtu.be/ysa5OBhXz-Q
    People are willing to pay to visit Zambia to see these majestic animals alive.
    The economics are proven but it requires time to attract visitors do your job!

  33. Until the average Zambian voter realizes that there’s a correlation between who we vote for and what happens in our lives and in our country, these ill-informed decisions by govt will continue. Most of you are busy complaining about increased fuel prices, new rental taxes, uncontrolled borrowing, reversed mineral taxes, slaughtering of game animals etc, but come 2016 you will still vote for the same govt u r busy condemning, why:- becoz they are yo tribesmen or u don’t think certain tribes to rule. Poverty of the mind is the biggest developmental challenge in this country

  34. this is very sad , lions and leopards can generate a big income for Zambia , why think short term when a whole community can prosper.
    the people killing these animals they should be jailed , just to show off on facebook and showing that they can spend big cash , for god sake how can you improve as a country if you let this happens. I am a foreigner

  35. This news brings tears to my eyes. Lions and Leopards are priceless.

    Nature has it’s own way of regulating animal populations without interfering with mankind living space. How did our forefathers manage to live with lions and leopards around them before the modern day governments existed?

  36. This is what corruption can do. Sometimes I even feel like we shouldn’t have let the British leave, Zambia would have been a better place by now. Zambia twasebana. iyeeeee awe sure mwandini

  37. This is criminal,why not leave the cats alone cause that’s our heritage.Our children will only know that we had Lions and Leopards in Zambia when they see them on TV.Reverse this decision as govt. before you create chaos.

  38. Jean Kapata and Steven Mwansa need an education on Sustainable Tourism and Sustainable Practices. This is coming from people who lack education and skills thinking killing is the only revenue generator. They have failed the people of Zambia and wildlife which needs to be protected. These animals are at the verge of extinction. Jean Kapata you are causing negative impacts on the environment. Do you know the meaning of Sustainable Tourism? Tourism that takes full account of its current and future economic, social and environmental impacts, addressing the needs of visitors, the industry, the environment and host communities. At the same time ensuring future generations of tourist and the local people will have an opportunity to enjoy those resources. This is a very bad decision. Big shame!

  39. Sustainable tourism is one of the fastest growing industries across the globe involving delicate destinations. Development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own. It pays attention to its economic, social and environmental impacts, while taking care of tourist’s needs, the industry, and host communities. This has added large amounts of pressure on the environment, destinations and communities therefore continuous monitoring of impacts needs to be placed as a preventative measure. UNWTO states tourism has two elements: the capability for its continuous activity in the future guaranteeing the circumstances are right and the ability for both society and environmental benefits gains from the impact it in a positive way.

  40. Sustainable development of tourism creates new jobs & helps alleviate poverty & develops global partnerships by building partnerships across the public sectors. Sustainable tourism markets the environment & local practices allowing tourists to flock to destinations, therefore supporting local economies while ensuring the protection of “natural resources” so that the future generations will have an opportunity to see, touch, and feel all the worlds’ wonders as we can today. The governments need to understand education is important in order to have human resources to run that industry. Sustainable tourism expansion entails the understanding of divergent interests & ideas. Creating partnership with all stakeholders, decision-makers, NGO’s, locals and tourists promoting long term benefits.

  41. “Limits of Acceptable Change”. From a sustainable tourism point of view, in any form of development there is no way you cannot have zero impact. The moment you decide to develop tourism, by having visitors coming to your destination (trophy hunting), you should be ready to have some sort of negative impact. It has to do with coming up with a threshold within a destination. If that limit is exceeded then you start having negative impacts. The animals or plants within a destination begin to get degraded, they start having some stress when you are exceeding the limits of acceptable change. When the local people start saying they don’t want tourist to come to their destination, is because they feel the visitors are interfering in all aspects of their cultural and social well-being.

  42. Dear leaders, is it too late to protest for this action, I can walk to Lusaka to demonstrate. If we are serious, lets vote PF out 2016 and lets meet in Lusaka at the ministry as well as Chilanga to stop this.

  43. Do not condemn Zambia’s big cats to the fate of Zambia’s rhinos.

    This decision was made without transparency; there was no census of the big cat population.

    The fact that Trophy Hunting accounts for about .27% of the GDP and only 1.8% of overall tourism in nine countries that allow trophy hunting has not been discussed. It is not worth losing the tourism revenue. Tourists will avoid Zambia if hunting of endangered species is allowed.

    If hunting resumes, poaching will increase. Licenses to kill animals will be used multiple times. Game will be driven or baited to leave the parks. A full ban on hunting makes enforcement easier.

    Africa’s animals should not be for sale. Zambia’s wildlife is a national treasure. It is part of Zambia’s heritage. Protect cats as a legacy for…

  44. These animals are one of Zambia’s resources. How will Zambia profit from this? What will be the best case: long term profit from tourism coming to see the animals; or short term gain from trophy hunting, then nothing once this resource is gone?

    How will Zambia adequately monitor this? Will allowing hunting create channels for illegally poaching and exporting animal parts?

    Once again, Zambia’s heritage is being sold for personal gain.

    It would be an opportune moment for Zambia’s air charter operators to follow the lead of airlines such as SAA and place an embargo on the transport of elephant, rhino, lion and tiger hunting trophies. What say you, Proflight/Procharter, Ngwazi, etc…?

  45. Those cruel cowards killing endangered species!!!!

    You are nothing but a shame to the human race!

  46. Well thats Zambia of my list for next year then.
    Was very much looking forward to flying in for a month . See the country , wildlife , falls .
    I will not support any country that supports killing for trophy.

  47. You should be totally ashamed of yourself, you are short sighted and corrupt. How can you allow these low life hunters to kill these wonderful animals. They shoot everything in their own country, when that is no longer any fun or anything left worth shooting, you let them into yours to decimate your wildlife,all for short term profit. I for one will never visit while you practice trophy hunting. You will have nothing left to pass on to future generations, once they are gone they are gone, just like the Rhino.

  48. please don’t do this we have so little natural beauty on this planet, these animals are a gift, not to be cruelly murdered and lost forever!


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