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HH breached the Public Order Act law- Charity Katanga

General News HH breached the Public Order Act law- Charity Katanga

Southern Province Commissioner of Police Charity Katanga
Lusaka Province Commissioner of Police Charity Katanga

LUSAKA police commissioner Charity Katanga has said United Party for National Development (UPND) President Hakainde Hichilema breached the Public Order Act and a docket was opened hence he was requested through his lawyers to write a letter of undertaking.

A letter of under taking is a pledge or promise to the police to admit that a wrong was committed and that next time the law shall be followed.

Last week Mr Hichilema during his door to door visits went to Kamwala market where it is alleged that a fracas ensured between UPND and PF cadres.

Mr Hichilema yesterday was interviewed by Kabwata police officer for over an hour.

Hichilema’s lawyer Jack Mwiimbu who is also UPND Monze Central Member of Parliament (MP) told journalists after the interview that they had a cordial discussion with the police and had resolved the matter.

“We have made headways with the police, we have agreed that from now onwards we will be working with the police to ensure that the POA is operated in accordance with the law of this country,” Mr Mwiimbu said.

He said the police would be informed accordingly on how the party would proceed with meetings and would be notifying police whenever they have a meeting.

Ms Katanga said in a separate interview that Mr Hichilema and his lawyers were instructed to make an undertaking that they would abide by the POA.

“So they have gone back to the office to write the letter of undertaking which would be under the hand of the lawyers, the president and the secretary general of the party and would be submitted here at Kabwata Police by 14:00 today,” Ms Katanga said.

Ms Katanga said there should be a distinction between merely going to the market to buy goods and interacting with the people in a procession as a political party leader.

“There is no need to notify the police if a political party leader is going to the market to buy goods but if he is moving in a procession interacting with the people and politicking then there is need to notify the police because that is as good as campaigning,” she said.

“People should not mock the police that because they are public figures then they should get a permit when going to buy vegetables at market, there is nothing wrong with just visiting a market but if you start politicking there and holding meeting then that is a problem,” she said.

Ms Katanga added that Mr Hichilema was wrong and that a docket was opened for him and police were just waiting for the letter of undertaking of which if not taken to the police, the law enforcers can then move in to arrest Mr Hichilema.


    • The current situation leaves a lot to desire. Are free from white rule only to be subjected to Katanga rule?

    • The law is the law and must be respected

      Much as I dont like the POA, its actually a necessary regulatory and control tool under our current fragile but budding democracy
      Without the POA, our country can easily slide into anarchy, mayhem, lawlessness and become ungovernable.

      MMD was in govt for 20 years under 3 presidents and never attempted to remove this law.

      I dont envisage PF doing something in the near future until there is spectacular and unprecedented understanding of democratic concepts, principles and responsibilities by citizens.

      UPND would behave the same if not worse if given a chance to rule

    • ‘Next time the law will be applied’, I thought Ignorance of the law is no defense?

      Ba Katanga, By continuously talking about HH, you and your Masters are actually campaigning for him.

    • Why did you not arrest the PF cadres that confronted HH? What were they doing at the market in a group? They dont own the market. Isn’t that a breach of the so-called POA?

    • @ Gen

      Only mongoloids like you and your fellow 1mbeciles can support “zamglish” interpretation of POA.

    • Where is the problem? ……. Is it difficult to get a permit? Yes…..there goes the problem and therefore we are required to apply the law in a fair and just manner. If HH has broken the law of the land then let the law be applied justly and fairly way. The presentation here shows that a favour was offered to HH. Why favours?

  1. Should be “Lusaka Commissioner of Cadres”, not Police Commissioner.
    This Katanga is a useless P.F. rubber stamp.
    This silly Public order act is only applied to opposition politicians, & those that fall out, or disagree with P.F.
    This Clown Commissioner even allows Panga wielding Thugs to freely roam the streets, as long as they belong to P.F.

  2. Law is law ba mbuli ba Upnd. What would HH do if he were President and Lungu just decide to hold meetings at will without following procedure. Stoopidity wont win this guy the election. He is law breaker full stop. Has Nawakwi, Miyanda etc ever held a meeting without getting a permit? NO, because they respect the law. Unless you repeal this piece of legislation, you will have to toe the line. HH is not president may be only in ZWD.

    • @4.1 Mary-Go-Round
      Facts are facts. Your man is a law breaker. Like anyone of us he has to obey the law. Being Upnd President does not make him different from me. Until he becomes (if it happens)president he is subject to the POA. His money does not him better than me.

    • @ Ndaje Kahks

      You are forgetting to mention that The President is also subject to the rule of law.
      One question, under which law has president issued “order” to ZP and if you have answer, does that prejudice HH right to meet with fellow citizens?
      No law can take precedence over fundamental freedoms as enshrined in the Constitution of Zambia.


    • What Catholic Church are you talking about. HH has failed on his own not that the Church has caused it. Please don’t drag the Church into this.

    • Iwe boyi you are wrong……Why use ROMAN Catholic? It is only Catholic Church. I can assure you my man if you play around with the Catholics then you are gone. You must ask KK.

  4. Can we civilised about this game of politics?One need not be educated to know that HH is no longer an ordinary person who can take any walk along any street in Zambia.
    When HH was taking the so called stroll, meeting / thanking the people, he had a message, the message was political.Now, every game has its own rules, politics included.The question we all need to answer is ” was HH playing the game of politics following the rules of the game?”
    This is simple and straight issue that does not need a Rocket Scientist, Zambia has few, very few of the kind.Wisdom, men of wisdom we have enough to help us understand, give advise to all political players so that we can live in peace.Mr. HH, learn to dialogue, this idea of always confrontational will not do, not now sir.

    God bless our great…

    • What about miles Sampa and Some woman at John Chinena (what she was doing with him). Were they not politicking? Why leave them? This selective application of the law is what confuses and annoys people!

  5. Now Charity Katanga was right after all .I love the courage of this lady police .In Tonga , they are called NSHIMBI LOOMBE .
    While we love our HH his politics , let us protect him from political mad people who can use his “”freedom to mingle “”to harm him .We should always remember that HH is a father, husband,uncle and mentor to somebody out here apart from being a POLITICIAN .In Kenya , in the early 60s, we lost Tom Mboya a brilliant and promising young man with a “”free to mingle “‘ attitude .Always, remember that HH has enemies both in UPND and outside the party and he is no longer an ordinary member of society . I hope the security wing of the UPND will take responsibility if anything happened to HH and will secure him.

  6. Police are just failures.Why didnt you arrest him,then.What undertaking are you talking about ba childless Katanga.

  7. If you are not a cader why did you not arrest Miles Sample who was in matero lilanda area?
    Did he get the permit?

  8. The Public Order Act was started by the colonialists. For PF to condemn the Act and yet love the Act means they want to oppress Zambians.

  9. Someone educate me, does the POA only refer to political activities or to all gatherings? Is this another case of Charity thinking these chaps (zedians) can’t read so I will give them my version of POA.

  10. Charity should be ashamed of herself!
    she hs lamentably failed. Double handedness on applying the so called POA WILL NOT DO!

  11. @4.1 Mary-Go-Round
    Facts are facts. Your man is a law breaker. Like anyone of us he has to obey the law. Being Upnd President does not make him different from me. Until he becomes (if it happens)president he is subject to the POA. His money does not him better than me. INSULTS ONLY SHOW THE CAPACITY OF YOUR BRAIN. IT RUNS OUT OF IDEAS SO IT RESORTS TO THE LANGUAGE OF THE UNTUTORED. BECAREFUL HOW YOU USE THE LT YOU COULD BE INSULTING YOUR FATHER.

  12. Reading through the comments above can be depressing if you are Zambian and you live in a true Western democracy. I thought you check with the police if you are going to need their protection or if you anticipate traffic disruptions.

  13. Where is the Law that says anyone must write “a letter of undertaking” ? ? ?

    This is pure bulsheet! Intimidation by extra-judicial means!

    If anyone breaks the law they must be prosecuted. If not, they are free to go and should not be harassed.

    If the police are incompetent and useless and cannot ensure normal Zambians are free to go about their business, the ones in charge should be FIRED!

    Innocent until PROVEN guilty in a court of law!

  14. The culture of violence remain the bedrock of PF. Its cadres comprise Congolese or Katangese all such people hate HH. They speak fluent bemba but are not bembas, they are Congolese who ran away from their country which has seen no peace since Patrice Lumumba.

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