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Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Government releases salaries for civil servants

Headlines Government releases salaries for civil servants

Ministry of Finance Public Relations Officer Chileshe Kandeta (L)
Ministry of Finance Public Relations Officer Chileshe Kandeta (L)

Finance has released K584 Million for salaries for civil servants.

In a statement released by Ministry of Finance public relations officer Chileshe Kandeta government says consistent with it’s objective of strengthening cash and treasury management, all civil servants salaries are on the Direct-Debit and Credit Clearing [DDAC] System.

This entails the receipt of salaries by civil servants within 24 hours of release by the Treasury, in accordance with the terms of reference and stipulations given to various commercial banks through which civil servants get their salaries.

“In this regard, the Treasury expects that all workers should get their salaries with minimal delays from commercial banks,” said Kandeta.

May salaries for civil servants were at least delayed by three days. The delay unsettled some civil servants who took to social media to express their displeasure at the development.

This morning UPND president Hakainde Hichilema called on the government to immediately pay the workers.
A check this evening by Lusaka Times revealed that most civilian servants are now accessing their salaries.

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    • Thanks to HH for presurising Edgar Lungu. Without him, the May salaries would not have been released. HH we love you because of yo contribution to this country.

      You are indeed the in coming President of this country Zambia.

    • Sadly HH really thinks he’s being smart.

      He gets tips from his cousins in the civil service that the government is working on releasing the salaries..

      He then makes a pre-timed announcement to fool a few Zambians that he is forcing the governmet to act.

      This is desperation to score 15 minutes fame.

    • Thank you HH for again displaying your under five politics. They are like those used by the broken hill man.

    • The question is, Why is ba Chikwanda still Minister of Finance ?. We need to move on as a nation. ED this man has failed and so are you failing. IMF just downgraded our growth projections from 7.5 % to 5.5% this is not good.

    • $80 million dollars pay roll per month or 1 Billion US dollars per year. Do we really need all these people or they can be freed to be more productive and profitable in private sector.

    • @Jeko exactly the point instead of reducing the work force the are increasing it by even creating constituencies…its recklessness of the highest order.

    • Ministry of Finance needs internet banking. Maybe the $192 million just cleared into available to withdraw. Next month the same?

    • Why does it have to take HH to comment for you people to do your job??? And these stupid PF blind supporter keep thinking Lungu is leading the country forward. The truth is Lungu is that position to steal and fulfill his campaign financier’s promises and he is not doing his job. Zambians we really need to fire this kaponya of a president, he is really bring this country down. Enough is enough.



    • A visionless govt, releases partial payment to Civil Servants and PF zealots get excited. What kind of nonsense is this. All Civil Servants need to be paid on time and in full. That is what a responsible govt does. Once again , thanks HH for laying bare the inefficiencies of this inept PF govt. For a reference on the situation of our economy, please see the latest IMF Report on Zambia.

    • PF idoits should explain what caused the delay in paying salaries first before their yapping can be taken serious.

      Due to lack of money PF has now introduced occupancy tax which every jim and jack will be forced to pay whether PF or not. This is being introduced all because the PF goons have shared all the bond money and the money saved from subsidy removal.

      Come to to the UK or go to RSA and see the mansions that these PF thieves have built in just 4 years in power for you appreciate the scale of stealing.

      Now that donor funding has dried up, PF will raid your bank savings very soon to fund their lavash life style pay for the good for nothing bloated cabinet.

      I think Africa needs a revolution like what US and Europe went through to restore order and sanity in the public…

    • All PF minions, can you explain why many projects are being abandoned even by the Chinese contractors, when money to pay for them was raised through Eurobond and subsidy removal?

      How much was raised from subsidy removal? How much was spent and on what?

      Out of $1.75 billion bonds how much of this money was spent on projects. Which projects benefited directly from these funds?

      Why are some projects larking behind for non payment if they were properly planned for?

      PF Ni Ba Chimbwi No Plan. If PF continues in power after 2016, Zambia will be worse than Zaire under Mobutu for sure.

      I never imagined that Congo will do better than Zambia in my life time, but alas, they are twenty times better that us.

    • Some of you people supporting your kaponya clueless president must think twice. Again this is not about HH. This guy works for the Zambian people and we the Zambians should be asking him where is the money for the civil servants, a detailed report on how all the borrowed funds have been used and we should inspect these projects. Leave HH alone because he speaks for the majority. We really should not have this news if these people had Zambia in their best interest. Well done HH. 2016 is yours.

    • Let this be a start of displeasure to all civil servants who voted for a wrong Government. You are luck to have received May salaries. Next month there will be nothing?? Because this Government has no strategy,wrong priorities..

  1. lies have short legs, next month it will be on 23, next 24, next 25, next26, next 27, 29, 30, then Kambwili will issue a statement that civil servants are not working when they get paid early so government has moved salary to monthend

    • Please bring forward real political issues which will win you elections. Currently, there is no salary crisis in Zambia. HH and UPND have issue to take EL own. You seem so confused you do not know how to challenge EL.

      HH is leading this confusion by failing to identify real issues. Hatred has blinded all of you and now you cannot see or think clearly. By the time you wake from this confusion, it will be too late. When PF begins to campaign they show you how formidable they are and you will have lost all the steam and remained with, of course your insults.

  2. But why should you blame HH when it is true that the civil servants have not been paid in time? The opposition is there to monitor what is going on not praise PF.

    • Maybe the opposition can help save our wildlife ie lions and leopards from these reckless greedy empty tins!!

    • UPND cadres and HH give real challenging issues. Are you serious by turning delayed salaries into a political issue. These are things are only do for a day or so and become water under the bridge.

      You guys and your HH are disappointingly petty. have you failed to identify issue on which you can take EL on? Do you really think this matter can win you favour.

      Please bring on the real stuff you becoming boring. HH stop being boring. Show us what you are politically made of. Do not enter into a boxing ring if you are not a boxer. Better remain a tambaz. HH is better a leaders of the Tambaz Party, UPND. Please stay on the terraces and watch the real super league guys play.


  3. His Excellence President Hakainde Hichilema is the one in charge of this country. Edgar Lungu only acts with the instruction from HH and not from Rupiah Banda as we first thought.

    HH is the Head of this country, while Edgar Lungu is at the receiving end taking instructions from him.

    without HH, this country would have been in a mess.

    May the day when HH was born be blessed, and to the contrally, may the day when Edgar Lungu was born be cursed and may the day when he (Edgar Lungu) going to die of HIV/AIDS be blessed.

    • Really Hildah Malama? If that’s even your real name. This hate in your hearts will kill you guys of heart attacks. Since when is peddling on one’s illness a right way of politicking? I guess you know no one with HIV/AIDS and if you do, am sure you wish them all dead. Let’s play clean politics not dirty politics as they will never send UPND to state house.

  4. HH we have always told you stop being childish. Civil Servants will nerve go unpaid in Zambia. Yes delays will always be there. There are always pitfalls in any situation. Correcting them is what matters. HH will never pay civil servants, it is the government that pays.

    HH is so petty. This shows that HH has no serious issue to bring before EL. Please HH, shows us your political mantle and not under five politics. HH though EL was pushover but he is now so confused, he does not know how to effectively challenge him. Never underrate people!!!

    It would have made sense if the workers had gone one or two months without pay, but just a delay and make such comments is Zinjathropical thinking for HH. What a shame!!!

    • Yebo nkosi ….sponge ndimwe matuvi zoona huh..!!!!!so u are not ashamed dat u are the only few *****s supporting your failed leadership? Leave HH alone, who doesn’t know your rantings against hh are fake …mudyelethu agalu imwe otherwise your days are numbered. Continue feasting on your hate n tribalism. You call hh regional when he pf stole his votes …a miga 2% difference z wat z causing u pf devils sleepless nights.


    • Kachema for which masses. The masses did not want him to be President. He is a regional kachema. He is a crook who stole our money during the privatisation period. A plagiarist at UNZA. A thief of classified information. This is HH’s CV. It is there on record for all to see and he has continued to do this with impunity. He is playing self defeating politics. When EL begins to campaign, he will use easily out do HH because HH has been to vocal and has his guard down. That is what people mean when they say HH is under five. EL is not responding to him. He wants HH to destroy himself by showing himself how foolish he is.

  6. How a Fossil like Chikwanda is still overseeing our treasury is truly beggars belief ….this is what you get when you elect handpicked weak lazy leaders like Lungu.

  7. I now believe that there is no real politician in Upnd.
    It’s a simple thing to oppose than to rule but our opposition parties are all empty drums. There are plenty genuine issues to point out than cheap salary delay.
    Sata with his humble education was managing to convince even the technocrats by highlighting genuine issues which won him support nationalwide and you elites are failing to even debate like literates. Shame on you opposition.

    • Sponge Bob,
      Uli tall lay sana, if you think this is not a genuine issue, then your head needs thorough examination at Chainama.

  8. Die-hard PF supporters should sometimes write something sensible not just bad-mouthing HH all the time. It is the job of opposition to point out anything government of the day is not doing well. Please let us not get personal. Let us bring out issues.

    • Correct, but we are saying the issues must be genuine. HH got inside information of the exact date when the government was going to pay. He knew it was just a delay, but went on to make it seem like he compelled GRZ to pay when infact not.

      This is too low a behaviour for a political party leader like HH. If this is the case, can HH challenge other institutions or companies because many at times delay paying their workers. Delays can never be avoided at times due to circumstances unforeseen. If you ask HH, this must have happened to his workers many times as well. So this kind of hypocrisy and cheap politicking by HH makes him even cheaper.

      Surely, instead of stealing information, he can try to be original. What he is doing now will not help him nor UPND.

    • lukano chituse,
      You will be surprised with how foolish we Zambians are come 2016, we will still be shouting IFINTU NI LUNGU, even though up to now he has not said or done anything to give a sense that the country is being stirred in the right direction other than procuring loans secretly which will haunt us.

    • Shut up u ***** which childish politics are you talking about? Do you know the role if the opposition? Tell us y salaries delayed not just dreaming abt hh all the time. You are behaving like mad dogs guys. We all know u are a failed bunch of *****s mwanya u wl die with your hate while trying ti cover the lot caused by your clueless kachasu man. Shame on you.

  9. PR is out-moded in the way that this Kandeta is still peddling it. First off apologize to the civil servants for paying them late, even if you want to implicitly blame it on commercial banking processes. Secondly, be gracious and acknowledge that your policies have brought about stress on your economy. There is Internet and accessibility to what used to be state secrets in the past is a click away. If you don’t reform your ways the tide of change will break your cosy little necks!

  10. Whether HH or not. If people have worked they need to be paid without delay. You cannot force families to fast when you are making interest on their salaries. Zambians get up from sleep. People should be paid on time if not even earlier than later if we really love our country.

  11. PF create news for releasing civil servant salaries is a sign that all is not well.
    According to ILO payment is made by one party (PF govt) soon after performance has been done by the other party (civil servant).
    What is news about it and why today when civil servant have existed since colonial days and colonial administrators were paying real salaries to its workers on time.

  12. This is a sad country! Release of salaries makes news. In civilised countries it is normal for people to get their salaries on time. Here it is a marvel!
    The civil servant payroll is too large. Reduce the number of civil servants. How many are there exactly? Can someone tell us. Are they all needed? Civil Service is one sector of the government which is very unproductive. Go to their offices and they behave like you owe them something. Corruption is rife too!

  13. Yebo nkosi ….sponge ndimwe matuvi zoona huh..!!!!!so u are not ashamed dat u are the only few *****s supporting your failed leadership? Leave HH alone, who doesn’t know your rantings against hh are fake …mudyelethu agalu imwe otherwise your days are numbered. Continue feasting on your hate n tribalism. You call hh regional when he pf stole his votes …a miga 2% difference z wat z causing u pf devils sleepless nights.

    • Kick Boxer, your have just kicked yourself in your own big balls and you scream at me. Yes your party is regional, the election results and your talkings show. So do not blame it on others. Blame it on yourselves.

      We cannot leave HH alone, when he decided to join politics he became a public figure. If you want us to leave alone, ask him to leave politics.

      Politics is not for kids. You think insults will make you win. We need to see how you fight poilitcally and your HH is showing us nothing apart from using people to steal infor. You have just failed to find issues and how to handle them.

      No one stole any votes, you just lost. It was shown that it is actaully UPND which wanted to steal votes. Remember they came up with wrong figures on the last day of counting and were caught…

  14. Zambia has gone to the dogs where releasing of salaries is news. I thought it is automatic to pay what’s due in accordance with the contractual agreement . Cry the beloved Zambia .

  15. Next time salaries will be delayed for ten,then fifteen days and finally one month… remember Chiluba days?

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