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PF accuse HH of being a cheap political opportunist on Civil Servant Salaries

General News PF accuse HH of being a cheap political opportunist on Civil Servant...

Sunday Chanda
Sunday Chanda


Lusaka, Zambia, 22nd May 2015 – UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema is a cheap and shameless opportunist. Zambians recall that after HH heard of Government’s decision to release the final draft constitution on the eve of the 24th October 2014 Independence Day Celebrations, he shamelessly rushed to the media on 22nd October 2014 to “direct” Government to release the final draft constitution as part of the Independence celebrations. Not only was this perceived as childish propaganda but highly opportunist for a man desperately seeking the highest office of the land.

Today, HH has gone back to his cheap opportunist by rushing to the media to demand that civil servants get paid when he knew too well that Secretary to the Treasury and Ministry of Finance were on top of things and Civil servants had started receiving their salaries earlier in the day.

HH must be reminded that it will be very difficult for the working class to trust him and his cheap sugarcoated hoodwinking schemes. He has no history of standing with the working class. He has always sided with capital. He is a mouthpiece and friend of capital. It is only in Zambia where a Bourgeois Opposition leader masquerades as a friend of the workers. History says that by his own free will and for the love of capital, thousands of workers languished in poverty as a consequence of his administered privatization.

Further, we are calling on HH to apologize to the working class and the labour movement in Zambia for his part in the notorious privatization and the pain and injury Zambian workers were subjected to. In case he has forgotten, privatization in the manner it was administered injured Zambian workers irreparably after thousands were thrown on the streets.

Lastly, we advise HH to quit his opportunistic tendencies because civil servants and the working class in general are smart enough to read through his cheap politicking. HH cannot continue behaving like a political Ben 10. Governance is not for the Ben 10 politicians, its serious business and President Edgar Lungu takes his job very seriously.

Issued By: Sunday Chilufya Chanda – Vice Chairperson, PF Media and Publicity Committee

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    • I am beginning to get worried with HH’s desperation: it may be attaining psychiatric dimensions.

    • Losing can make some people go crazy. HH seems to be on that track. He needs a shrink to look at him. Someone give this crazy under five some diapers.

    • PF should have just kept quite here any more rantings will just give HH publicity.
      PF was going to release the money today watchdog and HH knew this so watchdog screams NO MONEY for civil servants the next day HH says pay them immediately there after money is released! Ala its a trick! They had inside information.

    • There is alot of juvenilesh in that article:
      What is trying to say by using word capital?
      What is Ben-10 is that texting jargon?

    • May be I can help you here. The caps could mean that the LT quoted exactly from the original paper. The caps were the heading. Ben Ten is a cartoon of a 10-year-old boy, discovers a magical device that can turn him into 10 different alien heroes. Otherwise, it means childish wishful thinking.

      I hope i have you helped you sir.

  1. Hahahaa….interesting. No need to be emotional Sunday Chanda. Things change overnight in this world and you never know where you find yourself tomorrow. Stop attacking HH like this because 2016 he will be the Zambian President and you will have no where to hide. Its just an advise take it easy.

    • HH President of Zambia, with such childish politics, can’t never!!! Stop dreaming, he will remain a failed politician.

      Let him apologise for his role in sending thousands of Zambia on the streets with his privatisation style. many zambian were made to suffer and die, while he HH was making money by selling our companies.

      He got the animals he has now through deals in selling Zambia Cold Storage Board. He sold those animal very cheap almost giving them freely to his own related business houses. HH is a clever thief. Beware.

    • Never my friend HH will never rule Zambia until he changes his style of leadership. He opposes everything and there is an element of boasting too much in himself.

  2. Who told you that Zambians trusted PF you idi0t! You selffish f00ls you are there for your pockets and families! You think us as civil servants are very dull? Tell that to your illiterate cadres you moron!

    • Election results was a sign of trusting PF. If HH had won, it would have equally meant that people had trusted him. However, the situation as it is, the majority voters in Zambia trust EL than HH.

      Whether you insult or not this is the situation. HH and you guys are not insulting EL, but the majority Voters, the very people you want to turn around and vote for HH in 2016. In a contest all parties want to win, it is the most popular that carries the day. PF came out to more popular than UPND. All HH needs to do now is to talk to the Zambian people nicely. But people like you are decampaigning him by insulting the very people you want to vote for HH. Please continue doing this so that HH can lose again.

      Please continue insulting.

    • @ Yebo Nkhosi

      Think again about what you say:
      “…Election results was a sign of trusting PF…” ???

      Do you realize that almost 80% of registered voters DID NOT vote for PF?

      Once 1diot, always 1diot!!!

    • To the contrary, it is HH who is behaving like political Zinjathropus. His comments are self defeating, premature and laughable.

    • Who is a schemer? I think it is HH who is trying to fool the Zambian people. Chanda is only responding to the schemes of HH.

    • @ Yebo Nkhosi

      HH may be trying to ” **** ” (as you say), but who is ” ******* ” them now?

    • Which facts? Surely, you call this HH useless premature comments as facts? then you HH and UPND are political abortionists who will never became politically pregnant again because too many political abortions has its own problems. UPND will never produce a national President. HH is just a businesman and not politician and information thief. This he knows better. He was doing the same during his UNZA days and was suspended for it. He did the same during privatisation times and now a an opposition person.

  3. Ba PF, you have now seen how powerful HH can be. He will really be a good president. Mwatemwa ukwiba, you seem to have no policies to protect citizens. You make people suffer with impunity.
    Iwe Chanda, kuti waikala 3 days ukwabula ukulya, mwilachusha abanenu. Be level minded

    • Totally agree that without HH pressure, civil servants would not have been paid today. I salute you Bana President-in-waiting but already-in-charge!

  4. Why should not the opposition leader be concerned by late wages?. This Pf GRZ also, always late pay like they are running a market

  5. The truth is that the PF has only released the May salaries after being pressurized by HH; the most feared politician by the incompetent PF.

    HH continue your good job of protecting the Zambian workers.

    • HH has no job. He is a loser, who is just desparately trying to make a name. He is on the sidelines, licking his atinking wounds. All he is doing is due to pain of losing. He thought EL was a pushover. He lost to Minister and in 2016 he will be facing EL the President.

      HH’s job is to lose elections. He can keep up the job of losing. Ka EL kali peee mu plot one. HH is boiling with hate. Hilda Malama, you cannot change the status quo, the best would be for you to hug a ZESCO transformer, you may feel better.

    • @ Yebo Nkhosi

      HH may be loosing elections, but he is not loosing moral grounds. PF is spending a lot of resources and time to comply with his requests.

      Who is the REAL looser?

  6. The PF Deputy secretary general Mumbi Phiri advised the PF Members including Sunday Chanda and Brian Hapunda not to issue statements as their positions do not exist in PF.

    So the man seem to be heading a parallel political party other than PF.

    Please Sunday Chanda, show respect to the Secretary General of the party.

    • But that is Sunday’s ‘job’ to bring down HH at every opportunity, otherwise he will have no way of earning a living… Same as Hapunda. I wonder how they will survive after 2016 when the heir apparent assends to power? I guess they have stolen enough money to sustain them for life 🙁

  7. If Edgar Lungu has failed to run the country, let him resign on moral grounds.

    The Zambian People are tired of him.

    • You are cheating yourself, it is you and your HH who are disappointed for losing. Do not speak on behalf of others. many voted for EL and still support him. UPND and HH are regional. That is their weakness. The majority voters mind you are silent. It is only you, losers who are making noise.

    • You are 10 times F00liSH than the UPND, no wonder u urinates in your trousers.

      I know deep down you are cerebrating geeting salries because of HH who presurised Edgar Lungu.

    • Ba Linda ndimww akapuba imwe koma eh. Who tells you HH contributed to salaries being paid. Let me fill you in my dear. Salaries are being paid early now in the GRZ of PF. Under MMD even of Mwanawasa, salaries for civil servants used to come on the 10th or 15th of the following month. Now they get paid way before the 30th and salaries het delayed by a day, this ka useless HH wants to gain political capital out of it. To tell you the truth, civil servants are not complaining.

    • @ KK

      HH is now a hero of 75% of Civil Servants. The delayment of salaries has worked well for UPND and HH in particular. His popularity has shot up by more than 60%.

      So ulobele lyauma ninaani? Obvious it is Edgar Lungu who is fast losing popularity among the working class.

  8. This id10t and kachema called HH is simply a lunatic!!he is very desperate for plot one!!serious Zambians must never vote for this satan1st!!his moves are shocking.this PF Govt has never failed to pay civil servants,so why make an issue here?only f00ls enjoy his way of doing politics!!I PRAY TO GOD NEVER TO ALLOW THIS KING OF TRIBALISM,CONFUSION TO GET ANYWHERE NEAR STATE HOUSE!!HH MUST LOSE BADLY IN 2016 SO THAT HE RETIRES FROM POLITICAL SCENE!!his way of doing politics must not continue as he may set mother Zambia on fire!!!

  9. The opinion polls conducted by the “The Quick Annalysis Group” indicates that as of 18 hours of 22nd May, 2015, HH’s popularity among the Civil Servants now stands at 65% while Edgar Lungu has sloped down to 35%.

    This is because 85% of the Zambian population depends on Civil Servants for survival.

    The late May salaries have helped HH’s popularity to sky rocket.

    Zambia has a unique dynamic political landscape and is high thought to be behind Rupiah Banda’s rejection in 2011 despite pumping a lot of money in his campaigns.

  10. Sunday Chanda must stop the nonsense of insulting HH.He must remember that HH is an opposition leader giving proper checks and balances to PF,Without HH’s intervetion the salaries for civil servants would have further delayed.Chanda is behaving the same kabova way he did in MMD when PF was in opposition.Zambians will not allow him to damage the image of a progressive leader like HH.Deputy pf SG was right on Chanda.Where is Kambwili to shut that mouthup for the betterment of zambian politics.Chanda watch your back,true Zambian are closing with you

    • Ba Sunday mwamona nomba mwalayisalula muli sebana ulye uyu mwabamo. Ukutukafye ba HH enchito yenu. Bushe takwaba ifyamano efyo mwingalanda? Bushe teti mulondolole fye echo ubuteko bwa chelelwa ukulipila ababofi?

  11. We are fed up of some *****s posting useless posts this is a democratic state get used with HH he is a genius. Ala

  12. There is a very big difference between HH’s statement and this man. Why doesnt the chap explain why the salaries were delayed and the reason govt is spending lavishly on ministers. Remember this govt is for poor people. Truth is Sunday will give us PF propaganda, we need someone to tell us how much stress the ecoomy is under how much grz will need to borrow and how will service debt. You failed to run unza and you big more universities??? We need proper question not this cadre drivel.

    • Because only psychiatric patient will believe any justification coming out of Chikwanda mouth.

      Did you know that GRZ had dificulties to raise moneys for civil servants salaries before HH statement?

      In last 5 days GRZ Ministers been blabbing about contractors, but never mentioned delay in paying salaries. Hon. Sampa was in a war against pies and frozen chips, brightest intellectual star of PF (Hon. Kambwili), Minister of Information and Government Chief Spokesperson was busy threatening and blabbing instead of informing.

    • @CNP. Your contribution is mature and analytical. We expect such postings which are issue based. I hope Yebo Nkhosi..can also give reasons why salaries were delayed instead of attacking UPND and HH. To be in the Opposition, you need to take advantage of every situation to gain popularity. And as a ruling Party you have to respond to the issues raised. Answers like ‘Ben 10’, Privatisation, bitter, etc are wrong for the issue at hand.

  13. Zambians knows that it was the same HH who sold the mines,zcbc were i was suppose to be manager he sold namboard,ecu etc why today is he standing shamelesly saying zambians are suffering?has he forgotten wat he sold?freemanson.

  14. Saturday chimbwi, you are just a hungry cadre looking for a job. HH is stating facts. you think we dont know that your blind govt led by vodka kachasu is broke due to lack of vision?look at his blotted rubber stamp cabinet ministers and deputy ministers doing nothing but chewing tax payers money with no tangible results.

  15. These illiterate *****s in PF think that they own Zambia! Chanda must realise that civil servants are poorly/under paid & that we civil servants are despondent under this diabolical PF! Honestly,how can you pay ka 3500 as a salary when then receive k9000.00 as housing allowance & 25000.00 as their salary! Surely these docile poor stupid civil servants must demand for a revolution better than they tried on 20th January,2015! A real change is a must in 2015! We will see how PF morons will continue stealing & yapping hollow rhetorics! Any normal person distastes these PF devils-busy getting loans using poor stupid Zambians as collateral without shame! I hope the incoming government will declare these loans as ODIOUS LOANS so that these thieves in PF pay back from the hidden foreign accounts…

    • HH and his supporter are fighting for the same benefits. We know you want power so that you enjoy its benefits. This is a reality, even in developed countries, politicians are paid. What is your problem?

    • @ Yebo Nkhosi

      I agree with you when you say: “…even in developed countries, politicians are paid…”

      That is pure TRUTH.

      However, they PAY tax on theirs salary and benefits. They are ACCOUNTABLE for theirs election promises. And, have guess, they DO NOT RECEIVE PREFERENTIAL MEDICAL CARE.

      What is YOUR problem? Acute attack of cadreism influenced by empty belly?

  16. What has insulting HH to do with the issue of late salaries. All PF government need to do is to communicate with us and convince us they are doing the right things for the country to advance towards the national vision….. do we even have a real vision these days!

    • HH is asking these comments to himself because he wants to politicise anything. How do you politicise delay in salaries. If the salaried had not been paid for one or two months it would have made sense. His comments are surprisingly childish, premature and a political abortion.

  17. The chap is just an attention seeker; he shud have instead explained why there was a delay in paying of govt salaries….

  18. Just pay salaries on time,thats all.Whether HH took part in privatidation or not is not an issue here.

  19. @yebo nkosi! Y do u pretend not to know that those results are fake! In Chawama, Kanyama and many places Pf cadres voted twice, around 04 and during normal voting hours and I was not told! This I witnessed with my own eyes and most these cadres we live with them and they attested to this! You must be a very dull chap who cant see beyond tribe! If u were enlightened u would have seen how our economy has be messed up by your drunkard friend and his tandem of thieves! Did you hear what IMF said today? U didn’t! To u, ifintu ni Lungu! Do you know why civil servants were paid late? U don’t know! Blind supporter, get a life, low life! A normal president can make fun of hard working farmers who are feeding a lot of people, ati ‘ ba kachema’! that statement speaks volumes about that childish…

    • Mulenga Pule, to the contrary, HH and UPND were caught pants down trying to doctor results, remember? they had faked their paralleled results and agreed that that they made a mistake. Do you recal the last after the Mulungushi fiasco by UPND cadres. HH team deliberately caused that problem by faking some results. Thanks to ECZ watchful eye. If the results you say were fake, desperate as he is, HH would not have kept quiet. He lost period.

      Do not talk to me about being educated. Iam very knowledgeable, even more than you intellectual thief HH. Do not judge people you have no information about. Iam not a blind person. I chose a win party and you a losing one. Live with the pain of losing. Do not stop our party enjoying the victory and also defeating you in 2016.

      HH is addicted to…

  20. @yebo nkosi! So if PF lost power today you would simply join the winning team, as simple as that and life continues because you always join the winning team! How old are you who always follows wherever the wind blows? Guess u not older than 12! Would like to believe that u will change as u grow older, but if u are an adult, I would advise that u seek medical or spiritual help or both.

    • You seem to be very slow at reading and understanding. Iam said that the Party I supported won and not that I intended to jump the boat if PF lost. I do not know why you can not understand simple statements. This seems to a very big problem for UPND. We call it a disease of triviality. HH is incurable at it. Since it is contagious, many of his followers have caught it. An orange will only produce oranges, triviality will only produce triviality. HH has planted this seed into UPND. UPND had become a master at triviality.

      Is this the best debate you guys can give? delay in salary? Surely, HH can do better. You have no response to PF apart from triviality. What a shame.

  21. PF has alot of lunatics instead of informing the nation what caused busy accusing HH of sending pipo into the street. Tell the nation the cause. HH never surrender

    • HH lituya. How do you take pride in being a politician who depends on leakage to make you look smart. He is only capable of cheating his fellow under five in Upnd. He is only revealing to us that Sata is his mentor . he thinks by riding on satas political gimmicks would win him votes.

  22. Ba PF if things are hard and you are failing to govern the country don’t blame the opposition for doing thier job. As Zambians we expect HH to keep you in check. If you don’t wantto be ccriticized either do the your jobs right or step aside and give up politics. GOOD JOB HH.

  23. Its very intresting to note that Kapita realises that HH will not win come 2016….May be its time the UPND tried out JIKALA Garry Nkombo.

  24. Civil servants salaries are paid between 18th and 27th of each month. Any of this day is within the period government pays salaries. I have worked in Kaunda, Chiluba, Mwanawasa, Banda and Sata,s time, I will tell you that salaries are paid within this period. This is why we have said that HH weakness is not knowing how government machinery works. This is why the definition of Ben 10 suits this situation. HH is becoming boring and is losing touch. He can score points on the useless withholding tax on rent but he does not when to load and shoot the gun. He does it aimlessly. This is why he is losing again in 2016. Sorry but this the truth.

    • Walasa!!! HH has no experience of how government machinery works. All he knows is stealing information. How do you take such a man to be credible. A thief. Can’t never!!!

  25. Ati political ben 10…kikiki efyo aba U5 attention seeker alabako constitution aingila ku ma salaries kwati eubafolesha.awe mwe this baby kuti waseka…

  26. @26.1 Yebo Koswe, civil servants unfortunately can not stay for a month without salaries because they need to eat 3 times in a day. For you, we only need to raise the alarm after a month or even two without being paid! HH was right to prod government to pay its workers on time otherwise there are a lot of repercussions if this does not happen. Hungry workers may start helping themselves to government money, others may become liberal with state secrets that they handle, and so on and so forth. Consistency is what is required. If workers are paid on 17th, it must be thereabouts every month. Ngati nipa sate, nipa sate. Finish.

    • You must be a retard. GRZ does not need HH to tell them to pay salaries, they do this all the time. All Iam saying is that you have no issues to challenge EL on. Even in your home, you do not have meals at the exact time all the time. There is some circumstantial situations which dictate our daily lives. this is true for every state. Even the developed countries, their system is not problem free.

      This is a just a delay for a few days, how does HH want to turn it into an issues. Really at his level, is this the best he can offer. He is a Ben10. At UNZA he was good at copying and now is replicating at national level.

      HH show us what you are made of politically, being a pimp is fit for someone wanting to be a president of the nation. Accept it Your HH has run out of ideas. What a…

  27. According to their conditions of service, when are civil servants salaries supposed to be paid?

  28. This ‘Yebo Nkhosi’ must have been a wasted sperm. Just worried that he might be retard Mpezeni who is the most useless chief in Zambia
    Even caged Chitimwaiche has got a few teeth remaining. .

    • Katongo, I know this is a fake name, I want to remind you that again you never articulate intellectually, hence resorting to insults. Iam still challenging you to come up with real political issues to challenge PF and EL. I still stand by comments that delayed salaries is not something you should take as a political weapon. It is blunt and without any effect to EL or PF.

      Know that all humans are a product of a sperm yourself included unless you were birthed via the ass while you mother was sucking your father’s huge useless cock.

      What has Mpezeni to do with delayed salaries, is he the civil service paymaster? you think all other leaders apart from those in Southern province deserve respect? No wonder your HH will never rule. You need time to mature to civility. You tribal retards.

  29. Sunday Chánda, at the pace you are going, soon you will be embarrassed and eating your vomit like Wynter Kabimba. Who thought Guy Scott would one day be warming up to UPND? Things are changing mwana and HH is a force to be respected. What you haven’t told us over the constitution is that HH further went on to say, the Me too constitution road map released by Edgar was just to hoodwink Zambians. Can you tell us if that is true?

  30. Aleshaday @3.2. I do not know what your problem is. Please remember that not ALL registered voter participated in the last elections. But the few who voted gave mjority votes to EL. Even if it was by one vote it is still a majority vote. This is what our current constitution says. First to pass the post wins. EL was first and HH second. Idiocy describes itself and you clearly did described yourself as such. You got a wrong understand of things. Please think before you write or comment not all people are as retarded as you are.

  31. I AM CONFUSED. What is so wrong about asking the government to pay the people for the work they have done? Is it a problem now only because it is coming from HH? Only because he is pointing out the weakness of the PF government? That’s why PF & ALL THEIR SUPPORTERS ARE REALLY MAD ABOUT!!!!!!!
    WAKE UP PEOPLE, every single person in the country should not condone this. It is not ok!! Stop attacking the wrong people.

    • The problem is that their was no salary payment crisis. It was only a delay from the usual date. The month did not elapse with paying those salaries. Take a look backwards, you will find the PF has made alot of improvements. In MMD at times salaries were into the other month.

      This is our worry. Has HH run out of real issues to talk about? A salary delay is different from non-payment of salary. It is clear that HH got inside information about the delay and actual date of salaries release and decided to make it appear like he compelled the government to pay when he knows the salaries were going to be paid without his comments.

      If you cannot see this as petty politicking, then there is a serious problem in UPND. We are only trying to help HH and UPND do better.

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