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PF in Kasama expels five councillors

General News PF in Kasama expels five councillors

The ruling Patriotic Front-PF in Kasama district has with immediate effect expelled five councillors for alleged misconduct.

Provincial Vice Chairperson Peter Mwansa confirmed the development to ZANIS in Kasama yesterday.

Mr. Mwansa said the five councillors have for a long time aligned themselves to some opposition political parties, making their continued stay in the PF a mockery.

He named the expelled councillors as Evarist Chellah of Bululu ward, Fidelis Chishoma of Lukulu ward and Rose Chilufya of Chiba ward.

Others are Abraham Mulenga of Mulilansolo ward and Mutale Chibeka of Mukanga ward.

The expelled members are said to have aligned themselves with the UPND and Rainbow parties in Kasama.

Mr. Mwansa further added that the PF has since written to Kasama Municipal Council advising that the expelled councillors must not be entertained in the council as representatives of the party.

He has also called on the Electoral Commission of Zambia to declare the seats of the five councillors vacant.

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  1. Yes expel them if they r indiscipline,while president lungu is workin very hard the last thin we need is disloyal members

  2. Edgar Lungu working hard my foot, doing what when he has no vision. This try and erra government, we sick of it. Come 2016 Wina Azalila. Na aids ni full blown

  3. pipo should learn to be obejective. Imagine all PF projects completed. New roads, Universities in all provinces, 600 health posts, new schools, milling plants in all provinces. Those fighting PF mukamonekashani in this new Zambia? I was opposing when they were building these things. What a shame!

    • ‘At Universities in all provinces’.

      PF Kaponya’s dont surprise me. A check will reveal its only Muchinga which has completed whilst those in Lusaka are still under construction and the last time i checked they had stopped due to lack of funds. In western province it only exist in tabloids and nothing in Luapula, North western, Southern, Northern and Eastern provinces.

      Milling were last heard during campaigns and the China trip the president made to China. Besides who thinks bringing a milling plant will automatically lead to cheaper milling? On whose farm are they going to get cheap Maize for grinding?

  4. Its a matter of time before chikwanda,Milles Sampa joins UPND. Edgar has done a donchi kubeba to Bembas. Inonge is now vice president.this has distanced potential presidential aspirants like Kalaba,chishimba etc

  5. @ganja farmer:continue dreaming with your tribal politics!!Chikwanda or Miles Sampa will never join your tribal UPND!!are they f00ls to join a losing party?PF is very strong in its strongholds like Lsk,CB,Luapula,Northern,Muchinga and now Eastern.so which wise politician would join a bantustan party?there will be a by election in bangweulu(Samfya) where PF MP dead.we’ll once more see if your UPND or Rainbow can defeat Mighty PF there!!so even these 5 councilors in Kasama wont win on any other party than PF!!GBM is too quiet bcoz he knows that he cant retain Kasama Central on UPND ticket!!PF WILL RETAIN POWER IN 2016 AND EASILY SO!!!

    • Eddy,

      You stink with tribalism, utterly nauseating, not even worth the wasted breath you breath. Shame on you. Most of us want a united Zambia and we see people as human beings made in God’s own image nothing else.
      Why do you like annoying everyone all the time? Are you okay my friend?

      Learn to love others for your own peace of mind. In a democratic dispensation, everyone has the right to choose a political party whose ideology they agree with and there is completely nothing wrong with that and that does not break any friendship.

      Be a little more mature in your comments.

  6. Girls as young as eight being forced to go to sex camps in Mozambique and Zambia to prepare them for child marriage

    Read more: Girls-young-eight-forced-sex-camps-Mozambique-Zambia-prepare-child-marriage

  7. With Zambia’s economy messed up, pf is weakening each day even in the so called strongholds. No wonder they block HH even when he tries to go to the toilet. Pf, has continued doing a ‘don’t kubeba’. They have coined another term ‘kolopa.com’ just to make sure they sweep all the state funds into their pockets by corrupt means. Projects have stalled. Pf is now relying on a kama money from a tenant for a civil servant’s next pay.

  8. Girls as young as eight are being sent to sex camps in Mozambique and Zambia that are designed to prepare them for marriage by teaching them how to be good at sex.
    The sordid training begins as soon as the girl begins menstruating and sometimes involves sticks being inserted inside the girls, according to child protection activists.
    If girls are deemed to have performed the sexual acts incorrectly they are cut by the women in charge as punishment,

    ‘You … pay these (elderly) women to do this torturing to your child,’

    There seems to be far too many “cultures” in this world which allow men to abuse girls & women.

  9. If poor councelors dance with rainbow or upnd you expel them what should happen to mps from mmd and upnd who dine with pf? Inconsistency is indicative of lack of vision.

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