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Report shows that majority of Zambian women condone being beaten by husbands

Headlines Report shows that majority of Zambian women condone being beaten by...

Wife battery
Wife battery

The Afro Barometer survey on the prevalence of Gender Based Violence (GBV) in the country has revealed that 89% of Zambian women condone physical violence by those closest to them.

The report shows that wives strongly agree that husbands have the right to punish them as a form of discipline, a clear indication that such beliefs are deeply embedded in the Zambian society.
The report also shows that 90% of people with no formal education approve wife battering.

And Speaking in Lusaka today during the dissemination of results, Rural net Associates Limited vice Chief Executive officer Fison Mujenja said the survey also revealed that there is no difference between urban and rural women in condoning wife battering as they equally condone it.

Mr. Mujenja whose organisation is leading the Afro barometer team in Zambia says education and religion have not helped much in changing attitudes towards GBV against women and children and especially wife battering.

He added that there is need for more awareness programs that will help wives understand that GBV is a crime which should not be condoned.

Mr. Mujenja has further called for concerted efforts in the fight against GBV if cases have to be reduced.
Afro barometer is an African led non partisan research network that conducts public attitude surveys on democracy, governance, economic conditions and other related issues across Africa.


  1. Hell No!!! I dont’ agree.What was the sample size of this survey coz I sure as hell wasn’t asked.

    • Yes, they do and society allows it. Domestic abuse is complicated but it is up to the woman to stand up and say enough, I am calling the police and leaving your sorry a.ss!

    • I blame women for this. They actually gossip about women that are not beaten by their husbands that they are not loved. What kind of thinking is that? When they are ready to get married their alangizi tells them to keep mum about physical abuse because it’s a bedroom matter. What nonsense!
      My foolish brother-in-law had the balls to lay his hands on my sister and let’s just say he will never do it again. The sucker woke up in the hospital after my 2 brothers and I gave him the taste of his own medicine! Only cowards, losers and men with tiny “Johns” beat on women.

    • ifyabupubafye ifi nomba. Check your history and see where these practices come from. Intambi shesu does not allow the battering of women. Mubepelefye!!These are modern day practices and by modern i mean since the white man came to our lands. He brought the teachings of the bible which taught our people that women were less than men. God is a man, his child is a man, where are the women ninshi? How can we claim God to be all powerful if he cant be a woman? Our old african ways respected women so much.That is why you found matrilineal and patrilineal societies existing alongside each other. Its the cave man from the caucases mountains that has taught us subconsciously to put down our women. they too have been made to believe that they are less by the same bible and ways of abakuwa!!!

    • This topic may be offending but there are too many women out of kusunga chikwati will literally be trampled on cheated on humiliated insulted and do nothing. I dont know why Zambian women value chikwati to the point of death by blows, death by HIV, death by emotional implosion (depression) all in the name of I am a married woman even if to a d.o.g so sad we really need to financially empower our women so they can have some dignity in just being “her”

  2. Whatever ***** wrote this article should be beaten up and ask him if he condones it.

    Being beaten up as a grown up is very humiliating and can have long lasting side effects.

    And domestic violence should never ever be sugar coated as it has been in Zambia. No person (man or woman or child) wants to be beaten up. Not in their own homes, not in the streets or schools, and most certainly not while in police custody.

    So please Lusaka Times, if you have nothing to report, zip it. Domestic violence is a big problem. Please either get killed right there and then….or they die very slowly inside.

    And to all women, please do not tolerate it. There are men out there (like myself) that would never lay my hands on anyone unless my life was in danger – but that is another story.

  3. Unfortunately women who are never disciplined are very rude and cheeky. So perhaps there is credence in the sad ???? report.

    • You must be one of the dumbest and nonsensical people I have ever seen. Anyone touches any of my female relatives, we are going after them guns drawn. Women empowerment is a good thing, discipline your daughters and they shall be citizens of greatness. Educate your moronic sons and Zambia shall develop.

    • Every time I look at a woman items of the so talked about Physical punishment, I see no place on their bodies for a normal to land his energy. Men, just take your frustrations in live somewhere.

  4. Another sad truth is, majority of Zambian’s condone sub-standard leadership, due to crippling ignorance!
    They will back these leaders to the hilt, despite their stomachs rumbling from the same hunger, caused by defending, & propping up their corrupt visionless thieving leaders.

  5. Some women are so cheeky that you really feel like slapping them as a man but it is just not right. I would rather raise my voice but not my hand, I will kick a stool but not her bum.

    How do you inflict pain on someone and then a little later, you expect her to hug and caress you? She will do it out of fear and submissiveness but not out of love.

  6. Yes, It’s true. I am a woman, we enjoy being beaten because it increases sex drive as part of a psychological well being of a woman. You just feel how your man owns you and loves you

  7. I agree, I enjoy being beaten. A man who does not beat you does not love you at all. I feel appreciated when am beaten by my husband

  8. Only primitive men beat their women.

    I’ve been married for more than 25yrs to a loving husband. (He is Not A Zambian)

    Not once has he ever laid a finger on me to hurt me in any way. He tells me he loves me everyday since we married back in the 80’s up to date!!!

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