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HH tours George and Chunga Compounds of Lusaka’s Matero Constituency

Headlines HH tours George and Chunga Compounds of Lusaka's Matero Constituency

HH visits the garbage site which had uncollected garbage
HH visits the garbage site which had uncollected garbage

Opposition UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema yesterday continued his countrywide tours with a visit to George and Chunga Compounds in Lusaka’s Matero Constituency.

And Matero residents said they were happy to have seen Mr. Hichilema in person and sharing their hardships as opposed to just hearing about him.

Mr. Hichilema, who toured the two Katambala markets in Matero, said it was unacceptable for people to be trading in such inhuman conditions and called on the PF government to immediately upgrade and improve the markets and trading areas making them fit for human use.

The UPND leader visited some garbage dump sites where he called on local authorities to collect the garbage that has remained uncollected for days under the PF led council. He asked government to immediately clean up the areas to avoid people contracting diseases such as Cholera and Typhoid.

He also called on the local UPND leadership to work closely with the Matero residents in assisting where possible, and equally promised to do his part.

And Matero residents that lined-up and mobbed Mr. Hichilema when he entered their markets, shops, and their homes said they were excited to have seen the UPND leader in their locality. That way they will be sure that when he becomes President, he will have a full appreciation of their problems.

The traders also bitterly complained about the PF’s policy to taxing residents over their properties and houses saying the economy was already biting them.

The marketeers and traders complained to Mr. Hichilema that they ended up throwing away their perishable goods such as vegetables, because there were no customers as people had no money.

The residents said they were particularly touched that Mr. Hichilema visited the garbage site which had uncollected garbage which was a source of concern to the traders.

The UPND leader also met with UPND constituency officials where he received more than 200 defectors majority from the ruling PF with others coming from MMD.

Mr. Hichilema told the UPND members countrywide to embrace new members and immediately integrate them in the various structures of the party and continue recruiting new members.

He concluded his tour by thanking the voters once more and encouraged them not to lose hope as the road to prosperity was clearer now.

HH with Marketeers
HH with Marketeers

Matero residents that lined-up for HH
Matero residents that lined-up for HH

HH talking to residents
HH talking to residents


Matero residents that lined-up for HH
Matero residents that lined-up for HH

HH pose for a picture with his supporters
HH pose for a picture with his supporters

HH with with UPND constituency officials
HH with with UPND constituency officials

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    • This does not constitute news as the serial elections loser is a free Zambian who can go anywhere as long as he complies with the law like everybody else.

      However, what baffles me is the contentment within the rank and file of upnd to have their party reduced to a personal kantemba.

      are you people short of leaders that can help turn the political fortunes around?

      Or are you all lost cattle being led by a lost kachema?

    • We really love living in dirty a environment and sadly no one sees anything wrong with it.

      If this was the meaning of development, we would top the world list

    • If HH stays home and appears only on TV, he is labeled elitist, if he tours and visits people, populist. So what do you want HH to do? PF are scared their lies have caught up with them. Let HH explain his vision to the people and hear from the people what they want.

    • HH has not got a permit.
      He is daring the police.
      All he is seeking is publicity and to test his dwindling popularity
      HH missed in 2015 January presidential by election. That was the closest he could go. In 2016, it will be different. EL will be commander in Chief and with resources to move anywhere any time. So he is lost it again.
      Moreover, HH should spend time in rural areas not in urban areas where he is known. He will lose in the rural areas of MP, NP, EP, LP. He will lose CB. He will get soem votes in LP, SP and WP. BUT PF will make strong gains there.

    • General Miyanda has contested and lost more elections than HH and yet you don’t hear anyone calling for him to resign. The truth is that these PF minions like Gen, Mei Matungu and so forth are deathly afraid of HH–a corruption free Zambia is not one they would thrive in!

  1. No amount of dishonesty, sham and deception will blind the people of Zambia next year from voting the right candidate. As Abraham Lincoln said, ‘You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time’. We have tolerated too much n0nsense and madness from PF and it’s high time we gave the UPND a five year mandate under the able leadership of one HH

  2. Sata whom he seems to model himself on ended up being in my opinion Zambia’s worst President. HH should try toning down on populism. Let HH be his own man.

    Promising everything to everyone is not what will make him a successful leader. He can sell himself without such antics.

    • @Czar

      What HH is what every true politician is supposed to do.

      I expect Lungu to move about and listen to the worries and concerns of the people on the ground. He should learn first hand the hardships that majority Zambians are going through so that he makes decisions from an informed perspective.

      PF promised lower taxes but its now taxing even the poorest peasant farmer and the poorest komboni tenant.

      Zambians can be lead by even a dog as long as that dog bribes them during the votes.

      What ever Zambians are going through they deserve it.

    • Cannot agree with you more Czar! Sata (MHSRIP) did this populist tactic and it worked for him only to hibernate in State House. HH should just learn to be original, we have been down that road of tactics with the late Sata! Simple question; did all that heap of garbage pile up after the late Cobra or it was there before? It was there and nothing was done about it, the same will transpire even when we put HH in power. The problem with gullibity is that you want to hear want you to be told without analysing! Worse still Politicians have taken advantage of the less privilged in society…njala niyoyipa zoona nakalipa maningi sha!

    • You are the only one who sees Sata in HH, the rest of us see the two as poles apart.

      People including you have opinions unless you tell as that you are brain dead and are therefore incapable of independent reasoning and you think everybody is like you.

    • Populism is what gets people in office from the cold. The rest are grandfathered into positions. Check your history.

  3. No amount of dishonesty, sham and deception will blind the people of Zambia next year from voting the right candidate. As Abraham Lincoln said, ‘You can f00L all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot f00L all the people all the time’. We have tolerated too much n0nsense and madness from PF and it’s high time we gave the UPND a five year mandate under the able leadership of one HH

  4. HH, continue connecting with the people at the grassroots. It is a good strategy for appreciating the deplorable conditions Zambians are living in! The high poverty levels and squalor should be rejected by everyone!

    • Sata always connected with the majority poor, have the high levels of poverty been reduced AND the squalor eliminated?

  5. People like Mweenda G will never even vote for a Tonga person but for a chainama bound candidate because he/she believes that only himself and his tribe can rule Zambia. Above all, that is the reason why Zambia is poor because quality leaders like HH can never be given leadership. Do not forget that one day your sister will be married to a Tonga man, I hope Mweenda G you will not be taken to chainama hospital.

  6. Ubusaka and keeping our surrounding clean is everyone’s responsibility. Even ba HH won’t clean our communities. These are politics of lies. Saying when I become a president l will clean the communities. People need to be educated on the importance of keeping the surroundings clean. Stop pointing everything at the Pf, remember with one finger you’re pointing at the Pf, three you’re pointing at yourself.

  7. People are really hurting seeing this. Condolences haters. This is reality. Whether populist or not, EXPOSE AND HAMMER!

  8. In the me too style chagwa also says I will be touring the whole country to thank voters, it wont work chagwa people have now known your true colours, you have sold the once mighty pf to one corrupt chap called bwezani

  9. This guy is a wasting his time in lsk let him go in areas where he lost votes in rural areas ,no strategy uyu kachema kwena ,go to North Western where you lost your VEEP .

    • Why should HH listen to a PF carder on how to win an election? I guess you are just at pain to see a happy HH mingling with grassroot people. No doubt, HH’s new strategy will earn him extra votes to unseat EL in 2016 and you PF carders are full of envy cos your days a numbered.

    • It is the job of the opposition to put pressure on those who hold office so that they deliver on their promises. I am no supporter of UPND or HH but I support what he is doing to ensure there is pressure on the PF. Every government which only hears voices of praise singers will always go to sleep.

      We Zambians have not learnt any lessons from 50 years of self government. It is not praises that make a government attend to critical issues. There are too many praise singers in Zambia. Most of these are job seekers and political party sycophants but ZNBC is the worst of the praise singers. I am an observer of Lungu and I can’t see what Lungu has done in 5 months for ZNBC to sing his praises every day.
      Zambia needs a critical and credible voice to identify issues and HH is that voice for…

  10. HH is the real man for the job, but Just what more can the man do to get the job? The shame is: This question has no answer, folks.

    • The young King cobra at it again, keep on going under five you were instructed by the King cobra how to do politics.

  11. Zambians are just generally a dirty lot especially in the compounds…just take a walk around town..you see them throw things out the windows of moving buses, in corridors etc without a care in the world…even where they trade from the surroundings are very dirty. to think that upnd will change all this is a fallacy. they create that garbage and then want to cry to a touring politician smh. its all about mindsets…and not everybody that smiles at you is your supporter.

    • To all of you PF and Lungu supporters. Is it your wish that HH should keep quiet about the economy about the value of the kwacha, about the Constitution about agricultural policies or about social services. I suppose you want everybody to keep quiet so that Lungu can have peace.
      I am sorry. A democracy is noisy and Lungu should have known that. If you are happy with Lungu, that is great. Keep quiet. Let those who are not happy draw his attention to what they want him to do for them. That is why he ran for that office.
      I do not support HH but let him push those who are in office so that they work for their salaries and allowances. They are already getting more than enough praises from their supporters and the state media they control.

  12. Don’t disturb our programme. Every part of the country will be reached Lusaka is just a starting point ok. Kapita is not a factor ask anybody from North Western province the will tell you the plain truth. Let him contest mwinilunga and see what will happen to him.

    • If Kapita is not a factor,why have you continued talking about him. HH is pirating and copying Sata’s tactics which I am afraid will not worl for him. Cadre teti umukwanishe. Teti! This according to a cadre. You should ask how the voters in Ngombe including Jehovah’s witnesses chewed UPND’s money in the past elections but voted PF. They openly boasted about it. Cadre temunobe. Uluse HH!

  13. I was one of the people that voted wrongly in 2015, I regrett voting for Mr lungu. HH you have my vote 2016.

    PF ni ba taka taka United

  14. I just want to know the man beside HH, the one in a purple stripped shirt. Who knows him, kindly connect me to him or give me his details. Napapata sure.

    • What is your interest in him? I know him and have his contact address, but I’m scared to divulge unless I know the motive.

  15. The people in mate to cannot vote for HH,where has he been all this time to go there today? I have always said that HH needs to connect with the people so he can get the votes but unfortunately he is too self centered to do so. This guy has destroyed a once vibrant party that Mazoka left behind. UPND should try someone else

    • I think Casper you are dull. You talk of HH not connecting with the people, but what is he doing right there in Matero, George compound? is that not connecting with the people?

      What more do you do-gooders what?

      May be you hatred of HH is the cause of your dullness. One day you will wake up to find he is president of zambia, and probably you will faint of rage.

  16. Keep up with the sprite, continue reducing the margin with the dead pf, now 27575- 200= 27375 plus me i have defected too to the only promising party the UPND, 27375-1= 27374. Viva HH

  17. Is it Countrywide or Komboni-wide? I cannot believe people still get things wrong easily. Let us wait for 2016 to see how “rich” some people boast to be to see if they will afford hiring Choppers again. The last time I checked the 2015 chopper debts have not been paid and people need their investments back. There so much hypocrisy among Zambian politicians. They accuse others of borrowing while at the same time they borrow for their campaigns promising heaven while delivering hell.

  18. Hunger has struck my home. HH for 2016. You are the only hope, a powerful kachema capable of offering more than 200 cattle to wed Obamas daughter. Will vote for you the coming election.

  19. Who is talking about kapita?have you heard HH talking about Kapita at least for once that shows you the who situation.Its actually good that kapita fired himself after he stole money meant for the pvt,because there many more credible guys that have come on board,guys like felix mutati kabinga pande,mureen mwanawasa,gbm,s masebo,dapark patel and many more.

  20. I agree with Professor Obatala Lungulitis @ 1.4. As far as politics is concerned Hichilema is in a no-win situation. No matter what he does those who do not agree with his politics will nit-pick and find a ton of things to b!tch about. And as a politician he simply has to try to do the best he can.

    Politics is the same everywhere. At least everywhere the gun is not the first solution. All Politicians are notorious for shady PR. When the cameras are rolling they want to be seen kissing babies. And when the cameras are turned off they steal the baby’s milk bottle.

  21. Touring the whole country is very good idea but remember LPM what he said,Zambians forget easly.i dont think in 2016 kuti baibukisha ati U5 was here….mark my words



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