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Two Young Zambians to attend 25TH world economic Forum on Africa in Cape Town

Headlines Two Young Zambians to attend 25TH world economic Forum on Africa...


Two young Zambians will this year attend the 25th World Economic Forum on Africa. Mweshi Ng’andu and Patience Chisanga are both members of the Lusaka Global shapers community and will this year proudly represent Zambia in Cape Town at this year’s world economic forum on Africa which will be held under the theme ‘Then and Now: Re-imagining Africa’s Future.’
The meeting will convene over 1,000 regional and global senior decision-makers to refine Africa’s pathways to growth and prosperity over the next 25 years based on lessons learned over the past 25 years.
The two young leaders will be joining more than 70 other young leaders from across and have an opportunity to network share some of the challenges that young people are facing in Zambia to world leaders as well as address and learn about tackling the various challenges. Discussion sessions that the two shapers will attend include Women in Business and ensuring citizen participation in sustainable development goals.

The Global Shapers Community is a global network of local communities led by young people who are exceptional in their potential, achievements and drive to make a positive contribution to their communities and are based in cities across the world. The mission of the community is to support young leaders to self-organize for impact and to ensure that young leaders have a seat at the table wherever the agenda is shaped.

Below are brief profiles of the two Lusaka Global shapers attending the World economic forum on Africa 2015.

Mweshi Ng’andu, Global Shaper, Lusaka Hub Curator , Langila Foundation

mweshi ngandu
Mweshi holds a BA in Criminology & International Studies which reflects on her keen interest to explore social injustice & global affairs. She has experience working in the financial sector in marketing, controlling social media and PR related work for variety of NGOs, TV shows and companies. Most importantly to her she has volunteered at NGOs in Lusaka, Johannesburg and Shanghai.

Her passion for community engagement has been shown in her work mentoring at various schools in Lusaka as well as organisations that work with vulnerable youth. She is a co- founder of Langila Foundation which is an NGO that targets disadvantaged youth in Zambia with the aim of encouraging other young people in better positions to educate and engage their fellow youth in positive activities.

Patience Chisanga, Global Shaper, Lusaka Hub. Radio and Television Presenter, Hot fm, Zamtel
patientce chisanga
Patience Chisanga is an award winning Freelance Media specialist, a Bachelor of Arts graduate in Mass Communication specialized in media production. She is passionate about the need to raise awareness on various social issues affecting communities through new media. Currently working as a Radio Presenter for Hot FM Radio in Lusaka, researcher, script writer and Television Presenter for Zamtel’s weekly Television series that documents and show cases significant places, events and people in Zambia’s History.

She travels around Zambia telling Historical and cultural stories through this weekly Series and working on her Book based on the Television Project. Patience believes media is a powerful tool that can be used to create social change and contribute meaningfully to the development of our society.


  • A community of outstanding young people committed to improving the state of the World
  • An initiative of the World Economic Forum, started up as a result of their realization that the world is now being highly influenced by young people.
  • Group of youth aged between 20 – 30 around the world who are exceptional in their achievements and potential.
  • A network of hubs found in each major city of the world
  • Voice for the future



September 2011 at the Annual Meeting of the New Champions


Business people, Tech (I.T.) people, Artists/Musicians, DJ’s, movers and shakers

We all have an entrepreneurial spirit, with unique qualities, highly committed to making positive change in our communities.


The Global Shapers Community currently has 356 Hubs and over 4,000 Shapers around the world

Africa has one hub in each city….with a total of 78 hubs in Africa

Locally you can reach out to the Lusaka Global Shapers via

E-mail: [email protected]

Facebook: Lusaka Global Shapers Hub

Twitter: @lskglobalshaper




There’s an on-going application process for each hub and we advertise opening and closing dates in the local media.

Anyone, regardless of age, who is passionate about seeing a better Lusaka, or any other city that they live in, is encouraged to step forward with their ideas and we’ll be sure to incorporate them in our projects.


Opportunity to “SHAPE YOUR FUTURE”

Youthful population is the most dominant and will soon be the most significant globaly, we therefore must prepare our future leaders for these roles. More importantly make our world a better place to live in for ourselves and generations to come.


  1. Yaa its not that its GRZ Its an open event for members and non members Non members will be paying CHF 5,000

    Its a good event for the two to articulate and share the good side of Zambia and Africa

    Its not necessarily that you are invited by World economic forum but individual sponsors who may partner with WEF paying sums in the range CH 3,000 to CH 5,000 Many of us and Zambians have been invited and paid for to attend Its not a privilege of the few but a forum that excites conversations that spar economic growth that translates meaningfully to the people

    Its not closed event like in Davos where presidents and economic leaders meet annually…

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