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Constitution amendments underway

General News Constitution amendments underway

Government  says it will introduce amendments to the constitution in the next sitting of parliament scheduled to open to resume sitting in  June.

Justice Deputy Minister Keith Mukata says pertinent issue in the draft constitution such as the proposed presidential running mate and the election date are among others  that cannot wait for a referendum.

Mr Mukata said  this  when he paid a courtesy call on Zambia’s High Commissioner to Malawi Salome Mwanashiku on the sidelines of the United Nations African Institute for the Prevention of Crime and Treatment of offenders Conference.

He  said government settled for a piecemeal amendment of the constitution before the 2016 general elections because it is impossible to have a new constitution through a referendum given the huge cost involved.

He said holding a referendum will also require that the country conducts a census to meet the constitutional requirement of the minimum threshold of the people to participate in it.

This is contained in a statement released to ZANIS by First Secretary for Press in Malawi Chansa Kabwela.

And High Commissioner Mwanashiku said Zambia’s relations with Malawi remained cordial and the mission will continue to work for the betterment of the people.

The Commissioner underscored the need for peace, tolerance and unity in Zambia without which it will be impossible to steer the country to greater prosperity.

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  1. This does not pass the smell test. The proposal stinks. PF are up to no good. Zambians have been tricked again.

  2. Piece meal constitution without the concensus of all stakeholders does not stand the test of time. PF must learn from history and stop wasting time .

  3. Zambians, here we go again. Do we know that this Constitution aims at rationalizing governance structures and is actually full of provisions that benefit and empower us Zambians and not the politicians? Please read the draft first and then say that you don’t want the clauses. Government is only providing leadership. Whether adopted via Parliament or referendum the provisions will become legal and still benefit and empower Zambians. Why do those objecting to the Constitution want to limit this process to Government? Government, as the term suggests, is only providing governance for us to get the Constitution that has eluded us for such a long time. What we should be fighting for is ensuring that the draft is adopted in its current form and not fighting its adoption.

    God Bless Zambia

    • @The Chosen One. Well said! The problem we have is most of these chaps yapping and even blindly following to protests have not even taken time to read the draft.

  4. As a strong PF supporter, this is the most disappointing thing i have ever heard from PF. I am now reevaluating my position with PF in 2016.

    I had so much faith in the constitution making process. Now it seems it is all in disarray…too much subtle dictatorial tendencies that have continued to weaken the Zambian state…!!

    • My friend, I’m not a politician and I’m not hooked on supporting any political party. Once the Zambians have chosen a Government that will be our Government and we have to get the best we can out of them. If you take your time to read the draft Constitution and appreciate the positive impact it will have on Zambians and not just politicians then @ that stage you can ask yourself again whether you still believe it is such a bad thing for a Government to ensure that its people regardless of political affiliation receive it in as efficient and legal a manner as possible. Once adopted partly through Parliament and through referendum the provisions of the Constitution will be legal, valid and effective. Why would anyone be disappointed with receiving such a Constitution?

      God Bless Zambia

  5. Imagine if someone said let’s scrap holding the elections because it’s too expensive and instead let parliament select a government. These Chaps would be up in uproar and would use every avenue available to conduct elections. The constitution is more important to Zambians than choosing a government. It’s this very document that has impoverished ordinary Zambians for so long. Successive governments have ignored correcting this because it’s not in their best interest. We have been singing and dancing constitution for the last 20 years and quite frankly, no one has the appetite to sort this out. Until the day Zambian’s will say enough is enough and take to the streets.

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