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UPND is not going anywhere and as I speak, there is a revolt against Mr Hichilema-Kapita

General News UPND is not going anywhere and as I speak, there is a...

Richard Kapita with President Edgar Lungu and kaizah Zulu at Mwinlunga Boma
Richard Kapita with President Edgar Lungu and Kaizah Zulu at Mwinlunga Boma

UNITED Party for National Development (UPND) leader Hakainde Hichilema may suffer a revolt from the general membership of the party which may lead to mass defections to the Patriotic Front (PF), Richard Kapita has warned.

Mr Kapita, who is the former vice-president of UPND, said the opposition political party was not in a position to defeat the Patriotic Front (PF) and form government because many of its members were not happy with its leadership and were considering leaving the party.

He said it would be difficult for the UPND to unseat the PF because the opposition political party was currently experiencing a serious internal leadership crisis because there was a feeling that the current leadership had failed its members.

Mr Kapita revealed that he had learnt through Mr Hichilema that he was unwanted in the party and could not therefore remain in an organisation where his services and contribution were not needed.

He said there were many other senior members of the UPND who were planning to join the PF because they had realised that President Edgar Lungu had changed the politics in the party and his leadership style was being appreciated.

Mr Kapita said the ruling party had become more attractive with President Lungu who had embarked on rebranding and repackaging the ruling party with his reconciliatory, peace and unity messages among the members and Zambians in general.

He pledged that he would apply his best to ensure that the ruling party’s mandate to govern was renewed after the general elections next year.

Mr Kapita said the UPND had been claiming that he was not a factor in politics and yet after he announced his resignation from the party, some party leaders started panicking and launched verbal attacks against him.

“The UPND is not going anywhere and as I speak, there is a revolt against Mr Hichilema by a lot of his members. There are many who are going to abandon the UPND and will be joining the PF because they have realised that President Lungu has really changed the politics in the ruling party. President Lungu has rebranded the PF and it has become more attractive to a lot of Zambians.

As for me, I learnt through Mr Hichilema that I was not wanted in the UPND and since I started feeling rejected, I made a choice to move on and I am happy I am out of the UPND,” Mr Kapita said. He said he had found a family in the PF and that he would work hard to deliver the best for the ruling party so that it continue governing through President Lungu.

Mr Kapita said he had sacrificed for the UPND for the last 17 years and that it was unfortunate that the leadership did not appreciate his contribution. He said he had been sidelined for a long time and that time had come for him to associate with a political party that was accommodating and respecting of all members irrespective of their positions. Mr Kapita stated that he had joined the UPND voluntarily and that it was not a crime for him to have left the party adding that it was surprising that some UPND leaders started abusing him verbally for leaving the party.

“I feel welcome in the PF and I have a lot of friends in the UPND who will soon be joining the PF,” Mr Kapita said.


    • 2.”Edgar Lungu is confused, has no vision says UPND Vice-President Richard Kapita.” These were his words recently, then today he is saying good about EL. This is the reason why we are not moving forward as a country. If you want money in Zambia, just join politics or start your own fake church.

    • Humanly speaking 2016 UPND is losing,but we need this strong opposition political party for checks and balances.

      Gogo HH!! There is a faithful remnant for you all over Zambia.

      May God help our beloved Republican President EL to rule our blessed
      nation in peace and prosperity.

    • Speeches by Mr. Kapita prepared from state house without his knowledge. He also gets suprised when they are released by the media. A small price to pay for $500,000.

    • … his face speaks volumes about his confusion in his head. He left UPND hoping goodness from PF which has turn out be “all absurd.” He used to receive alot of blessings from UPND and now I wonder who cares in PF about his relentless rantings against HH. Shame.

    • Kapita surely you cannot bite the finger that fed you now that you are out. Truly these are politics of the belly. I never new an elderly man like Kapita could sink so low because of money. No wonder Jesus was crucified just because of money for the politics of the belly. K500 000 you were given you could have spent it in silence without you making noise because if you do you will attract cockroaches. Ask your friends who started like you where are they? Keep quiet……old man and enjoy your illegal money quietly.

    • Kapita tuzamupitilila tu ma PF posts azichiona mulekeni.

      2016 will surprise a lot of people. In 2016, I can see, Guy Scott, Sampa, Kambwili defecting. Rainbow might just work with UPND to get rid of PF completely.

      Viva HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH the man who gives the entire PF sleepless nights.

      Pilatos’s song has done its again! No amount of censorship will stop the message in pilatos’ song to be heard and religeously followed by most people who did not know how treacherous Lungu and his RB have become.

      Bufi is still sending a strong message and now Alungu anabwela is just phenomenon.

      Viva HH viva Pilato, viva UPND.

    • Your HH and Pilato have no effect on PF. It only shows that you have no substance to engage EL and PF on. What silliness and childishness you relay on. It laughable cheap politics. EL is getting more popular and HH is struggling to appear popular by visiting compounds.

      EL is playing politics that are making him more people like his nature. Your HH is too angry to show a good nature. Check his wrinkled face. Like a buffalo.

      And you even brag that you have a leader. Wait until we show you the real staff. Tell your Pilato and HH to get a hair cut in readiness for the real 2016 battle. We want to pack HH and UPND forever. You have made many enemies with other political players and given EL more Leverage.

      HH is not match for EL. Then he was a minister now a President.

    • Kapita is absolutely 1000% correct. UPND is going no where but here to stay to give, PF minions sleepless nights.

    • Larry Mweetwa aka Wanzelu. Ralph uli kuli? You Simlangu village boy. Do you these places, Muyobe, Chilalantambo, kwa Gideons? Do you know Judy? Larry careful with your rantings. We shall reveal a lot of things here about. You spit a lot of nonsense because you are full of nonsense.

  1. politics of the belly and nothing else,zambian politics,he just wants a job,very unprincipled uncultured man

    • In the picture above, Kapita looks like a slave who has just been bought by the highest bidder – the PF.

  2. Ba Kapita the question is why did you leave UPND? Is it because EL has rebranded PF or because HH told you that you were not wanted?

    “Mr Kapita said the ruling party had become more attractive with President Lungu who had embarked on rebranding and repackaging the ruling party with his reconciliatory, peace and unity messages among the members and Zambians in general.”

    “As for me, I learnt through Mr Hichilema that I was not wanted in the UPND and since I started feeling rejected, I made a choice to move on and I am happy I am out of the UPND,”

    • I agree with you entirely. This man kapita is confused. The man was chased from upnd because of dishonesty period. If he has support why didn’t he parade with them when he joined PF? Good luck to him as he enters the den of thieves. Maybe that’s where he belongs as he seems to be at home with them.

  3. UPND is HH and HH is UPND. An individual has become more than the whole (UPND). That is the crisis UPND finds itself in. Again, this is a result of playing regional politics. Instead of selling the party, they are busy selling a regionalism.

    I wonder how UPND would survive if HH left or died today. There will be no UPND. The part need rebranding to take care of this eventuality and this structural weakness.

    • Yebo Nkhosi: Sata was PF and PF was Sata (MHSRIP). When he passed away another capable President (ECL) took over and PF is still strong. Similarly with or without HH, UPND will still be a strong party.
      For Mr Kapita, leave UPND alone, you jumped ship. Tell us about development. Knowing you politicians, if by any chance UPND got in power, Mr Kapita would be among the first to defect PF to re-join UPND. Politics of the belly at play.

    • Sata’s PF survived. HH’s UPND’s survival is questionable. Sata created that party. HH was only put into leadership by his tribal mates. This had compromised the whole being of UPND. It is no longer regarded as a national entity, but a regional entity. This is the battle HH has to fight, how to make UPND a national entity. Unfortunately, he is terribly failing because he was appointed on the very vice he wants to fight. Impossible thing to do. UPND will die because of this.

      UPND has tried to bury its head in the sand on this matter, but to its own detriment. The best is to accept there was a mistake and remove HH from leaders because he is a liability.

    • @Yebo Nkosi
      Its normal a party is synonymous with leader. Like @Kas put it even “PF is Sata & Sata was PF”, ANC was Nkumbula & UNIP is Kaunda. It explains demise of UNIP after Kaunda & PF near death after Sata.
      HH be commended for sustaining an inherited UPND for 8yrs & within inch of State House. He showed us how 2campaign vigorously & results showed. Its 2costly 2run a party. Ask Kavindele & BY who failed despite being rich. Mazoka managed 8 & Sata 10yrs inopp cos these were astute organizers, economic managers & rich. Don’t argue Sata was rich! Give HH one last chance. New leader needs 2think 2ice & time to sell themselves. 2016 is just too near & S/he needs personal besides party resources. ECL just benefited from incumbency! In opposition had ECL lost he wud hav gone by now.

    • Neutral, that is exactly my point. It seems UPND has no survival plan after HH. At least after Mazoka, there a plan to hand pick HH on regional grounds, a fact that has prevented him from entering plot 1. Currently, UPND has no plan B.

      You talk about leaders being successful politically because they are rich. That is a false premise. Is money a sign of leadership in politics? Being an economist, does not make one a formidable poltician. Being a republican president is more than being rich and an economist. One leads people and an nation. If this is the only benchmark for HH, then he is a very wrong candidate. We are not benefiting from his wealth and we do not care about it.We are for Mother Zambia and not HH. Keep him and his wealth, he does not feed us.

    • Yebo Nkosi you are correct. If HH died today, that would be the end of UPND. The reason is this, the party leadership would try and make the UPND look like it’s not tribal by putting and non-Tonga person and that would be the end of UPND in Southern province. If the put a Tonga person, they perpetuate the notion that it is a tribal party. This is the more reason they are trying by all means to make HH president because if HH leaves or dies, that is the END of UPND

      Serious dilemma

  4. Mr Kapita, So how will your defection to PF, bring the cost of living down?????
    Just asking……?????

  5. Though human, its foolhardy to think that things will grumble when we leave. I remember my workmate telling me our company will collapse without him. its shallow to think the world revolves around you….people will go and people will come and the cycle continues till only God puts a stop to it.

  6. ba kapita..just eat quietly.. twmipapata. what words are you going to have next yeqar should UPND form govt…you should understand that its not easy to run a political paty in this country and HH has done tremendously well to keep UPND afloat.. why not start yur own party and see how far it will go. VIVA HH make no mistake… ni pa kwanja chabe..

  7. Go and ask Sikwiba Sikota-Party president of ULP. It is only people like HH who can manage to be opposition this long without jumping to join the ruling party…….ask Nevers Mumba-not long ago MMD was in power, where is MMD now. Let us have respect for HH-if Zambia is to be a Mid-income country-people should work hard like HH and poverty will be reduced in this country. Don’t be like Kapita, no clue on how survive with someone supporting him.


  9. UPND should not be surprised. You will hear more from Kapita as he attempts to please his new masters at least for a square meal. Who are the others he claims are defecting. Whether its true or false, march on, forward ever backward never. Sieve out all those betraying your cause. They would have been your biggest headache next year if you load them on. Its unfortunate that after much perseverance the guy fails to wait for the final leg. Who knows, he may be destined to stay in the opposition for ever, safe for this one year he has sold his loyalty due to hunger pangs as biblical Judas did. I hope you recall what followed him. Quitters never win while winners never quit. Keep on keeping on and do not despair.

  10. It is not too late ba Kapita just re-join UPND your post is still waiting for you, it will not be filled. It is very clear our father is missing UPND so much, it is not over we all make mistakes that is why we are called human beings. Imagine your brain son UPND has grown to become number 2 in Zambia, Why then do you want run away when the river is about to crossed over. Remember people fail when they are about to become a heroes , father you are almost there just fulfil the Mazoka dream and you will be rewarded.


    • Why did you have him for 17 year if you thought he and his family are curse. Why do you bring the sins of the fathers on the children. If clothed you in the sins of you parents, will it fair? You parents were not or are not saints. They have their own sins.

      There is so much confused and illogical reasoning among UPND cadres.

      HH has just failed to retain good following. He is a one man show.

  12. Ba some of us who have been around a long time remember when one Ludwig Sondashi announced he was going to hold a press briefing the following day at 10hrs where he intended to resign from cabinet. FTJ fired him at 07hrs, LS ended up telling us FTJ smokes dagga at the press briefing. The famous “if you want to know the crocodile ask the hippo” saying.
    Same here for Kapita he was quietly asked to resign instead of being embarrassed by being fired, now he’s hallucinating about revolts.
    Come on grow up bally.

  13. Kapita old as you are God will punish you for what you have chosen to do for the sake of receiving money from PF. May i advise you to peacefully enjoy the money and stop the nonsense you have been tasked to do for it will not take you anywhere. These are politics mind you. People had said all sorts of rubbish against the late Sata but what happened in the end. Do not be fooled by your desire for money.You are not going anywhere. We are praying to God to rescue mother Zambia. Watch the space.

  14. Kapita was asked to leave because he was incompetent. His ranting confirms that he is still hurting. Why does he continue to attack HH when HH has never talked about him in public. My advice to Richard KAPITA is that some things are better left unsaid, don’t burn bridges, it is unwise.If you separate with your wife you do not go in public and start scandalising her. People like Richard Kapita will end up being rejected by both parties.Please exercise political maturity.


  15. A chameleon changes its colour not the skin there is no place like home remember this mr kapenta or kapita weather u go to london home is home we shall see vry soon

  16. There were no ullulations in m/lunga when Kapita defected to pf. Unless a miracle happens, pf is not a favourite of NWP.

  17. Ba Kapita just try to prove your worth in PF, it was your choice to leave UNPD so forget about them, just start focusing on the reason why you joined PF. Prove your worth and the country that you are not just a job seeker in the PF. Add value batata!!!!!

  18. Kapita just keep quiet. Enjoy your money from PF. We in NWP will always rally behind UPND. For a person of your standing, even a fool is regarded wise if he learns to keep his mouth quiet. Appreciate HH & UPND even when some say that you are not a factor. But you will be shocked in 2016. Mukulumpi has spoken.

    • Upnd is strong in southern province because of its president and equally strong in NWP because of its former vice president kapita. When hh steps down as the leader of the party Upnd will become weaker in SP just like we are expected to see UPND losing popularity in NWP because of kapita defecting to Pf.

    • Do not say we in NWP, like yourself you are the embodiment of NWP. Your are only an individual. Remember, Kapita has many people in NWP who love and are willing to go with him. Do not underrate these events.

      It is the same way you underrated Lungu and he beat your HH who even after starting campaigns mile ahead. UNPD and HH’s big hardheadedness will lead to yet another and final defeat.

      You people never learn from experience.

  19. Kapita dont talk too much it shows how low in thinking you are.Theres no need of talking bad things against a wife you married for 17yrs and had children.This shows that you are not a man of high integrity.NWProvince is not Kapita.We supported UPND NOT Kapita.

  20. How would Kapita be behaving politically after 2016 assuming circumstances where UPND wins. Alas!, how can one suddenly discard his long maintained party loyalty only when its most promising? At times certain actions appear demon-possessions to say the least. Treat him as such, UPND, as he was too senior in your party and soon he may recant his actions if his intentions fail to materialise. Currently the guy is a mental convalescent. Whip him sparingly as he may slide back to your fold once he comes back to his senses, logically speaking.

  21. If u think upnd was strong in NWP bcoz of then VP kapita,u ar wrong n ignorant about de history of morden zambia,NWP people ar strongest in belief.Maybe u hav never head of names like Adamson Mushala ,humpherey Mulemba and others,people here do not follow blindly but stand for what is right they do not care of what others think about them not long ago people like Lucky Mulusa and Taima tried but all they got was emberassement.so kapita wil only give pf de votes from his fammily becouse it will take time for de pf to share de same agender with that part of the country becouse it is not a tribal province due to its stetus of havin three mojar tribes anlike other provinces.

  22. He reminds me of that ex-PF Secretary General Mumbi who was cleared off the table along with the MMD crumbs he was making noise about when it was cleaned out. Be careful, Kapita. History has a lot of precedents; you are fitting into tired shoes…

  23. But Yebo Nkosi must be coming from another planet(alien)!Surely,which normal adult person is happy with PF under Lungu?Yes,may be only those who are stone hearted & specialised in having long fingers for dipping into the coffers of the national treasury! Majority Zambian citizenry are poor & shamefully the PF devils are corruptly contracting huge loans using these poor Zambians as collateral! Please,please fellow Zambians,this regime must be made to pay these loans as ODIOUS LOANS & diabolical Kapita must be part of that! The revolt will soon be in PF not in UPND! I really admire HH for every aspect of leadership,proactiveness,consistency, & for having kept quiet on the hollowish/hagwash from bitter Kapita!Viva HH,very soon,all will be well in God’s power!

    • Iam a pure human being. Are all supporters of PF are insane and only supporters of HH are sane? Really I find this thinking insane itself. It does not mean that just because people do not agree with you they are insane. Careful, you be insane yourself since this thinking is not straight. This is a democracy. It means, respect for divergent views.

      many people love EL and are happy with him. Do not cheat yourself that your HH is very popular. He was defeated by the guy you call useless. HH is no politician. EL is a politician that is why he defeated your boastful for nothing HH. He will wack you again in 2016.

      HH was selling our companies while many Zambians died due to depression. He was counting his dollars instead. I have no respect for hypocrites like him.

  24. Kapita is a wise man.UPND is finished and will never form govt in Zambia.It is a failed project…no room for a tribal party !

  25. It’s stupid to talk like kapita?its very clear that UPND has grown in the past three years and should continue to grow even if they don’t form gvt. Giving checks and balances is still a noble role for the benefit of the country. It’s not always that opposition parties form gvt.Kapita is looking for a job but he should respect where he is coming from

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