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You are still a PF member, President Lungu tells Hapunda

Headlines You are still a PF member, President Lungu tells Hapunda

Defense Minister Edgar Lungu (r) who is also PF Secretary General listens to PF Director of Media and Publicity Brian Hapunda (c) after a closed door meeting with the Litunga at the Royal Palace in Limulunga District during the tour of duty of Western Province
Edgar Lungu General listens to PF Director of Media and Publicity Brian Hapunda (c) after a closed door meeting with the Litunga at the Royal Palace in Limulunga District during the tour of duty of Western Province

President Edgar Lungu has told dismissed Patriotic Front (PF) media director Brian Hapunda that he is still a member of the PF despite differing with the party.The president told Hapunda at City airport in Lusaka today that he is still a member of the PF even though he had differed with secretary general Davies Chama.

“Mr Hapunda what is happening with your boss? But you are still a member of the party, it doesn’t mean when you differ then you cease to be a member of the party,” he said.
The president spoke to Hapunda when he was greeting people that had lined up to greet him.PF cadres later pounced on Hapunda who was whisked away by Lusaka province minister Obvious Mwaliteta.
The cadres demanded that Hapunda leave the airport a move he objected and subsequently annoyed the PF security.Mr Mwaliteta appealed to the PF security to stop embarrassing the party by engaging in the infighting.

PF secretary general Davies Chama yesterday dismissed Hapunda ordred him to surrender all party records and property in his possession.
“I wish to thank you sincerely for the services you rendered to the party as an employee and wishing you well in your future endeavours,” read the letter dated 1 June 2015.

The development came barely 24 hours after the Post newspaper published a leaked letter to President Edgar Lungu where Hapunda was explaining where he took campaign funds he got from Lusaka businessman Rajan Mahtan.

Hapunda told the president that he handed all the money he received from Mahtani to him and the first lady Esther Lungu and that he never pocketed any funds as alleged by some party members.

He further complained that State House aides were refusing him entry into the premises to seek audience with the president so as to explain what he was doing and what needed to be done in the party.


  1. He is the mole behind hh source of leakages. Now we are going to see where under5 is going to be getting his tip offs.

    • In fighting genes are pervasive in PF. Nothing new, PF is synonymous to violence. They will eventually beat up Hapuna, elo akapunda.

    • They are now angry at Hapunda because he told the truth and exposed how money is exchanging hands. We have been to that a lot of money is being dished out at state house. The presidential fund which Mwnawasa abolished is now back. We have to ask ourselves, where is this money that is being dished out coming from? How do these individuals including the president Lungu account for this money? People at state house have suddenly become rich. We hear there are contractors going to state house with envelopes of money like the one Hapunda handed over to Lungu and his new celebrity wife Esther. How is this money being accounted for? Where is the ACC in all this? Does the ACC only get involved when it siuts them?

    • Please guys, this boy will be very very useful on 2016 together with the other graft guy going to SA as Ambassador. Kindly ba President, let this boy come and work with you at state house. He will be under your armpit and care day in and day out. You can always find a way of fitting him under the Deputy Minister at state House. The boy will help PF to win the 2016 General elections.

    • remember that Mr Lungu brought Hapunda back after sata fired him.Now Lungu has comfirmed that it was Chama who fired hapunda and not Lungu.What do you think of this Matrix?Who is going to have the last laugh?Open your eyes the so call true greans(Bembas) and Lungu(RB) cartel are at work lets watch the drama.Hapunda is just a sacrificial lamp.A Tonga fool in a den of lions.Regional politics in Zambia is stinking.

    • Has the president lost control of his cadres? How does Hapunda get harassed by the so-called PF security after greeting the president?

  2. There seems to be something very wrong with our president. He doesnt seem to have his own physical stand on issues or his heavily tied up such that he has no control of even his cadres. Lungu will be the most despised president after leaving office even RB will be better if he doesnt correct himself.
    Mark my word’s. Regards

    • What did you expect the president to tell Hapunda? That you are fired from PF and never come close to Pf events? You are one sick human being! The president is a father and has to play the role of the father in the party. Why do you want to believe that political parties should thrive on vindictiveness, controversy and infighting? ECL is doing his best to bring sanity to political arena but some opposition parties are busy looking for ways to keep the tradition of fighting by all the time attacking and provoking the president even where there is no need to do so.

    • Kaminamisa Lungu will not comment on this issue or any attacks based on truth that are made on him or his party because it’s not worth it.

      There is too much money to gain from being president and reaping the benefits from envelopes of money that are handed to him by people seeking favours and contracts. Responding to attacks is not even worth it compared to the money he is gaining from his presidential position

    • @kabulo, one thing you right about is; Lungu is The god Father of the PF mafia clan.

  3. At least we know the financiers of PF. How about the shadowy figures in RSA behind UPND financing.

  4. We the people of Zambia give money to UPND campaigns do not accuse any one in South Africa if you have proof produce it here. Fact is PF hot money from a crook it was in the post yesterday.

  5. The way Lungu spoke to Hapunda confirms that both of them are corrupt. It shows that Lungu is scared that Brian Hapunda may spill more beans to the detriment of Lungu’s image as president. Just wait and see; there is more to come between these two. Now Esther Lungu is also implicated. No wonder her statement on some radio station where she said “shilaikata amalaini ukwakufumya indalama ishingi”. One wonders how many bribes Lungu and his wife are getting. What a shame!

    • Ba ECL please just surprise everyone by taking this troubled boy as one of your own. You will find him very useful when he comes close to you. This is a wrong time to throw away a squealer……….Let him work @ State House under the supervision of the Deputy Minister @ State House. On this one no one can pressure Ba President!!!!

  6. It appears the president wants to come clean over hapunda’s dismissal. He was telling the cadre that it was not him who fired him (Hapunda) but the SG! Why would the entire President want to look good to such a junior person? This man has a lot of skeletons in his closet and he is not a person to be trusted!


  8. Sincerely, I get so upset when I read people’s comments referring to Tonga’s as ba kachema. Those who keep cattle (small scale or commercial) must be respected. In one way or the other they contribute to dairy and beef products in the country. I hope those that are demeaning people who keep cattle do not use cattle products. For all I know, vegetarians are respectful and principled people. I can’t help but imagine that the same people demeaning others who keep cattle enjoy beef the most. Where then do they think the beef they eat comes from… in the river or some holes in the ground? This is really courting tribal hatred. This is the same as calling some people ba tubulu abanyela pa mumana; or ba namazai. Let us learn to respect others and appreciate cultural differences. This is the…

  9. it like the president didn’t understand what he was saying at the airport. Probably he was drunk with his traditional Kachasu.

    Brian Hapunda was fired by President Lungu himself and rubber stumped by Chama.

    so what are u talking about you drunkard. lungu become double tongued when he is drunk.

  10. Ba Kachema you’re shocked that president Edgar Lungu didnt turn a blind eye on Brian Hapunda!!ECM is very wise and wants to work with every well meaning Zambian!!Brian Hapunda wont defect to your tribal party and am sure ECL will place him near him soon!!plus be worried that ECL is now entering North Western to reduce your chances in 2016!!once voters know him there and also in western then your tribal HH will be finished bcoz PF traditional strongholds are still very intact!!!PLUS ON 30/06/15 BY ELECTIONS PF WILL 100% GET 2 SEATS AND MAYBE ALL THREE!!SO DONT DECEIVE YOURSELVES BA KACHEMA IMWE!!!!

  11. PF is washing it’s dirty linen in public. They can’t let the guy go to avoid spilling more beans to their competitors. Unfortunately for them, he has arleady leaked reliable information. Though I condemn corruption in the strongest terms possible, this double-mouthed guy was not fit for the post in the first place. If he totally meant to unearth the scandal, he could have come out openly. He leaked it indeliberately and that is why he is seeking presidential attention to apologise. He can’t work within the code of ethics. He is another Kapita in the making.

  12. Cant things be done in secret/quietly….including dismissals in consideration that the majority cadres miss interpret any actions that leadership take. Ain’t people in leadership that sensitive…to me this also contribute to bringing the party into disrepute for no good reason. We cant continue condemning cadres action when we perpetuate infightings

    • There needs to be a bold line between the Presidency and the party president. As long as the sitting president gets involved in party issues, you will have party chiefs messing in national issues.

      This gotta stop.

  13. Cant things be done in secret/quietly….including dismissals in consideration that the majority cadres miss interpret any actions that leadership take. Ain’t people in leadership that sensitive…to me this also contribute to bringing the party into disrepute for no good reason. We cant continue condemning cadres action when we perpetuate infighting

  14. typical of a party based on fake loyalty,always those who feel they are eating less will always push out those perseivd to be eating at any slightest chance.even if he got sum mane how of the bunch of those hungry fellas was he gng to manage to share wit en still remain wit sum.SHAME EL,u shudnt av med mention of itupon arrival it shows how ill informed ur abt wat z happening in yo party.ul be shocked lyk yo uncle RB next year wait

  15. Usually when one is fired or suspended its best to take time off to study the implications. BH deliberately came to the airport because he has failed to penetrate state house…as for getting a job at State house usually the Presidents aids have a paper bearing qualifications which this corrupt boy doesn’t have. Lastly President Lungu even if you have the power sometimes learn to listen you have a DPS in Eastern and a Deputy Minister at Finance soon to assume Minister are you sure about those promotions?

  16. Ukachema is better than PF thieves
    Ba Intolele fye batishupa sana.
    Chama should also fire late Nsanda and Kambwili thieves.

  17. I thought it was Lungu who appointed Hapunda. If this is correct then it is strange that some one junior to Lungu should fire him.

  18. Its very unfortunate that chama went on to fire hapunda without consulting the president and also without geting proof of the aligations. Chama please don’t destroy our party. These boys who were trying to haras hapunda at the airport will one day turn aganist u. Please mr president give hapunda a position in govt and help to reconcile the party which looks to be divided. Chama. Don’t be big headed you may be the next to be fired by the president. Already there are a lot of pipo in the party who don’t want u.

  19. If I was told to choose between chama and hapunda, I would choose hapunda. Chama is an embarasement to the party. Meanwhile mr president please don’t listean to chama he may end up dividing pf. This young man hapunda has bright future and some people are jealouse of him.

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