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Kanyama MP orders closure of 2 schools

General News Kanyama MP orders closure of 2 schools

Kanyama Member of Parliament Gerry Chanda has ordered for an immediate closure of two schools in his constituency for operating without the required minimum hygienic standards.

Colonel Chanda ordered for the immediate closure of the two schools yesterday when he conducted an impromptu visit to check on the sanitation conditions following the recent reported outbreak of typhoid in some named institutions in his constituency.

The closed schools are Devine Community School and House of Joseph Ministries both of Linda of compound and run by clergymen.

Col. Chanda, who is also Deputy Minister of Home Affairs, said it was not right for schools to risk the lives of children in preference for money.

He has since warned of immediate closure of more schools in his constituency if they will be found operating in poor hygienic conditions.

Typhoid broke out in some schools in Kanyama constituency and one person has since been reported to have died of the disease.


  1. Good move, but it is not the duty of the MP to close schools. This matter should have been reported to the Standards Office or similar in the Ministry of Education or to the Minister for Education to close the schools.

    • Abuse of authrity of office comes in many ways like even this one where an MP usurps power he does not have.


  2. As usual very reactive. Why do we act only after a problem or crisis has occurred. Where is the Ministry of Education. Officials busy running around in workshops, inspecting projects to collect allowances. This country is finished.

  3. This is the way mentally challenged leaders behave. He has been MP for a long time, must have known the condition of each pubic institution under his constituency and protected lives from any threat. Alas, Majemason ya vuta!

  4. The idea behind the School closures NOT bad really, if Children are learning under unsanitary substandard conditions.
    Lets not forget these are the Leaders of tomorrow, & if we allow such, once in power, these same pupils will believe its the accepted norm for our kids to thrive under such conditions, which just perpetuates the problem.
    Now this is where priorities should be made by the ruling government. No flash Cars or flash furniture for our leaders, until our school children are properly catered for.
    However I have serious doubts our P.F, Government will make this a priority, & only after the cash secured via loans is plundered, & Zambia fails, GUESS WHAT?? They will hold Prayer meetings to solve the problems of their own poor planning.
    I rest my case!!!

  5. Is that the best way to improve the education our children?Is it the clergy who will suffer or the children?
    Where are the District health inspectors?Surely should it take an MP to inspect the school hygiene?

  6. Zambians are indeed docile, how do you put people in power to sort out problems and they start closing schools? Firstly, this is interfering with the Education ministry, secondly, this man should know that the people voted for him to make things better and not to resort to closing schools. What will the kids be doing while their mates attend school, when they get bored, they’ll turn to beer drinking and prostitution, so the man has made the problem worse. How long does it take to clean a school? Useless MP of a man!

  7. Instead of closing, he should immediately improve the schools. That is why he is in government. To improve basic needs for the people. And education is a basic right. It is sad that the children will now not have nothing to do, why this MP is enjoying luxuries of his air conditioned office and cars….SHAME INDEED!!

  8. So are the names of the schools are not known ba LT??
    The statement on closure should have been issued by the acting Minister of Information. Anyway I do not understand why things are done this way by our government.

  9. Does an MP have such powers? Should’t he just be making strong recommendations for certain action to be taken by the relevant authorities?

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