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Police charge UPND MP over weapons

General News Police charge UPND MP over weapons


POLICE in Western Province have charged United Party for National Development (UPND) Sesheke Central member of Parliament (MP) Siyauya Sianga and three others with possession of offensive weapons.

Mr Sianga was allegedly part of a group of people who attacked Patriotic Front (PF) secretary general Davies Chama and his entourage in Mulobezi on Saturday.

Western Province commissioner of police Standwell Lungu said in an interview yesterday that Mr Sianga, Gerald Imenda and Godfrey Likamba have been released on bond and will appear in court either today or tomorrow.
Mr Lungu said Mushaukwa Mushaukwa is still nursing a gunshot wound under police guard at Sesheke District Hospital but that his condition is stable.

“We have charged the suspects with one count of being in possession of offensive weapons and they were released yesterday [Sunday] in the afternoon on police bond,” he said.

He appealed to political parties to conduct peaceful campaigns and to help police maintain law and order before, during and after the parliamentary by-elections.

“Any cases of violence must be reported to the police and we will not allow individuals who will perpetrate violence to go scot-free,” Mr Lungu said.

The four allegedly attacked Mr Chama and his entourage as they were driving to the campaign centre in Mulobezi.

Police spokesperson Charity Chanda said a pistol and other offensive weapons were found in a vehicle suspected to belong to Mr Sianga.


  1. How will 2016 campaigns and subsequent elections be held if a mere by-election campaign can turn to be so chaotic. Leaders, beware not to cause a civil war in an ever peaceful country in the name of election. You have the ability to free Zambia as innocent citizens die when the worst come to the worst.

    • PF controlled police, what about the firearm the PF driver was carrying? Isn’t that an offensive weapon?


    • My dear police officers,you are professionals who are supposed to uphold your profession with integrity and morality. A citizen has been shot and wounded and all you can come up is that you have charged the members of the opposition?


      The citizens have resorted to carrying weapons for sake of self protection because they have lost trust in your PATRIOTIC POLICE FORCE.


  2. The PF are the owners of the land, them can carry guns and shoot at people, the law of their land will always let them go scot-free. Zambia’s future under PF where some people are more equal that others is very bleak, cry the beloved country.

  3. Yes what about Davies chama’s fire arm and shooting of cadre?

    What has Police done about it?

  4. We want Davis Chama arrested and charged and not those who carried traditional weapons to defend themselves. This PF police is a disgrace to Zambia. We ask all opposition parties to demand the resignation of Davis Chama. Lungu should take action and fire him. Why did he not call the police if he was in danger?

  5. Did those charged with possession of offensive weapons shoot Mushaukwa?

    Was the PF SG not carrying an offensive weapon?

    Come on IG, Zambians are not that fo0lish, please, tell us the link. Is this the first time offensive weapons have been carried by political leaders during campaigns? I thought it is on record that even Hon. Masumba while on bail from lawful custody was reported to have fired a pistol in public during a camapign?? was it confiscated? NO?

    What are you doing to our country, people?? Tired of peace? We are not tired of peace because there is no peace for Mushaukwa right now.

  6. I repeat, anyone who has traversed rural Zambia especially sandy places like Mulobezi Constituency would attest/agree with me that driving out there without an ax or panga (for clearing obstacles on or across those semblances or roads) would do be fo0lish because you will either be stuck in the sand or blocked by a fallen tree. Ask Hon. Mabenga who is former MP for the area and comes from there or the ZNBC crews that used to accompany him. As for a licensed gun, is there a law that forbids one from having it on them especially when you go out in the countryside? Let us know because some of us do have licensed guns. This is reality, not politicking. Today it is Hon. Siyauya and Hastings Sililo, tomorrow it may be you. Remember, you will not be in power forever. MMD teargassed ba Sata.

  7. i see a bit of confusion in these reports. hon siyauya is speaking in livingstone where he is visiting mushaukwa in the hospital. and chief pf cadre policeman in charge of western province says mushaukwa is in sesheke district hopital which is which. if mushaukwa is nursing wounds from pf gun shots why is it that the shooter is not arrested.and police only confiscates the weapons found in hon siyauya s vehicle which have not been used to shoot at anyone. people of mulobezi reject this nonsense vote for best mp sililo and not the imposed one that nakwenkwe

  8. From a law perspective four things come to play:

    • The existence of a duty of care
    • Breach of duty
    • Injury resulting from the breach
    • Proximate cause of the injury

    We all owe a duty of care to one another and have to take reasonable care in exercising safety precautions as in the gun case. When you bring a weapon someone will get hurt. There was a breach that caused injuries to a man. If the risk of harm or damage was foreseeable, and the person failed to exercise reasonable care to eliminate the risk, they are liable. This is negligence which resulted in someone getting hurt. This is attempted murder the person should be in jail and the gun confiscated. There is a term in law called Vicarious Liability where the employer is responsible for his employee’s actions (Edgar…

  9. Chama had a gun and other offensive weapons in his custody and attempted to assassinate someone and he is free! I Others who never used their weapons are being arrested. Why is the law so unfair? I pray God protects everyone equally. Strike those that abuse their authorities with quick death until we get leaders enough to give all people justice!

  10. People learn to get your facts right before commenting,this saiyunga man said the guy was was shot by Davies Chama’s driver but there you are following blindly just because HH said it was Chama……..

  11. Moreover the gun in question is licensed that’s why the police can’t do much about the incident if it was self defense

  12. It just takes the ballot box for the govt of the day to become the opposition and vice versa. Lets learn to adjust ourselves to fit in all political spheres now and in future, our current political positions notwithstanding. Remember how cruel Chiluba spent his post-presidency years.

  13. Davies Chama’s drivers is licensed check!, The others had unlicensed weapons check!

    Lusaka Times court in session with emotions and no facts PRICELESS!

  14. I find it hard to believe that the whole police commissioner can issue a statement like that which is devoid of any professionalism whatsoever. Surely you have charged the suspects in the alleged attack of PF secretary general Chama, but ignore the near fatal shooting of Mushaukwa! Is that the new modus operandi in the police force Mr. Lungu? Surely, the offence Mr. Chama committed is more serious than that of the other group? Is this not as clear as daylight Mr. Lungu? I shudder to think what would have happened had the opposition been the ones that had shot and wounded someone. What has come to this country that things should be happening like this? Are we ever going to come out of this state of affairs?

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