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Satirist on Zambia Lion hunting

Headlines Satirist on Zambia Lion hunting


  1. HH did a very interesting piece on the big cats a while ago. Now, we have become a laughing stock for the world thanks to PF ‘s cretinism. Just like the harassment of Pilato will hound us, again thanks to airheads in PF

  2. Yes now the whole world knows about the greed and blood money involved in this ruthless business. The government lies to you that it is a way of generating revenue into the economy yet forget to mention their pockets. This is a multi-million dollar business no one wants to see gone. Rich people coming to Zambia, grease the people in charge of our wildlife, kill what generates revenue and disappear. Meanwhile we are slowly depleting our resources and affecting our ecosystems. Can you go to China and hunt their famous Panda without being thrown in jail for life? Can you go to the USA and grease a wildlife official to shoot their Blue Whales? Yet we allow them to come to Zambia to abuse us and our wildlife. Jean Kapata and Stephen Mwansa! What are you doing? You’re killing our economy.

    • Never interfere with Nature,… It has a way in which it maintains its balance… Maybe it’s important for Lions to grow and chase the old one and take over and the cycle begins,…..! Everything is there for a reason…

    • Sponge bob ,how old are you?What makes you think you have the right to decide what lives and what dies?Do you have the power to give life?If so ,then you maz be justified.Truth is a mentality which respects not life is fertile ground for violence towards even human beings.Today it is the old lions,tomorrow it will be all retiress since we can not pay them and they have lived their usefulness .So have respect for any
      form of life!

    • Uhhhhh are you an *****? Did you write something that insanely stupid? Hmmm let me guess ….you are A HUNTER!?!?! You sound like the buffoon you are. Congrats

  3. Sponge Bob how about we get rid of your useless family members that have lived their usefulness? Everything has a purpose on this earth and how God made it to be. Start eliminating the balance and see what happens. In order for Sustainable Tourism to work you need 3 elements. The environment, economic and social-cultural aspects and without those three your destination is doomed and tourism will not work. Eliminate your environment which is the useless lion that has outlived its purpose then you eliminate the economic factor which is money. When that goes the social-cultural part does not exist which is creating jobs, eliminating poverty especially in rural areas. Its is not the old cats that have lived their usefulness but the useless people managing the sector who don’t know how.

  4. I would understand the logic of getting rid of cats, if they (big game hunters) were going old and incapacitated lions. But no, they go for ‘old’, worthy of mounting large, lions… and you know what happens to the gene pool, beyond the numbers, right?

  5. Do you really believe the story of hunters going for old lions? They go for a lion in it’s prime, something that will go charging at them and what gives these useless cowards their testosterone. They have the guns to back them up while the King of The Jungle does not stand a chance. If they want, let them face that healthy lion with a spear, the way our ancestors did or the way the Masai do it when stealing wildlife from a pride. Yet even they know to respect nature and just take enough such as a leg and leave the rest for the pride to feed it’s young growing families. We can make money airing these fights between man and lion just like the gladiator days. I am not saying we should, just letting us think for a minute how these spoilt little boys with guns take whatever they please!

  6. Someone should compare and contrast the situation in Zambia with that in South Africa, where the safari hunting business nets something like 8 billion rand per year and contributes 20% of GDP. In South Africa hundreds of lions and elephants are shot every single year and it makes a huge profit for the country. It seems many critics of the removal of the (PF!) hunting ban have a blind spot when it comes to our neighbors. Are they trying to divert all hunting business to RSA, maybe their friends and relatives are profiting handsomely from hunting in Zimbabwe and RSA so they want Zambia excluded? Emotional and vague arguments never stand up. Back it up with checkable facts if you want people to support! E.g. cat numbers in Zambia + source + methodology, not just “some experts said so!”

  7. Our dull ministers like Jean Kapata wouldn’t see the wisdom in this video…its really sad that we have this myopic leadership from top to bottom really sad.

  8. Peter 90 what do you know about tourism? In South Africa it is only privately owned reserves that profit from this cruel activity and the money goes to them not the government. In fact they probably send money back to their countries such as the UK, USA, Germany etc. How many real South African’s own these places just like in Zambia how many real Zambian’s born and raised own luxury lodges? It is the South African’s, British, Americans and Germans who own these places. If we could train our people in management maybe the can manage these resources so we can keep the revenue circulating in the country. The scam that was recently closed with lion walking safari’s, where do you think the lions went after they out grew their cuteness? They were sold and ended up in Canned Hunting Safaris.

  9. I don’t believe what the politicians say about the lions population being big enough to sustain taking out 500 lions in a single year. I believe what the guides who are out there every day say; there are not enough lions to start hunting them. There is 1 prolific pride in South Luangwa and the young, nomadic males that could re-vitalize the prides are the ones who will be ‘baited’ (thats right, they use meat and pheremones to lure lions out of the park into the GMA to shoot) and shot. They have no chance and soon Zambia will have no lions.
    They are also allowing 2 elephants per hunting block to be shot, 22 elephants in a time where the elephants of Africa are being hunted to extinction and everywhere people are fighting to protect them.
    We are losing our wildlife.

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