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30 schools shut down in Kanyama after Typhoid breaks out

General News 30 schools shut down in Kanyama after Typhoid breaks out


The Lusaka City Council has so far closed about 30 schools in Kanyama coumpound due to an outbreak of Typhoid in the area.

The Council’s Public Health Department has closed the schools which are both government and private due to unsanitary conditions.The council has since intensified inspections in schools and eating outlets in Kanyama compound following the outbreak of typhoid last week.

The closure of the schools is in accordance with the provisions of Regulation 20 of the Public Health Act Cap 295 of the laws of Zambia.

Among other schools closed include, Blue Bird School, Grace Community School, World Wide Community School, Bhungu Education Centre, Good Shepherd Community School, Titandize Community School, Membe Community School, Glory to Glory Community School and Gift Tech School.

Others are Silver Sand School, Sante Education Centre, Parles School, Ben Ten Day Care School, Remegel Academy, Faith Foundation Community School and Arise and Shine Day Care.

Meanwhile three schools in the same area have been warned namely Legacy Academy, Malpher Education Centre and True Gospel community Schools.

Council Spokesman Habeenzu Mulunda said in view of the development, the council urges members of the general public, schools and eating outlets especially in the affected area to take preventive measures by ensuring that they maintain a good hygiene and sanitation standards in order to avoid further outbreaks of the diseases.


  1. Development my foot! Priorities upside down. Bye elections taking precedent over what matter; health and education. The stress of poor planning has popped up. Government likely to find a scapegoat.

  2. How big is Kanyama to have thirsty schools? Right move but could have been prevented with preventive health education and quarantine.

  3. We are not alone here in Zambia with this kind of African nonsense. Just look at Nigeria. A country of almost 180 million, the vast majority of whom live in abject poverty. And still that did not stop nigeria from building that Eko Atlantic City for the filthy rich. Even as they are still begging for help from the West to combat those naughty boys the boko haram.

    It’s madness up and down this entire continent. Our priorities are askew to an astonishing level.

  4. This is the work of the opposition.
    President Lungu will rectify this mess.
    Bana Dalitso will also help.

  5. He who does not learn from advice must learn from experience. Maybe a massive outbreak will teach Zambians how to be clean. I say this with sympathy but sometimes its the only way to learn.

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