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Witnesses react to Mumba’s call of deregistering their church

Columns Witnesses react to Mumba’s call of deregistering their church

Some members of the Jehovah’s Witness Church have condemned calls by some opposition political parties to deregister the organisation for not participating in politics.

The members, who spoke on condition of anonymity, told ZANIS that it is unfair for leaders of political parties to start condemning their church.

They said such remarks should be condemned by all well-meaning religious members as they are likely to bring confusion and hatred in the nation.The church members added that politicians calling for the deregistering of their church are infringing on people’s rights of association.

The further explained that Zambia is a Christian Nation and the Jehovah’s witnesses believe in their church doctrine and values.

They have since advised politicians spearheading such calls to concentrate on bringing positive development to the people rather than creating division among religious groups.

Recently National Revolution Party (NRP) leader, Cosmo Mumba, appealed to the Registrar of Societies to force Jehovah’s Witnesses to start singing the national anthem and participate in political elections alleging that they were contributing to voter apathy in the country.


    • We Jehova’s witnesses are not selfish. only Mumba and the so called failed politician are selfish. Just look how we respect . others. we don’t vote or participate in all the so called political activities.. Just Give respect to us..

    • @1.1 chiliis: Your postings don’t sound like a JW. You sound more politician than a genuine Wittiness.

    • Jehovah’s witnesses should not even be wasting their time responding to Jokers like Cosmo. He doesn’t engage his brain before putting his mouth into motion.

  1. Ba PHIKALA leave us alone. We are not part of this world. Our kingdom is yet to come . Just repent your sins and sto phucking around.

    • you need to be serious with your walk with Christ if at all you are a witness like you claim to be. you cant be using such words with impunity. remember we are surrounded by a great multitude of witnesses who learn from us every time. let people be drawn to Christ simply by the way you carry yourself or the words that come out of you. God loves you and he is faithful and just to forgive our sins if we confess.

  2. I d’ rather have the Witnesses be the majority in Zambia than have the mosques that are sprouting like mushrooms after the rain…..

  3. Mumba is a Pastor by fraud! one is born a pastor not MADE a pastor by Theological schools! nobody in the Bible went to school to become a pastor all inclusive were elected of GOD. Saul lost 30 years hearing theologies with Gamaliel till the LORD ordained him as pastor and turned him into Paul the light of the nations.Human beings can turn another human being into Engineer,carpenter, doctor etc never a Pastor that office is of an election of GOD. HE thinks Pastorship is a profession and in His desire to magnify his CV for an agenda he goes into politics and here we have now a guy referred to Dr-pastor-president of MMD who parrot the bible without understanding it !

  4. In none of the 239 lands around the world do Jehovah’s Witnesses vote, sing national anthems or participate in politics in any other way. And they will not start doing so because someone would like to force them.

  5. JWS are not christians they are a cult organisation here are points to prove, they don’t believe in the existance of the Holy Spirit, they posess a diferent type of bible just to suit their organisation, they don’t believe that Jesus is God intead they equate ;esus to small gods, they don’t alow blood transfusion, they don’t sing national arthem, they don’t vote, they don’t pray in the name of Jesus, they don’t say Amen after prayer and the list is endless. Let the govt just deregester this organisatio period.

    • Incorrect. Actually true Christians are admonished to NOT do the things you mentioned above. We DO believe in the holy spirit. We believe in Jesus, and that he is God’s son and our redeemer. We just don’t put him on the same level as God, being that the bible says there is but one God, and Jesus who is “the only begotten son” of God. That doesn’t mean that we think less of Jesus; after all, he gave his life for us and our prayers are through him. The bible plainly states to “abstain from blood” as the Israelities did. We don’t sing the national anthem or vote because we solely give glory to God. How can we participate in war and kill our brother? We are not nationalistic, being that it can be linked to idolatry, and we only worship God. We definitely say amen after prayer. Thank…

    • @7 truth – you need to do a bit of thorough reasurch on religion history before saying the rubish you do! The world is crying for peace an security. Now you say this nonsins of people who live in peace, love their neighbours and who refuse to hate or kill. You need some serious thinking before you talk. Your messing with peoples lives!

  6. @truth why are you such a big liar? Ofcourse the Witnesses pray in the name of Jesus.. ofcourse they believe in the holy spirit,.. of course they say amen etc etc.

    Furthermore they are the only religion on earth that does not kill eachother in wars and armed conflicts. Would Jesus sing National Anthems as King of the Kingdom of heavens?

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