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Chingola woman throws neighbours 3 year old son into a well (Sensitive images)


The body of Ben Muleba retrieved from the well by KCM rescue team.v
The body of Ben Muleba retrieved from the well by KCM rescue team.v

Residents of Chikola Township in Chingola woke up to the shocking news that a three year old boy had been thrown into a well yesterday afternoon by a woman of the same Township believed to be the wife of a man called Fassy Musonda.

Ben Muleba, the deceased 3 year old child, who was a pupil at Evangel private nursery school near Chingola High School was allegedly strangled and latter thrown into the well by the wife of a known businessman who owns shops at Malemba trading place.

Last night as it was getting late parents of the 3 year old child got worried and started searching for the boy and asking neighbors.

Around 20 hours Mrs Musonda’s daughter who is nine years old told the parents of the deceased that she was with Ben in the afternoon but later he was called by her mother in the bedroom where he did not came back.She said she saw her mother taking Ben outside and throwing him into a well that had a concrete cover designed a with little hole on top to draw water.

The parents of the deceased reported the matter to Chingola Central police station and Mrs Musonda was arrested upon finding the truth that boy had indeed been thrown into the well by her.

Residents gathered at the Musonda’s house early in the morning to see weather it was true that Ben was thrown into the well.

Police rushed to the scene to prevent any mob justice from the residents while waiting Konkola Copper Mine (KCM) rescue team to retrieve the body.

Around 09 hours rescue team arrived at the scene and had tough time to remove the concrete built on the well.

As residents saw the body retrieved from the well by KCM rescue team there was commotion as many residents wept uncontrollably and the father to the deceased Ben Muleba senior fainted.
Police together with the deceased parents took the body to Nchanga North General Hospital mortuary.

After the police drove off, residents started demolishing the house of Mr Musonda the businessman, while others started looting house goods.Residents did not end there they but went on to demolish his shop at Mulemba trading place and looted all his merchandise from the shop in Chikola Township.

Residents are said to have suspected the businessman practiced Satanism because of previous strange behaviour.He is thought to be a successful businessman in the township.
The Police were unable to comment because the Officer in-Change had gone on tour with the Minister of Home Affairs who was in Chingola at that time.

The house of Fassy Musonda demolished where a three year old boy was thrown into the well
The house of Fassy Musonda demolished where a three year old boy was thrown into the well
The house of Fassy Musonda demolished where a three year old boy was thrown into the well
The house of Fassy Musonda demolished where a three year old boy was thrown into the well
The body of Ben Muleba retrieved from the well by KCM rescue team.
The body of Ben Muleba retrieved from the well by KCM rescue team.


    • This is madness! Murder of the innocents!

      Zambians you believe too much in darkness and all of that! When you are a Christian, there is no need to fear evil. God created evil and is Lord over it.

    • It happens- some children can be annoying, not saying that’s what happened here

      ISIS are doing a far worse act against humanity.

      I am sick and tired of seeing empty sympathies here- GROW UP


  1. Rest in peace beloved boy. God will deal with these evil fools.My God give abundance strength to the muleba family.

    • talking about loan when the issue is about a young boy who lost life nibu stupid patriotic front of edgar chagwa bwezani

    • My friend you have no sense of humanity. How on earth could you drop an advertising line on such story. aahhh. What has this world come to. I feel the helpless little one. Innocent and loved of God. So wicked this world.

    • I am personally very suspesious about “ocean funding”. Does this money come from under ocean as the name suggest?

    • I need a loan of K10,000.00 payable in 2 months time starting from this month and ending in July 2015. I recently had a spate of calamities (deaths in the family) and urgently need this loan to sort out serious issues.

      I am capable of paying back since I am in gainful employment with a reputable construction company on the copperbelt and of fixed abode (house can be declared as surety)

      My regards,

      Paul Ngoma (0963649262)

  2. Wicked neighbor! Thanks to the 9 year old girl, she should be awarded for her bravery in reporting her mum! RIP dear Ben, you are safe in Jesus’ arms, what a wicked world!

  3. What a wicked world we ar living in surely going to that extent of
    killing an innocent soul,God help us.

  4. Get rich quick bring back lost lovers in 48 hrs sangomas are contributing to this sad madness! The sangomas that advertise and prescribe these depraved “solutions” must also be caged for life or setenced to death along with their clients

  5. Your captions are so poor! And very confusing.That doesnt look like the body of a 3 year old, he is more like a fully grown man.

  6. The businessman is believed to be practising zatanism and he is a very successful businessman according to the story. This sounds like he belongs to the same cult as someone we know in the political scene. Please am only thinking loud and I ‘ve not mentioned any name.

  7. I have a 3 year old son and my heart just bleeds at such evil…..i pray that the Lord receives this innocent boys soul…..MHSRIP.

  8. Is that the body of the 3 yrs old child? To me, that body looks like that of a full fledged man in the 50s! All the same condolences to the bereaved family!

  9. the kingdom of god belongs to the little children , clearly evident in this sad baberic act. my the soul of the boy rest in internal peace.
    as for this evil woman, eash!! kuti wabembuka mumilandile ne mitontonkanye.so sad for the parents, my god give them streigth during this very trying moment.

  10. @Sponge bob,sometimes we MUST be rational & proactive in our blogging,I’m quite pretty sure that time is ripe for objective blogging!We are really sick & tired of suck diabolical & hollowish compulsions. Be cursed in Juesus’ named excluding your pedigree & family!

    • How civilized are you if you can spew such nonsense on a blogger who has not mentioned any person? Tell us if you know the person Sponge Bob is referring to otherwise you are just an idiet who needs to be clobbered until that 1d1ocy is completely drained from you!

    • @civilised
      I never mentioned any name in my comment and you go about lashing yo stewpidity at me, fullish. Unlike piloto who uses real names in his so called satire music I was mute on that one and no sane person can attack my comment. My way of writing should inspire all musicians on how to produce satirical songs.

  11. May the little boy’s soul rest in peace. My heart bleeds. Is it only greed that can lead to such abhorrent behaviour?? Must be some kind of evil to actually strangle a little boy.

  12. Ati mwana wamzako akakula osamchitila nsanje ! Amake polila : mwanawanga afelanji? Afela pakomo paja!
    Eish! What primitive people. So if people thought he practices satanism how come they looted his shop? Sibayopa mfwiti?

  13. Prov10:22 the blessing of the Lord,it maketh rich, and he addeth no sorrow with it.
    Very sad indeed, what wrong did the child do to deserve such an horrible act?
    Please boma could you try that woman on television so that we may learn more. I am terribly confused, help us Lord.

  14. Horrendous act indeed aggravated by irresponsible police officers who willing left the place knowing that the Mob justice will ensue!
    If the general public is left to administer justice the way its see fit the bye bye to the rule of law that makes Zambia a proud nation.

  15. What a successfull bussiness man!The demolished house does not show that mr Musonda is a successful bussiness.Its an ordinary low cost house in low cost area.Why did the wife do such a thing.Even her child will need counselling because she must be traumatised to witness such.

  16. Ba LT what do you mean by
    ” Police together with the deceased parents took the body to Nchanga North General Hospital mortuary.”

    Are there three dead bodies or one body? Chisungu chamusango shani ichi kanshi? Do you have an editor who proofreads your work at all? Of late there are a lot of errors in your postings. Don’t you know that omitting even a “comma” or “an apostrophe” changes the whole meaning of a sentence? Please proofread each article before posting no matter how sensational the story may be. This is disappointing work from the only online medium I find
    Meanwhile, condolences to the bereaved family.

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