Government challenged to offer loans to chiefs

Luapula province permanent secretary Steven Bwalya pays respect to Paramount Chief Mwata Kazembe during a courtesy call in Mwansabombwe
Luapula province permanent secretary Steven Bwalya pays respect to Paramount Chief Mwata Kazembe during a courtesy call in Mwansabombwe

The Mwata Kazembe of the Lunda People of Mwansabombwe District in Luapula Province has called on government to consider coming up with a revolving fund that will allow chiefs obtain loans.

The Mwata Kazembe says chiefs in the country are going through a lot of challenges, adding that a revolving fund will enable them address some of their problems.

He complained that living conditions of chiefs are bad despite traditional leadership being the oldest type of governance in the country.

The Mwata Kazembe said this when Ministry of Chiefs and Traditional Affairs Permanent Secretary, Michael Pwete, paid a courtesy call on him at his palace.

The Mwata Kazembe said there is need for government to look after chiefs well, adding that everyone, including those in government, comes from particular chiefdoms.

He said traditional leaders will continue giving support to government developmental projects as they are concerned with the welfare of their people.

And Ministry of Chiefs and Traditional Affairs Permanent Secretary, Michael Pwete, said government wants to see that chiefs are involved in developmental projects in the country.

Mr Pwete said government sees unity as cardinal in any development and that unity in the country can only be realised if chiefs are united.

He said government is committed to ensuring that chiefs lead decent lives and hence the coming up of a program to build institutional houses for chiefs throughout the country.

The Permanent Secretary was in Luapula Province to check on works for the construction of chiefs palaces.


  1. My Chief,

    You have a monthly salary and that is a fact. Therefore you get your pay through the bank and that is another fact. Chief why don’t you get the loan from your bank? Besides, your salary is permanent till death.

    Some of these requests are too personal and confidential to take to the press. Please Chief refrain asking for personal favours through the press.

    • Most Zambian Chiefs like citizens are lazy and all they want are handouts to live in luxury.

      What do most Chiefs do that’s productive? Almost nothing

      You are all busy selling customary land to the highest foreign bidder, and then you spend proceeds just drinking and marrying extra women.

      Work your arsses up.

      Your subjects are the ones that need loans as they look after you

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  2. Chiefs should make good use of the tips (bribes) politicians drop in their palaces during electioneering. After all, Zambia has suffered countless bye-elections lately. The Igwe should be the cream of the village under the circumstances. Tell us something else Mwata. Just be enterprising with that black Kwacha.

  3. I think we should start demanding that Chiefs are educated to degree level at a minimum.

    This culture of wanting things for free is very backward.

    Why does he not work for his money? He can immobilise industry via agriculture and tourism in his own area generating more wealth. He should be the one offering money back to his subjects and the country.

    I am very disappointed.

    Please someone shake up these lazy maggots and let’s have Chiefs that are progressive.

  4. What value does this nonsensical suggestion add to the economy of Zambia. Zambians and their tandizo mentality at their best. SME’s (who employ how many people in Zambia?) are not on the priority list on banks operating in Zambia and struggle to get loans except for the loan sharks (kaloba) who are all over the place. That is a better suggestion not vama chief panse. Stop being colonial with your thoughts. Think through before coming up with jokes like chiefs loans. That is the problem with people who have no understanding with the purpose of money.

  5. These are the silly suggestions you get when someone doesn’t work…truly laughable. ..what happens when the chief defaults?

  6. This style of ‘leadership’ is outmoded. The first impacting person opened the way for inheritance by all sorts of characters, most of whom are worthless in this dispensation. Chiefs must do some homework and make their villages economically viable. After all, why are you a chief if you cannot mobilize your areas to be self-sustaining and profitable? Do you need the Chinese to come and give you tips (including tips to your female subjects I must add)?


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