MOPANI Copper Mines says it has paid US$850 million in taxes from 2007 to date

Mopani Smelter in Mufulira
Mopani Smelter in Mufulira

MOPANI Copper Mines (MCM) has paid over US$850 million in taxes to Government from 2007 to date.

MCM corporate affairs manager Cephas Sinyangwe said in an interview yesterday that the mining company spends US$ 19 million annually on provision of healthcare services to communities in which it operates and an additional US$3 million to run its schools.

“Over US$850 million in taxes has been paid to the Zambian government between 2007 and March 2015.

“Mopani has invested about US$15 million in the Mopani Central Training Centre. US$5 million is also being invested in the new mining training school at the same premises,” Mr Sinyangwe said.

He also said MCM has is committed to promoting joint venture partnerships between local and foreign enterprises to enhance capacity building and facilitate skills transfer.

“A total of US$230,000 is budgeted annually towards Small Medium Enterprises (SME) development,” Mr Sinyangwe said.

Meanwhile, Mr Sinyangwe said MCM recorded zero cases of HIV/AIDS in children born from HIV positive mothers at all its medical facilities in 2013 and 2014.


  1. Bad reporting as usual. Why not tell us how much Mopani made in the same period or simply what they make per month????? Put things in proper perspective.

    • Also no breakdown of the figure. You will find that the bulk of it is PAYE which is paid by employees through the company.

    • @funding this is a wrong forum to advertise your swindling company because majority bloggers stay overseas .

  2. Only $850m in 8 years! These mines are just a ripoff. They are not worth running because they are just depleting our copper for nothing save for the few poor jobs. Zambia if better organised can make much more money per year from tourism and agriculture than this paltry amount. Its totally unacceptable. We need a business oriented leadership in this country or we are done.

  3. How much has Mopani repatriated?
    How much does it pay expatriates compared to ZAMBIANS?
    Titbits irritate.

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