Stray Lions terrorize villagers , Kill domestic animals


Three stray lions from Musalangu Game Management Area [GMA] in Chief Kazembe of Malambo valley are terrorizing villagers and animals in the area.

ZANIS in Lundazi reports that the three lions have reportedly killed five cattle and 10 pigs and are currently terrorizing villagers of Chibamu, Chimwaza, Chingala, Mudike and Musameke villages in chief Magodi’s area .

Mr Derrick Ngwira, a farmer of Chibamu village in chief Magodi Lundazi disclosed to ZANIS in Lundazi yesterday.

He narrated that the lions attacked and killed one bull at Chingala village, one cow at Chimwaza village, while three cattle were also killed at Mudike and Musameke villages of chief Magodi on June .

Mr Ngwira said on the night of Saturday 6th June 2015, the lions killed four pigs at Musameke village, while on the night of Wednesday 10th June 2015 they killed five pigs belonging to two farmers at Mudike villages in chief Magodi.

He said despite area Councillor for Nkhanga Ward, Chasefu Constituency Obote Banda reporting the matter to ZAWA Office to control the stray lions nothing has been done to either shoot or to chase the stray lions away.

ZAWA Park Ranger Joseph Bwalya admitted receiving reports about lions terrorizing villagers and killing domestic animals belonging to farmers of Chibamu,Chimwaza,Chingala,Mudike and Musameke villages of Chief Magodi.

He however told ZANIS that his Office has already dispatched ZAWA Officers to the affected area to control the reported lions.


  1. That’s the circle of life keep yourselves indoors before the pride pounce on you.otherwise ban on killing lions has been lifted kill or you will be killed simple

  2. Well Lionaid, where are you? You care so much the lions so why don’t you do something about it. It’s very nice sitting on your end of the pond and shouting and calling our ministers all kinds of names but when crap hits the fan then you go all in to hiding. Are you going to replace the cattle that belonged to the villagers? Remember that a villagers wealth is not what car he drives or what clothes he wears, it is his livestock. ZAWA should give a problem animal permit for the lions and allow them to be sold to hunters who will provide funds to the local communities for their loss. Unless Lionaid can come up with the same kind of money to protect the lions. Biggest fraud I have ever seen is Lionaid. Stealing innocent people’s money, you should be ashamed of yourselves!

  3. They are not straying. You have strayed all over territory that should be left to these wild animals. Most recently you have been attempting to mine in a game park! And don’t start with the kill the big cats nonsense. There must be a better way to deal with wild animals other than shrinking their habitats and claiming they are crowding a place!

  4. You can tell a person who has no idea of animal human conflict when they open their mouths and utter nonsense. ZAWA was called and should have acted promptly/swiftly. The more people move in animal territory this will happen. You have your ministers allowing people to pet lions and have lion walking safaris and then release them so what do you expect? Have reasoning before you say anything. We create these animals destiny when we interfere with their surroundings. They are not there to shoot for pleasure as for some of us Zambian prefer nature and want to enjoy them as well as our future generations so speak for yourself. Everything in Zambia is kill or it’s food. An antelope in a national park (ati umunani) they say food! Let nature be as it was put there for a reason just like you!

  5. Here is a website that is supposed to be Zambian owned but based and registered in the UK. I would think it would be run in Zambia by Zambians, while creating employment for Zambians especially youth. Who is running it in the UK and who is being paid to run it? If any aid is given is it sent to Zambia or does it go to bank accounts in the UK? No wonder Trophy Hunters are coming to finish the very things generating tourism revenue in the Zambian economy because its Ba-Sungus making the last decisions. Then we have this issue and some are saying where is LION-AID! When will we learn that it is us who are the problem not animals. Hire people who know how to handle these situations and all will be well. Hiring educated people is key. *******

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