An old Choma man set ablaze after being suspected of being a wizard


A MAN of Zambia Township in Choma has died after an assailant set him ablaze inside his house on suspicion of being a wizard.

Petros Siafungu, aged between 70 and 80, who suffered multiple body burns, died at Choma Hospital General.

Mr Siafungu was burnt on both legs, buttocks and on his back.

Southern Province Police Chief Mary Chikwanda confirmed the incident which happened on Wednesday around 15:00 hours.

Ms Chikwanda said Mr Siafungu died on the same day around 18:20 hours at the hospital where he was rushed for treatment.

“This matter was reported to police by Kelvin Masoye that his grandfather was found burnt inside his house and they rushed him to the hospital,” he said.

The body was lying at Choma General Hospital mortuary. Police have launched a manhunt over the assailant on the run.

Meanwhile, a man of Siandavu Farm in Kalomo died after drowning in a well on Tuesday around 15:00 hours.

Ms Chikwanda said that Oliver Madubasi, 33, was found dead in a well by a local resident Roster Muleya who reported the matter to police.

The body was lying in Kalomo General Hospital mortuary awaiting post-mortem and that police suspect no foul play over the death.


  1. What’s wrong with Upnd members . you ‘ve just killed hh winning vote. Next year don’t complain ati pf has rigged elections should you lose.

    • Lack of Education is a serious crime, why should we always think old / aged people are witches.. shame on who ever did this? how would you feel if your grandparents are killed in the same manner or suspected of being wizards because of their age??

      Police should arrest them. this is murder

  2. Ubututu. Is it a crime to get old? So the muppets who carried out this dastardly act think dying young should be the norm. With such thinking, forget about development.

  3. One reflection I note is how senior citizens in Zambia are completely excluded from activity and service despite the persistence of this age bracket in politics. In some neighboring countries you visibly see signage of the respect for seniors – in Zambia it is left to discretion. Let’s re-incorporate our seniors once again in our service points and traditions as it was of old. We are all going to grow old – should we all succumb to perceptions of witchcraft surely?

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