Lusaka Lawyer Nelly Mutti denies stealing K35 million


LUSAKA lawyer Nelly Mutti has denied stealing about K35 million from the Zambian Government in a case in which she is facing 33 counts ranging from theft, uttering false documents to forgery.

This is in a case in which Mutti, 58, of Makeni is charged with a count of forgery, uttering false documents and 31 counts of theft, contrary to the Laws of Zambia.

When the matter came up before magistrate Humphrey Chitalu, Mutti said she understood all the charges but denied committing the offences.

It is alleged that in the first count, Mutti on dates unknown but between January 1, 2009 and April 1, 2009 in Lusaka, jointly and whilst acting with others, with intent to defraud or deceive, forged a civil servants voluntary separatees list purporting to show that it was genuinely made and issued by the Voluntary Separation Association of Zambia when in fact not.

In the second count, Mutti is alleged to have uttered a false document between January 1, 2002 and April 23, 2009 in Lusaka, knowingly and fraudulently, namely a civil servants voluntary separatees list to the principal registry of the High Court of Zambia.

In counts three to 33, Mutti is charged with theft of money in different amounts and on different dates from April 23, 2009 to June 21, 2013, amounting to over K35 million.


  1. It appears Zambian lawyers are expert at forgery and fraud. It is just amazing that the custodians of justice are themselves the perpetrators of injustice – well, just look at the religious houses and another paradox emerges. Could it be that the passions they rail against become the fire that draws them to it like moths? While we ponder that let Mutti face justice.

  2. This is very sad indeed.How can a lawyer steel poor Civil Servants money?As a result of this theft most former civil servants are destitutes worse some have died wwhile many have failed to send their children to school.
    This thief should be sent to jail and money shoud be recovered from this ***** whore imbecile

  3. This speaks volume about our Zambian lawyers and the justices system. they are countless cases of fraud among Zambian lawyers for example Fraser Chishimba is a fraudster who has gotten away with peoples money and property – Amazingly, even senior lawyers like Ellis & Co – Chamuka are rotten to the core.
    Look at the numerous cases in court involving Lawyers – including case of DPP. the answer lies in overhauling the justices systems. we have cases of lawyers who have spouses who are Judges conniving.
    Bribery & Corruption pervades the legal fraternity.
    We must boycott these lawyers & resolve our disputes in a traditional fashion.

  4. You better start with Edgar Lungu for the same which even led to his suspension from LAZ.Nelly was never suspended

    • Leave the president out of this you Upnd numbskull! I bet youre upset because it’s not a Bemba involved!

  5. What happens to the former civil servants money.Surely this is unfair it might take another four to ten years to conclude this the meantime the beneficiaries will be dying one by one of depression.
    This thief should be made to loose her property as well and close her accounts so that she can also feel how painful it is to suffer when you have no money.
    Meantime LAZ should ban her from practising.

    • Get behind her Satan! For your words are not the words of God but of Man. My brother go beyond where your eyes and ears can take you in this matter and you will find out the truth. Be careful of such accusations. They might get back to you. Good day.

  6. The list of lawyers to mention is long with fee income linked to performance of cases being handled that creates a conflict on interest

    Policy also the services that lawyers are giving to each side of the client and what qualifies

    Look at lawyers in securities and real estate carefully and see the crimes prevalent and its the motivations is for a ROVER and million numbers not legal advise so humble to save

    We do not need to mention you but simply ask you to check self review and act correctly and stop the rote

    There are quiet good lawyers also who have exhibited sense of ethical adherence and maturity

    Avoid wholes and places that casts mare on your work

  7. Nelly Mutti is not a thief. How can some who represented the civil servant voluntary separatee association in court against the government which did not want to give them money be called a thief ? No lawyer in Lusaka was prepared to take on the government which she did and won the case. The current lawyer who is working with Mr Simemeza is a big thief . During the time when Nelly Mutti was in charge of our money we used to get our money on time. Just recently the money was released only a few civil servants received the money, the majority we have not received our money. Mr Simemeza wants to be worshipped please sir the money you are keeping is NOT YOUR MONEY. Why should we be wasting our precious talk time calling your office when you know what is supposed to be done.? Your days are

    • Am glad my Sr/Br, that you have mentioned that. These people have to go beyond what seems right. I wish they could see this comment. Indeed Mutti is blessed and not what is being about her.

  8. @Create Walls…..I do not know what to make of your contribution because it does not seem to make sense at all, just like your blog name. Please read what you have written and see if it makes sense before posting it. Remember, you are not writing to yourself but for others to read and get the gist of what you are putting across.

    • Mind what you say Sir/Madam. Her building lodges has been due to her hardwork and commitment. Her background is a witness to her success. She learnt it the hard way. It is because of her Father that she is who she is today. That infreriority complex is bad. On the other hand I feel for your loss and I pray God helps and blesses you but not until you stop mentioning such words and pray to God for help. Dig deeper into this matter and find out who truly is behind this.

  9. It is indeed a pity that as Zambians we take everyone for a thief. As much as those civil servants are suffering the truth must be told. Ms Mutti is not a thief. Dig deeper into the issue and find out what is really happening. Why do we always support the offended and misjudge people because we feel they are the ones that cause the problem. MUTTI IS INNOCENTAND GOD HAS VERDICATED HER, I ORDER YOU ALL TO STOP ALL THAT YOU ARE SAYING NEGATIVELY. AMEN.

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