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President Edgar Lungu is scheduled under-go a medical check-up next week.

Headlines President Edgar Lungu is scheduled under-go a medical check-up next week.

President Lungu
President Lungu

President Edgar Lungu is scheduled under-go a medical check-up in South Africa next week.

Special Assistant to the President for Press and Public Relations Amos Chanda has confirmed that Mr. Lungu will under-go a routine medical check-up on Tuesday.

Mr. Chanda said at a media briefing in Pretoria that the medical check-up on the President will be done at a hospital after the African Union AU Summit taking place in Sandton City.

And Mr. Chanda has said the Zambian leader will have a busy schedule while in South Africa where he is scheduled to hold bilateral meetings with eight Heads of State and Government to share views on various issues affecting Africa.

Mr. Chanda says President Lungu has been selected to represent the Southern African region during the New Partnership for Africa’s Development-NEPAD-Summit taking place on the side-lines of the AU Assembly to talk about women empowerment.

Mr. Chanda says the President will show-case Zambia’s experience on empowering women not just by appointing women to decision-making positions but through economic empowerment programmes as well.

The First Lady Esther Lungu will also have her own programme that includes attending the meeting of the Organization of African First Ladies Against HIV and AIDS.

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  1. Why doing a medical check up in SA instead of UTH? No wonder Pilato sung like that in his latest album…..

    • Ati “he will hold discussions with 8 leaders to share views on matters affecting Africa” making it sound political and important. Lungu and his entourage are actually going to be paid from tax payers money for this.

      We all know the problems facing Africa – poverty and corrupt leaders, so the so called discussions will yield nothing new.

      What a waste of taxpayers money by a poor country with its masses wallowing below the poverty datum line!!!

    • What a shame…and some of you call this development when our president has to go for a simple medical check-up pa South Africa. Can this not be done pa Zed. I understand the president is in South Africa but this nonsense of politicians paying taxpayers money to south African hospitals should stop. You would think that the so called young generation of politicians would know better. Trying to understand how Zambian politicians think is incomprehensible and likely to give you a stroke. What a shame.


  2. This is not sustainability Mr. President. You should be pumping revenue into the Zambian economy by creating jobs for your citizens, instead of benefiting South Africa’s economy. This is simple macro and micro economics a presidents should know. Does the South African president come to UTH for treatment? We should be and need to be ashamed that Zambians tax payers money is feeding South Africans who are killing our people. Put those loans to good use by building and improving on infrastructure development to benefit every Zambian including yourself Edgar Lungu. Should we start singing Pilato’s song and walk down Independence Avenue? Invest in good hospitals and education, UNZA students can become doctors or nurses, and jobs can be created. This is sustainable practices Edgar C Lungu.

    • Lungu is a mere empty tin from Chawama that is a foreign language to him…he has absolutely no clue how this is a security risk to our country. They would rather borrow $192m via Chinese Exim Bank for pointlesssurveillance equipment instead of investing in UTH, Kitwe, Ndola, St Francis Hospitals and Ridgeway Campus

    • That’s what happens when tribalism reaches in the brains of educated people,I was surprised to see UNZA Dons singing songs of fintu Lungu when it was very clear Lungu did not poses any qualities of a good leader at all.Cry my beloved country this country has gone to dogs because any Jim and Jack can be voted as president as long he can speak Bemba or Nyanja.The state of the economy no longer matters like in Zimbabwe were Robert Mugabe has turned the country his toilet in the name Shona better others Useless.We shall remain cursed until we renounce this evil in our blood next we shall start killing each other like primitive animals in the bush.Where is civilization ?where is the church?

    • That is your view my friend. many like me still believe he is a good leader. That is why we voted for him Hin going for medical check-up is not a sin, All of us have various health problems. No one, no one including your HH is exempted from getting sick and seeking medical attention.

      Zambia is not cursed. Zambia is a blessed country, but this does not mean we will not go through challenges. These are fact of life. Even the richest have challenges. You put God aside if you are not a believer. Us who believe know how blessed we are as a country. Presidents will come and go, but Zambia will remain.

      Blessing are not synonymous with HH. This is a false premise. He can still do good work even when not a president.

      Insulting leaders of other country will.

  3. Just say he is sick. Why leave your country for another for treatment? There are no hospitals in your country. Chimbwi no plan. But when it comes to stealing you have a plan.

  4. Zambians were warned prior to January 2015 elections, but did not listen and voted for Lungu. By – elections are coming, Zambians will again vote for PF.
    Even the people we thought were wise (Katele) are now supporting thieves & corrupt people.

  5. Even old man Sata said he was going for a speedy routine check up in London and came back as “First Class” aircraft cargo.
    So if its routine then why not go to UTH and promote local facilities, then its specialists treatment the lazy man is undergoing in RSA its no wonder he didn’t criticize Zuma’s handling of the xenophobia attacks as he knew he had a pending medical treatment.

  6. There goes typical UPND response, you can’t win at all, they just have to say something! Even if there is nothing say.

  7. This man hasn’t shown anything tangible since he assumed office!! All he’s doing is accruing frequent flyer miles!! Our country is doomed!

  8. Is this guy going to come back. His boss never came back from the medical check up. Galu iyi. Alungu a failed project for ZAMBIA.

    • Galu ni HH and UPND. Perpetual losers. HH and his other UPND dogs only think that they can only to plot 1 by poisoning or killing a sitting President through their masonist, satanist HH and the gang.

      God, is so great. He has denied these evil worshipers victory. They will continue to live with their evil intention without success.

      Uyu eve you will not eat him. Go and eat your own children. You evil people. Even if EL dies today, you evil, satanist HH will never enter plot 1.

      Know that millions of Zambians country wide pray for EL daily. Evil will never previal over good, never!!!

      It is for this reason UPND is seen as a very backward and dark age party. It is full of people who are still living in Ing’ombe Ilede times. When are you going to get civilised. Bastard

  9. Galu ni HH and UPND. Perpetual losers. HH and his other UPND dogs only think that they can only to plot 1 by poisoning or killing a sitting President through their masonist, satanist HH and the gang.

    God, is so great. He has denied these evil worshipers victory. They will continue to live with their evil intention without success.

    Uyu eve you will not eat him. Go and eat your own children. You evil people. Even if EL dies today, you evil, satanist HH will never enter plot 1.

    Know that millions of Zambians country wide pray for EL daily. Evil will never previal over good, never!!!

    It is for this reason UPND is seen as a very backward and dark age party. It is full of people who are still living in Ing’ombe Ilede times. When are you going to get civilised. Bastards

    • @yebo nkhosi! So you don’t see anything wrong or just feel ashamed by what our leaders do? Going to SA for simple medical check up at great expense to our country and meanwhile they leave their UTH without equipment and medicine! So to you that’s the way to go as PF officials! What a shame! You even say millions are praying for Edgar for misusing our hard earned meager resources! In your own wisdom, that’s what you call development and you stand to defend Edgar with your life! I thought you had something in your damn head, its only now am realising I shouldn’t waste my time on your kind!

  10. I’m waiting to hear David Cameron’s medical making news headlines.

    Not sure why we have to make it newsworthy for the President having a medical.


    • Bicause of the development “achievements” over 50 years and “routine checkups” precedents.
      As to D. Cameron, his medical is paid by the NHS and his insurance and not by taxpayers which cannot afford two Aspirins.

  11. Let him stay in south Africa for good, we don’t want him, Inonge can govern, Zambia with calmness

    • He be back very fit for work and this is part of the preparations for 2016 election in which the hapless HH will taught a final political lesson.

      EL, this is part of your benefits as President, enjoy!!!!

      HH is only wishing it was him talking to other Presidents. That is what pains him most and his cadres. There is nothing EL can, he was given the mantle by the Zambian People.

      UPND, to bad you lost and you have never come to terms with that. No one can help you out of this, the onus is on you.

      EL enjoy your benefits as President, undergoing medical attention at the best facilities, even outside the country is part of that.

      EL, enjoy your Presidency. Those who hate will only die of depression.

      EL enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!!!

      EL, May God bless you and protect you.

  12. He can’t have his simple medical check up done here because our Dr’s have lost their ethics of not having secrets to private medical files. Even me I get skeptical visiting these hospitals of ours because of lack of confidentiality. I support him doing it outside zambia. If he did it here you would see a full medical report on zwd.

  13. People wisen up. Who do you think is paying for his medical? You think it’s coming out of his pocket? Both his wife and himself are being checked and its all your hard earned cash paying for them. Are you capable of having the luxury of flying to South Africa and getting a medical plus medication? Reason why it’s important to have a healthy candidate as president who won’t be misusing government money of his health which is costly to a nation. It has nothing to do with a political party so stop with the lame excuses of blame gaming! This is as simple as 1+1 and doesn’t take a genius to figure it out. If Zambian doctors have no ethics put them in jail as there is a code of conduct in any organisations. You complain there’s no job creation, your money is paying Lungu’s medical…

    • Certain positions unfortunately comes with insentives so my friend if you think the president is not intittled to such go and hang. if my simple engineer can enjoy free medical allowance for his family what about a president of a nation. You are better off keeping silent than to make an uncoordinated noise on line.

  14. This DOG called nkhosi yama nkosi is talking about upnd whn the subject is Lungu. Why cant u find something to do? It is u living in stone age politics. If i may ask, hw many times hv HERITAGE, FDD, UNIP lost elections since 2001, wht is yo answer? You are worse than faeces. Live UPND alone you dullard. At bakachema, yes we are. Wht do u hv yoself apart frm the BIG PENIS? SUMTYMES BE ASHAMED OF YOSELF. If u dont know Tongas are the richest in Zambia unlike you who survive by askng ubwafwilisho on the streets.

    • Those who have big penises call themselves bulls. Iam not in that category. So Iam normal. Bull are very untrustworthy, they sleep with anyone including their own siblings. they cheat on their wives and turn them into slave labour, they sleep with any kind of woman. This makes them irresponsible and incapable of self sexual control. If you give them plot 1, what do you expect? You guessed right, marriages will threatened, women molested at will, etc.

      I also encourage you to check your penis and measure it with a rule and then weigh it and post the results here pronto, pronto.

      Please let me know the results in your response.

    • That is where you get it wrong. Who told you that Tongas are the richest? Yes some Tonga are, but the truth is Zambians from other tribes are rich too. The only difference is that they are down to earth and do not boast as you do. How rich are you yourself.

      This your fallacy about HH, that he is it to rule because he is rich. This is not true. being a business man does not make one a good republican president. History proves that very few business executives have rule compared people of other professions. What is true is that you only support HH because he is Tonga. This is shameful. No wonder people have rejected him. He divides the country.

      About your insults, if this is what being Tonga means, it a very low level tribe then fit for the gutters.

  15. Why is your president coming to have is check up here in our country? What is wrong with your own hospitals? You want to come and destroy our medical facilities after you have failed to maintain your own?? You are a failed state and you bring all your problems here?? Go build your own hospitals and stop giving us your problems coz we have our own problems to sort out. You just celebrated your 50 year’s and we are only 21 years but we have facilities!! Where are yours??

    • You a Zambian. Why should hide behind SA citizenship. The way you write and all thinking shows who you are, a Zambian living in Zambia.

      You need to be ashamed of yourself. When people from other countries attend medical needs in SA, for them, it is business. They make money. We have had many situations in Zambia where ordinary Zambians with special medical needs have been sponsored by both government, individuals or business houses to go to SA, India, Israel, etc. for medical attention. This is all done in good will, to find help and save lives.

      You are looking at it with political glasses and you closed your heart and brain to reality. A president has a special status. Can you treat HH like an ordinary UPND member?

      How many times has HH attended these medical checks in SA? many…

  16. @GUNDIXY! It is a concern to all responsible citizens who feel your Edgar must not go for a medical check up in another country at great expense when we have hospitals in our country that they have neglected! Have you ever seen Cameron going to USA or anywhere else for his medicals? If this does not concern you then there is surely something seriously wrong with you!

    • Are saying the medical facilities of USA and France are equal to those in Zambia?

      What information do you have that these leaders have not undergone medical reviews in other countries?

      Supposing you are attending a meeting in USA and you have a medical need, would you not present yourself to a medical facility just because you are Zambian?

      Please, such kind of political hypocrisy is not right. Your hatred for EL just because he whacked HH is not right. Just wait and try again in 2016.

      What you are writing is really nonsensical by conception.

  17. I think the correct term here is medical review after his Acapulco or Acalasia episode on that stage. The fact still remains that Zambia is stagnant with a few resurfacing works being called development projects. It gets scarier when professional bodies resort to prayer to substitute incompetence.

  18. 10.1 flag Aleshaday, Iam happ I have no idea of the acronym you used to insult me. So Iam not at all affected.

    But as an answer to your question about who my father is, I did not want to tell you this. But since you insist, know that my father was you grandfather. This means that Iam your father. So respect your parents if you want to live longer and be blessed.

    I hope this suffices.

  19. 10.2 flag Musonda Bweupe, Iam not ashamed if our leaders go to attend better medical attention abroad. The state has a duty to give our leaders the best medical attention. This does not mean that we should neglect our own medical facilities. EL had undergone treatment in SA recently, if this is a follow-up, I see nothing wrong. He is only completing a process with people who performed an operation on him.

    I did not say people are praying for EL so that he can steal. I said the prayers are for his protection from those who wish him evil.

    Actually, my comment was a response to 9 flag analyser who wrote as Follows: “Is this guy going to come back. His boss never came back from the medical check up. Galu iyi. Alungu a failed project for ZAMBIA.” How else do you expect me respond to…

  20. Your president is SICK.
    Do not insult us because we tell you the truth that your presidents is SICK.
    SICK he is even if you deny it as you did with late president Sata. PF has sick potential presidents.

    • No one is exempted from sickness. Even your political failure HH has some medical condition now and then. Only that he has failed to be Zambian President, his problems are not in public domain. He could be suffering from kaswende.

      To be sick is part of being human. How times have you been sick yourself? You could be rotting right and even afriad to do a medical check-up because you fear you could told you will be dying tommorow.

      Who told you that HH is immortal. He may die today. You hopeless creatures, you think HH does not fall ill or that he will die? It does not mean that when someone because stinking rich (HH) with stolen money, he will not fall sick or die. HH falls sick frequently too. Especially after losing, he suffer from mental breakdowns.

      HH needs a shrink

    • We are not interested in the work of or dances of crap rollers like GBM, HH and Pilato.

      We live them to roll their crap, but deal with them when they behave like under fives. I hope they all had diapers on or else things were leaking all over the show.

      So keep that Pilato crap to yourselves and enjoy the crap he produces. It stinks so we stay away and enjoy life as victors!!!!

      Losers eat their crap. Pilato is that crap you produced!!!


  22. @14.1 Spongy Bob your status claims you’re in the USA. I am surprised by your comment since you talk about benefits. Those benefits are entitled to a person working for the company after 3 months probation. Those companies pay taxes to the government. That money is being recycled back into their economy adding to a nations GDP. When President Lungu travels to South Africa, he is benefiting South Africa’s GDP and not Zambia. This is the simple point people are trying to make. If you know anything about microeconomics and macroeconomics it tells you that. There is nothing wrong with an individual seeking better treatment abroad because Zambia does not have such, and as long as its their income not the nations being spent. Politicians always travel abroad for treatment why not in Zambia?

    • Yes, that is part of his benefits of being a President. It does not matter what the treatment is about. Who should pay the bills either locally or abroad if not the tax payer. Who told you that he should pay from his pocket. Companies have health policies. A nation too has health policies. If you want things to change, as HH to tell his MPs to move a motion in Parliament.

      Who pays for your medicines locally? is not all tax payers money. If you were to pay for the actual medical cost when you go to a GRZ cilinic or hospital, you could not afford, but it is subsidised for your benefit.

      Think deeply and reflect on how things really are and you will see things without bias. Remove you political or UPND looking and thinking glasses, they could be impairing your reasoning.

  23. Yebo Nkhosi in the USA, most aspiring presidential candidates undergo medicals to see if they are fit to be president. Just like an economy we need healthy people to manage and run it. Health care facilities are not part of Zambia’s priority. Fact is MP’s travel abroad for medical care, but what about the average Zambian that can not afford to travel abraod. Question is are they entitled to benefits to travel abroad? Traveling, hotel expenses including food, medication, treatment all costs money (Zambia’s revenue), should we stand back and watch others benefit and leave the poor to die? If Lungu invested in the same top of the art facilities he is attending abroad in Zambia, will help keep revenue in our economy and help all Zambians. Has nothing to do with HH or PF but simple logic!

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