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Zambian road accidents need divine intervention – Mukanga

General News Zambian road accidents need divine intervention - Mukanga

Transport, Works, Supply and Communications Minister, Yamfwa Mukanga, says the current situation of road accidents in Zambia needs serious prayer intervention from the Church.

Mr Mukanga says this is so because the Church has a spiritual role to play as many innocent lives are being lost on the roads.

The minister was speaking at the National Prayer Day on Road Safety under the theme ‘Acknowledging the Lordship of Jesus Christ over our roads’ in Lusaka today.

He said it has been noted world over that road traffic injuries are a leading cause of death for people aged between five and 24 years according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

Mr Mukanga added that in Zambia road traffic injuries have become one of the significant causes of childhood morbidity and mortality.

He said road safety can never be won by a single institution, adding that only a multi-faceted effort can help win the war against road traffic crashes.

And Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) Director and Chief Executive Officer, Zindaba Soko, says the agency has done a lot to educate people on road safety and enforcing law going to the extent of establishing Fast Track Court sessions in order to instil stoppage of repeated traffic offences.

Mr Soko adds that life is a gift from God which must be guarded jealously through spiritual interventions.

He says prayer and action are inseparable and both have an immeasurable influence on implementing national strategies.

He has expressed hope that the day of prayer will help road users to understand the road accident problem in Zambia and the importance of road safety measures.

Meanwhile, RTSA Chairperson, Webster Nonde, has revealed that a careful assessment of road crashes in Zambia points to drivers as a major cause of accidents.

Mr Nonde says the attitude and behaviour of most drivers is the number one challenge to road safety as they are seen driving while drinking alcohol, going straight through the red lights, overtaking at bends, and over speeding on high ways and congested areas such as townships.

And during the Homily, Rev Pukuta Mwanza of the Evangelical Fellowship in Zambia said the move to pray for road safety is important in that without God Man can do nothing.
Rev Mwanza also noted that drivers tend to use their phones whilst driving, thereby causing accidents as the Bible clearly states that one can never serve two masters at once.


  1. Useless myopic corrupt leadership is the one that needs serious prayers…only in Zambia…truly laughable!!

    • God will not help you if you are not helping yourself. Here is the solution:

      1.Stop the importation of secondhand tires.

      2.Control the importation of spare parts to avoid the use of fake spares parts.

      3.Only allow the importation of cars that are less than 10 years.

      4. Fire Zindaba Soko, the chap is very dull.

      5. Put road markings and signs on all roads. (currently even Great East road has no markings.

      6. Light the streets in towns. (At the moment, even the road to the airport has to lights)

      7. Bring down the billboards in the middle on roads in Lusaka, they are a destruction and make the city ugly.

      After doing these things, ask for God to intervene, he will answer your prayers.

  2. Simple logic construct dual carriage from lsk to ndola. Accidents will reduce. The road is congested. Or just over taking lanes stretching 3kms every 15km this will reduce accidents too. Praying is done and answered but speeding and overtaking incorrectly after prayer is the norm on zambian roads

  3. Divine innervation what? Ulichipuba? The number of cars has increased most of them not road worthy. People drink driving, unlicensed drivers , poor road surface and bad driving habits like people driving on the middle of the road at night. Lastly unmarked narrow roads period! fix these first you dimwits!

    • @house fly I am 100% with you. What makes people think that God just intervenes in everything? God has already given us free will to decide what we want by the choices we make. If we decide to ignore health and safety, traffic rules etc. we will suffer the consequences period. Stop involving God in idiosyncrasies.

  4. I had no idea this day would come when st.upidity would force a ring on the middle finger of f00lishness so they could adopt incompetence as their child! I am still struggling to say something…

  5. can somebody get me the ministers num.,,,i called ratsa toll num today for a traffic issue and was told sorry our officers are off duty,,

    Mr mininster does this mean that on weekends motorist are allowed to break traffic rules???

    these ratsa pipo have no priorities when it comes to traffic offences,,,

  6. This sums up our myopic thinking. Nobody talked about the state of our roads (they are either too narrow or in poor state) nor the state of the vehicles on the poor roads (most are not roadsworth).
    God will intervene when we have used the intelligence He gave us to correct the obvious.
    The accidents that happen at shoprite in Mazabuka are preventable & this is just one example.
    By the way how much money has been spent to organise/host the prayer day?

  7. God is not into the business of building safe high ways.
    The only possible divine intervation is to get the Zambian people jacked up from their slumber and demand for the government to work.

  8. Silly! Divine intervention?This is due to your lack of planning and corruption coupled with unworthy trucks on the roads..Didn’t you forecast that when the population grows,so will the number of cars.You have deliberately paralyzed Zambia Railways so that your truck businesses can benefit.
    Ask God to forgive you of your corruption and attempted murder by Davies Chama.

  9. I think they have completely stopped running the nation’s current affairs. Everything is now in the hands of God. But God knows nothing of this decision by PF. His intervention is a mare wish from PF.

  10. While this is true, there other things the government can do.
    1. Build wider roads and all intercity roads must be made dual or even three or more lanes.
    2. All roads must be marked both center lines and edges. Driving in unmarked roads is extremely dangerous.
    3. The U.S.A. has by far better road markings that what we inherited from the UK. Yellow center lines ensure safety than white lines which in America indicate same side. Also, yellow markings may indicate parking not allowed.
    4. Road signs in Zambia are poor. In the U.S. you can drive and follow these signs even to places you are not familiar. The signs also give a great silhouette background as are the road markings.
    5. Warnings of not to overtake signs in dangerous places where roads meander like Chingola – Kitwe…

  11. road must be prominently posted.
    6. Speed limits must be posted and enforced.
    7. As traffic increases new roads to decongest traffic on the peripherals of towns and cities or to bypass the city must be built.
    8. When working on major roads especially dual carriage way, warnings must be posted several kilometers away (esp if temporary change to single roads) and major reflectors and partitions must be in place.
    9. Strict adherence to strict issuance of driving licenses must be observed.
    10. Implement heavy penalties.
    11. Street lights and … now PRAY!

    • That’s all down to strategic planning with a goals…dull individuals like this other buffoon Mukanga would rather lazily put their hands together and pray as Zambia is a Christian nation whatever that means..what a bunch of pathetic lazy imbeciles we have on Government payroll…imagine doing this in a private company..truly laughable.

  12. If that quote is accurate it’s a ridiculous thing for a government minister to say. Gwirani chabe nchito, otherwise osakamba ngako

  13. Hon Yamfwa Mukanga what is wrong with you? The government buys you papers and you have internet, so read bloggers comments about what you write or what you say. It will help you to move from being classified Ichipuba to being classified intelligent. Stop just opening your mouth before you think and understand the implication of what will come out of your mouth. You will find valid answers in most of the comments. It is my hope that you jump start reasoning better in the next two weeks.The Church has done its part, prayed, now it is the government to do its part as stated by my fellow bloggers.

  14. This Obese Minister has Cotton wool, instead of a Brain in that Cranium.
    Zambia is really doomed with dull leaders like “Wamfwa Yamfwa” Who votes for these goons really, characters only fit for a Circus job??
    Yamfwa you know what? You can treat Your Obesity problem with prayer alone.
    Donchi bother going to the Gym or modifying your diet.
    Now go & sleep. Zambia’s are happy to pay You for doing nothing!!

  15. What exactly do you want God to do for us?
    1.expand the narrow roads?
    2.Mark the road lines?
    3.Put road signs on the roads?
    4.Start testing drivers before getting licences
    5.Mend pot holes
    6. Mark zebra crossings?
    7.Put proper walk ways, cycling paths?

    Mr. Minister when God put man in the garden, he told to tend the garden, look after it, dominate it for your own enjoyment.

    Question and Answers
    1.Another example, why do we have so many accidents between Lusaka and kabwe and less accidents between Ndola and Kitwe?
    Ans: one is dual carriage way while the other is single lane road.
    2. why are we not loosing students at unza bus stop?
    Ans: because there is a fly over bridge for pedestrians, it safe now.

    My point is simple Sir, do your work!

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