Government warns politicians inciting communities to block investors


GOVERNMENT has warned that it will not tolerate politicians inciting residents of Zimba District to block Rosinvest Zambia Limited in setting up a multi-million tin mining project.

Some residents of Chilobi area in Simwatachela chiefdom in Mapatizya Constituency where the project was being set up had vowed to reject the mine for fear of being displaced.

The company, however, has assured that its concentration is on the hills where tin is found and would not temper with pieces of land occupied by the local people.

In an interview yesterday, District Commissioner Elizabeth Kalaluka said, Zimba being a new district, it required massive developments and such mining project would radically improve the living standards of the locals.

“We had several meetings over this matter where some politicians are inciting the locals to block and reject this mining investment which will significantly benefit everybody,” she said.

Ms Kalaluka said that, following a recent consultative meeting involving her office, Chief Simwatachela and his subjects, the investor was given a go-ahead over the project.

She was happy that the project would bring about sustainable development in the chiefdom area in economic areas such as education, health and road infrastructure.

In a separate interview, one of the directors of Rosinvest Zambia Limited, Yury Zhukov said, though, the company was waiting for a mining licence from Government, it has already done massive ground works and empowering the community.

He said, the company through its corporate social responsibility, would construct a clinic with two staff houses by July this year, to enable the community access health services within their locality.

So far, the company has renovated an old borehole for the community to access water and also drilled another one. The community would also benefit from upgraded road networks such as one joining the main Kabanga road from the mining area.


    • Can the DC point at one project by investors that has benefited locals in a significant and sustainable way. The locals are not present when govt officials take bribes from investors in exchanges of concessions. Karina dam displacement , gapping holes on the Copperbelt and Lead poisoning in Kabwe are examples where locals will demand accountability from govt before agreeing to be displaced

  1. Communities can also think and learn from previous experiences such as kariba dam , so don’t always politicise everything. You running away from your own shadows. Just go back and talk to the people and try to convince them rather than always issuing warnings as if you’re the only ones who know how to fight.

  2. Ba DC after taking bribes you want the local people to dance to your tune? When people lose thir land you won’t be there.

  3. UNIP era behaviours have not disappeared. It is the duty of all responsible politicians and advocates to educate and inform residents so they know the consequences of investment. While this DC is sitting in a supplied office in a good part of town she will not feel what the poor citizens will soon be subject too when things go awry. So backward it is not even funny anymore!

  4. Dear Politicians! Communities are stakeholders and have the right to refuse projects from happening in their areas. Its all about collaboration and not what the corporation or the government want. I bet you there are some politicians on this blog trying to cloud our minds. The host community is the most important stakeholder as they live and work at that destination and provide local resources to investors. It is therefore important to involve the local community in decision taking, and to ensure that investors do not bring unacceptable impacts upon the local people and their homes. Local communities also seek an adequate return on investment. Investors tend to be multinational well-resourced with capital, expertise and power who have limited interest and commitment to destinations.

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