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HIV positive man jailed for seven years for infecting two women



A man who infected two women in the U.K with HIV after having unprotected sex with them despite knowing he was a carrier has been jailed for seven years.

Mweetwa Muleya, 28, from Swansea, knew from the age of 19 that he had HIV and had been warned it would be a crime to have sex without warning a partner he had tested positive.

Muleya went to Britain from Zambia as a teenager. Muleya was diagnosed with HIV at the age of 15 – but his mother did not tell him until he was almost 19.He was then given anti-retroviral medication to control the virus and advice on how to stop its spread. He was told it would be a crime to have unprotected sex with someone and not disclose his positive status.

Muleya fell into a lifestyle of drink and drugs and lapsed when it came to sexual health check ups.

Muleya said he had started drinking and taking drugs because he was in denial about his condition.When arrested Muleya said he had used protection with both women.

He leaded guilty to two counts of causing Grievous bodily harm in May this year and sentenced to seven years in prison, and handed an extra six months for unrelated drug offences.


    • this kachema also,,, what is he doing in london???,,,, this the problem of letting kachemas wondering allover,,,,,

    • The fact that his mother hid Muleya’s status for 4 years in which time the teenager could have been sex.ually active and infecting other teenagers is a crime in itself. The seed of hiding his condition was planted by the mother.

      If there are people in your life that are living with HIV, please support them.

  1. Thankyou @ hilda malama for helping decampaign upnd and hh. makes life easier for other parties to sweep hh clean next year

    • What automatically makes you think that Hilda from above supports HH and UPND. HH gives you sleepness nights doesn’t he? Leave him out of it my friend.

  2. This tendency of diverting a topic and bringing our personal objectives is proof enough of our myopic reasoning. Where has the issue of Lungu penetrated from as far as the topic at hand is concerned. Let us guard this freedom of expression at all costs.

  3. Luckily there are certain topics that I like commenting on which such useless blogging avoid. Anything approaching sexual matters or petty politicking will always attract the kind of Malama undoubtedly. Bear with him/her.

  4. This guy Muleya is Tonga. Am sure is a strong member of upnd. Atleast the UK prisons are better than the ones in choma the only good thing about being imprisoned in southern province is that HH will visit you and speak on your behalf as being innocent.

  5. This is how you stop the spread of HIV. People who knowingly infect others. Sue them for every penny they have too!

  6. This prostitute Hilda Malama has spoiled the soup. This case could have attracted good debate as such cases are common in Zambia.
    LT please block these id.iots from commenting first.

  7. I have often wondered when people will be legally held responsible for knowingly infecting others in Zambia. The judicial system should look into this. Indeed it is the only way to stop people from recklessly infecting people.

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