Mount Meru setting up first-ever filling station in Namwala since Independence


NAMWALA residents have extolled Mount Meru Group of Companies for its initiative to embark on setting up a K2 million first-ever service filling station in the district since Independence.

Despite being a cattle-rich-district, Namwala has no reliable source of fuel as residents have to either buy from vendors or cover a distance of more than 160 kilometres to Choma, to acquire the commodity.

District Council Secretary Mabvuto Masiye said that the construction of a filling station by Mount Meru Group of Companies would curb illegal fuel vending in the district.

“For a long time now, Namwala residents have been complaining about lack of a fuel filling station because the nearest available fuel is from vendors and this fuel is destroying vehicles,” he said.

Mr Masiye said the construction of the facility would significantly accelerate the district’s economic development as it would become a reliable source of fuel.

Once completed, the facility would also help reduce transportation costs and prizes of goods and services owing to unavailability of a fuel station.

Mount Meru Group director David Chaponda said construction of the filling station was expected to be completed soon.

The construction of the facility was in line with the company’s agenda of rolling out its fuel service stations into rural areas.

So far, about 50 people, among them, local youths have been employed at the initial stage of the construction works.


  1. This is a wonderful story to publish. becasue ofpressure to attract and retain the readership, many online media devote most of the time to sensational stories devoid of any developmental promotion framework. I say, congratulations to the story. I say congratulations to Mount Meru. Remain focussed on long term, medium term and short term investments. The three types complement each other. Keep it up!

  2. A good move though I have to refute one statement. Maybe the journalist or the one who gave out information is born yesterday. It is not true that this is the first time a filling station is being constructed. There were numerous of them during the Kaunda era but they all disappeared due to lack of customers. Those day you could count the number of people who had vehicles.

  3. I am very happy for Namwala but it is not the first filling station since Independence. During my stay in Namwala from 1972 to 1975 there war one at Simanda’s when you entered the town (village in the those days).

  4. This is puzzling how local Zambians invest their money. Despite having thousands of herds of cattle, they have to wait for an outside investor to build a K2million filling station. Zambians should wake up otherwise we shall remain spectators as outsiders enjoy all the benefits. By the way, why has the famous Kachema failed to build a filling station in his stronghold. Does it require Government in power to direct him to do so?

  5. Its was the repressive governments that made the filling station to disappear in Namwala. My uncle decided to put a filling station but politics took centre stage and failed to put one. Having said that this is not the first time Namwala is having a gas station, the journalist did not do a thorough research on this one.

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