Solwezi residents given opportunity to lodge complaints of maladministration by any government department


The Commission for Investigations has today commenced provincial public sittings in the North-western province to hear complaints of maladministration perpetrated by government officials.

According to a press statement released by the Commission to the Zambia News and Information Services in Solwezi today, the Commission will be sitting the whole week.

“You are therefore, encouraged to come and lodge in any complaints of maladministration perpetrated by any government department, parastatal body or local authorities”, reads the statement in part.

The public is advised to lodge such complaints as any action or inaction or decision taken by any public officer or authority in the exercise of the administrative functions of that officer or authority which may result in abuse of authority, unfairness, error, negligence and or administrative dysfunction.

Other complaints to be lodged include bias, neglect, delay,incompetence, tribalism, intimidation, selective treatment, rudeness and neglecting to inform an individual on request of one’s rights or entitlements.


  1. Its a shame that Solwezi residents always vote for the opposition who are not able to change anything in Solwezi for the better!The township roads in Solwezi are all dust roads and the MP has failed to do anything about them!The UPND and its leader HH are loud mouthed failures!Sowezi residents please wake up and stop chosing these failures as your MPs!!

    • It’s the responsibility of government to provide social services to its citizens . Please opposition parties can not build roads etc in solezwi. Can you grow up please. I know you have the freedom to blog but show us your level of understand governance . Ooooh Zambians of today…….

    • You clearly do not understand the role of an MP. The primary role of an MP is to legislate, i.e to create laws or modify existing ones. How funds are spent is a function of government. Educate yourself before you start spewing nonsense on a public forum like this one

    • @ What a Life!
      Really what a foolish life you have!
      Weren’t people in Luapula, Northern, Copperbelt and Lusaka Provinces always voting for the losing Sata (3 times in a row)?
      Didn’t their persistence pay off the fourth time Sata tried?

      Former Senegalese President Abdoulaye Wade only succeeded at the 6th attempt in year 2000 i.e 26 years after his first in 1974, Richard Nixon at second attempt in 1968 but 8 years after his first attempt in 1960 & Sata after 10years at 4th attempt in a row.

      You are not widely read, don’t expose your ignorance. Just because Sata won you think it was easy riding? If you think so, then compare it to Chiluba’s, Zuma’s, Kitwete’s & more importantly Obama’s win at first attemp?

    • Maweeee @ What a Life! A life of ignorance on basics at least GM and splaka are kind enough to be of help to your understanding.

  2. You are show minded my friend, the party in power are the not owners of money but the people of Zambia. Voting opposition is good for development. Keep it up Solwezi residents.

  3. Under PF everying is upside down its only a mental patient can praise the failure of PF.If you eat with them then shut up

  4. Iam aware that its the responsibility of the government to provide services like roads,water,electricity etc.I also know that the area MPs are voted on based on their campaign promises to provide service to the people in the constituency.Why then do people vote for MPs?What is their job if they just have to sit and wait for government to do everything?What is the role of MPs?Does it take government to collect garbage or stop people from throwing rubbish everywhere?Mulusa walked from Solwezi to Chingola to demonstrate how bad Chingola Solwezi road is.Did he get any information from RDA on what plans government have on repair of this road or he just wanted to gain political mileage?What are the duties of MPs?Im just provoking a debate here!!Im non partisan,so please don’t insult me!!

  5. The role of an MP is to legislate & to provide foresight to the executive. Its the role of the executive to provide services.
    Actually its a fallacy for a parley candidate to promise to provide services, they do not control any allocation for such services.
    The only time they influence expenditure is when they sit in councils as councilors. I’m sure you are aware that an MP is also a councilor.
    Join me to advocate for a stronger & more effective local govt.

    • You are right man. MPs forget that they are councillors and are responsible for formulating and enforcing bye laws.How can we ensure that the MPs do their work? Most times they abandon their constituencies and disappear to Lusaka soon after being elected MPs.

    • Often times MP’s take advantage of the gullibility of voters. A large chunk of voters do not have an idea of what a Member of Parliament or indeed a Councilor is supposed to do.

  6. I wish they had an electronic portal for us to lodge complaints. That said here are my complaints for mal-administration.
    (i) We were sold land at the Humphrey Mulemba Village Park, near the airport. We paid for service charges and for the plots. It is now two years these plots have not been shown to many people.
    (ii) Why does the council offer land when they have not really negotiated with the locals?

    • Indeed. I also bought land at Humphrey Mulemba villa park and nothing has been done to date. everytime you go to the coulcil to find out what is happening you are told will relocate you to mitukutuku an area in the outskirts of solwezi. surprisingly, this area is a farming block and I did not apply for such a plot. it is really fair that the solwezi council should take advantage of its people like that?

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