Abuse of mosquito nets worries health authorities

FILE: Two women using a mosquito net to catch fish in Mongu. It is illegal to fish using a mosquito net
FILE: Two women using a mosquito net to catch fish in Mongu. It is illegal to fish using a mosquito net

A public health officer in Kasama has expressed concern that some community members are allegedly using mosquito nets for designing wedding dresses.

Mr. Morgan Sanka a Public heath Officer in Kasama District revealed this during a public meeting at Chief Nkole Mfumu Palace in Kasama District.

He explained that he was very disappointed to note that some community members were using mosquito nets for designing wedding dresses and not for the intended fishing purposes.

Mr. Sanka said it was sad that his office had been distributing mosquito nets to the community for Malaria prevention but were instead being abused.

He further called on people to report anyone found selling or using mosquito nets for other things apart from their intended purpose.

The health public officer also advised those engaged in the practice that they were doing so at the expense of risking their own health.


  1. What are the fisheries officers doing to stop this. In Milenge district in Luapula Province, people are still using bark to poison the water to catch fish coming up for oxygen. I visited my Ba Pongosh last year and was shocked at this indiscriminate practice.

  2. As they say, only in Zambia! In other parts of the world the intended purpose of mosquito nets is to keep mosquitoes at bay while one sleeps. But in Zambia it is to catch fish. Who would have known?

  3. Vinabwela mochedwa.

    These people should be educated about Malaria and how to control it.

    Other than it, make it a punishable offence if such items are misused.

  4. This practice decimates fish populations quickly because baby fish are caught which leads to no fish in the future. There needs to be a resident officer or inspector to police the practice. Get those road traffic people out of town and assign them to these areas. Growing the future of our food source is more urgent.

  5. In Zambia a wedding is incomplete without a wedding dress, something we were brainwashed to do by our colonisers so a wedding dress is more important than preventing malaria

  6. LT, please check your articles before putting them online. Are you surely telling us that the mosquito nets were intended for fishing?

  7. kansi mulungu anabapanga bwanji a bemba?machitidwe yavintu awe sure..nsomba zasila chifukwa cha fishin nama mosq nets manje ati nima weddin dress..imwe vibantu ukani and learn kuti malaria kills.thats why tubana ku luapula tumavumo monga muli mwana kansi nima enlarged spleens kamba ka malaria.imwe vimbuya vanga pliz stop kusobelesa ma items to help yu vimambala…

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