Zambia goes Digital Television tomorrow, President Lungu to launch it on Monday


Chishimba Kambwili
Chishimba Kambwili

ZAMBIA is tomorrow expected to start showing digital television along the line of rail, Information and Broadcasting Services Minister Chishimba Kambwili has disclosed.

Mr Kambwili told Parliament today that President Edgar Lungu is expected to launch the Digital television on Monday next week.

“Phase one of the Digital Migration equipment installation is complete from Livingstone to Chililabombwe and His Excellence President Edgar Lungu will launch the digital migration television at the Mass Media complex in Lusaka on Monday,” he said.

Mr Kambwili said the contract to install digital migration equipment was awarded to Star Times who have since completed Phase One of the project which stretches from Livingstone town in southern Province to Chililabombwe in the Copperbelt.

He said Phase Two which will involve installing the digital transmitters in all the provincial centres will commence soon. Phase Three will cater for the rest of the country. The minister said in Phase two and three, set top boxes will be sold on hire purchase because most rural dwellers cannot afford to buy them on cash.

Mr Kambwili disclosed that ZNBC TV 1, TV 2, Prime Television and Revelation Television are the stations that will be showing starting tomorrow while other channels will be expected to give their feed to ZNBC. He said the transmitter can carry up to 20 channels hence increasing quality of television and creating more jobs.

He said ZNBC was given the right to be the national digital carrier for digital television after they paid the license fee of K 928, 000 after cabinet approved the digital migration policy. He added that private television stations will be allowed to be on the feed for six months without paying anything while a fee is being considered.

Mr Kambwili said there will be no television blackout for the those who will not buy the set top boxes along the line of rail. He said both digital and analogue will be showing side by side for six months.


    • This kaponya of a president has time for such events??? Upto date we do not have an economic plan. The future Zambians are doomed if the fiscal situation is not recertified and you people get excited about going digital. We should be get excited when we hit economic surplus. Anyways, Lungu must get serious. I as a Zambian did not employ him for such when there is a minister. One that has verbal diarrhea and like publicity for that matter. Just wait in 2016 we are firing you. This is nonsense and unacceptable. Please resign if you cannot govern let alone act only when a president is required like firing your thug Chama and replace him

  1. Zambia is start showing digital television? Awe mukwai. The transmission will be digital but there is nothing like showing digital television. Even Radio by the way will be digital


    • Now you probably understand why Zambia needs to move abreast with new generation leaders! I bet you that we have among our leaders some who can not even utilize basic computer applications.

  3. Shikampwasha delayed the process when he was just a minister of information. His arguments to go digital were gruffly, doofus, tatterdemalions and lackadaisical to someone who knows for sure that ministerial positions are temporal.

  4. You are not telling the pipo how much they will pay for a digital decoder to watch those 4 channels.
    What Znbc needs is to add more free to air channels like BBC news to their buquey to drive up sales and which in turn will make other providers join the line up.

    • @Patrick
      Muleikalafye ngatamukwete ifyakulanda.
      ZNBC decoder is @K130. 17-06-2015 is the connection date. Better read the article to answer your gibberish questions.

    • Look at this dul.l chap ‘air mukwai’ who uses his bumm to think, where in the article is the price of a decoder mentioned?

    • @Patrick
      You’re really a cockamamie with sphoned grey matter remaining with melted cheese-like white matter. Anyone living in Zambia know the price of decoder. If you never skipped lessons of “Can you remember” in grade 5 you could see planned channels govt has. Hence your naive lackadaisical question could have not asked.
      Better brush your teeth once noticing bad breath.

    • Air mukwai, who told you all pipo on this blog live in Zambia, or that all Zambians know the price of a digital decoder ? if you mother has bad breath dont think every one else has, you son of a bi.tch.

    • @Patrick
      Yangueee! Naufwa uluse. You’re spending too much of your productive time washing plates in restaurants to survive. That detour you from acquiring info. You’re still in cocoon failing to use brain power to debate. I can see you’re in mode of floccinaucinihilipilification .

    • @Patrick,
      If you come to Zambia. Your mum and I have something to review to you that you’re my blood son. So my son, stop insulting your mother. She will curse you.

    • Air mukwi, debate what ? if digital decoders are the centre of this topic and the price is not mentioned whats the use of the article ? why should i do research when the article is supposed to be informative ? and tell me where the price is mentioned as you suggested ?
      If you are ignorant to what T2 digital technology is just say, instead of exposing how du.ll you are, and i can in no way be connected to a thick monkey like you.

    • @Patrick
      The issue here is NOT the price of decoder since every Zambian knows where to access them but switch on from analogue to digital. Don’t be dull.
      Tatterdemalion has adventitious roots in your brain to see issues to be discussed or debated.

    • tell us where in the article the price of the decoder is mentioned as you said ? and a decoder is central to this issue, how will you watch that new signal with out the decoder ?? just stop exposing you ignorance and how thick you are….

  5. I just can’t understand the whole digital migration kaili analogue ni aerial digital without or buttons so pliz explain this migration

  6. I am rather confused this digital thing if i need DSTV, MUVI TV and ZNBC do i need to buy decoders for all these station or one is enough.

    • Unless all those channels join the ZNBC bouquet, [which is a bundle of channels] you need separate decoders. Those channels will have to pay ZNBC in order to join, but who will pay when there is only a limited audience for them to recupe their fees ? That is why ZNBC will need to find ways of making pipo buy the box by improving the channels line up and programme quality.

    • Only one decoder is enough.
      There is a TV button on any remote decoder that will give you options of any TV subscription you wish to tune on. For instance, if you choose MUVI TV, it will give you about 52 channels, ZNBC will give you about 25 channels, DSTV full bouquet will give you over 150 channels.

    • Air Mukwai_ you dont know what you are talking about,

      ati ” There is a TV button on any remote decoder that will give you options of any TV subscription you wish to tune on.”

      If one decoder is all you need, how come as of now before the new signal, you need different decoders ?

      on Zambias new T2 digital signal, DSTV is not there, the DSTV you are thinking of is transmitted by satellite, so what one decoder are talking about ?.

    • @patrick,
      I think the all issue of digital migration is so advanced to be absorbed by scattered grey matter of your brain. I once told you ati uleikalafye ngataukwete ifyakulanda. Better go and wash plates in a restaurant uko waba kwanabene ushula. Just come back to enjoy organic food, sunshine, fresh air and listening to local languages.

      Ask your mother who’s wife to feed you info on digital migration.

    • Air Mukwai_, you have no clue on the topic at hand, just go back to planning on how and where to steal next.
      If you are representative of the calibre of the pipo who use the internet in Zambia, no wonder we are underdeveloped and think of borrowing and stealing 24/7

    • @Patrick,
      Ala walinkosa umutwe. Eniwe waletoba ama-examples. Anyway, you’re used ukutoba ama-plates those that you wash to make ends meet. Mu diaspora yalikosa.
      Vermin defines your attitude.

  7. Patrick and air mukwai, don’t use this follar for your arguments please. Ask one another’s email and quarrel.

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