Government sends Apologies to Chief Mpezeni

Chishimba Kambwili
Chishimba Kambwili
Chishimba Kambwili
Chishimba Kambwili

Government has sent apologies to Paramount Chief Mpezeni of the Ngoni people of Eastern province and people who were to be addressed by him over the land settlement dispute between the Ngonis and the Chewas in chipangali on Sunday.

In a statement released to the media by Minister of Broadcasting and Information, Chishimba Kambwili,Government said that they had learnt with deep sadness the events of last sunday and would like to assure the Chief Mpezeni that the PF government holds traditional leaders in high esteem and relies on them for guidance and counsel not only in traditional matters but in maintaining peace and spearheading development.

“This is why government, after receiving the report from relevant government operatives, regrets sunday’s events and assures the mpezeni that such an incident will not happen again, ” read the statement.

“Government would like to assure the Nkhosi Ya ma Nkhosi that it will take keen interest in the matter and stands ready to render a hearing to the royal establishment over the current disagreements which are historical between the two tribes.”

” Government further hopes political players or any other individuals, for that matter, do not aggravate the tension by issuing statements that will not help resolve the differences between the two tribes, ” concluded the statement.

And Zambia Police have denied reports in the Post Newspaper that they used teargas canisters to disperse Ngonis who wanted to hold a meeting at Dwankhonzi Secondary School.

Commenting on the events over the weekend, Zambia Police said that a total chaos between Ngonis and Chewas would have happened at Dwankhonzi Secondary School in Chipangali area of Chipata District if the meeting was not cancelled.

Eastern Province Police Commissioner Eugene Sibote told journalists in Chipata today that the police received intelligence report that the Chewas were who were opposing the meeting were geared to cause chaos if the meeting had been allowed to take place.

Mr Sibote said when the police received the report, they moved to the area and some possibilities to ensure that the meeting did not take place.

“As police we did not want that meeting to go ahead because we received intelligence report that Chewas were geared to cause total chaos if the meeting had been allowed to take place,” he said.

He said it was not good for people to be hacking each other saying it was good that the meeting was cancelled by the police because was posing a threat.

Mr Sibote said when police officers moved to the site advised pupils who are doing boarding to put on uniforms in case of anything because they would be caught up in the web.

He said initially, the police had advised the concerned parties not to go ahead with the meeting but police were surprised that announcements were even done on the radio stations regarding the same meeting.

“Even school authorities were not even aware that they will be a meeting until they heard it from the radio,”Mr Sibote said.

The police chief said it was also sad the wrong information was being spread that police used teargas to disperse the Ngonis who had gathered.

He said no one turned up to the meeting stating that only police officers who were deployed and and only left around 16:00 hours.

He said contrary to what has been reported, the truth of the matter was that the police did not at anytime discharge teargas or use force against any person at the intended meeting.

“These facts can be verified from the school authorities at Dwankozi Secondary School which was the venue of the intended meeting or from people in surrounding areas. We received information that there was a likelihood of violence erupting during the meeting and when officers went there they advised the people who had gathered to leave the premises and this was not done by use of teargas or force,”he said.

Mr Sibote implored the media to get the information right by reporting the truth through balancing up of the stories by getting to both sides.

Meanwhile Chewa Royal Establishment has commended the Government for quickly moving to stop a meeting which was supposed to be chaired by Paramount Chief Mpezeni of the Ngoni people in Chipangali area.

Chief Chanje said that Government’s move must be appreciated because it helped to prevent any bloodshed due to fights which would have ensued if the meeting was allowed to take place.

He explained that government was right to stop the meeting in order to maintain peace adding that it would have been wrong for Paramount Chief Mpezeni to hold a meeting in an area which does not fall under his jurisdiction.

Chief Chanje also questioned a statement from House of Chiefs chairperson, Senior Chief Nkomeshya Mukamambo that police used teargas to disperse people, who had gathered for the meeting.

He explained that before commenting and condemning Government over the matter, the House of Chief’s chairperson should have gotten more information from all sides involved.

The traditional leader said that the House of Chiefs was supposed to be neutral in helping to resolve wrangles involving traditional matters.

Chief Chanje said in 1948, the condemned Ngonis who were found to be practicing witchcraft in Chief Sairi area in the South of Chipata were to be killed according to the Ngoni tradition at the time.

He said it was Mr Thomson who was the district commissioner for Fort Jameson who instructed Mr Frazer who was at that time the district agricultural extension officer responsibility of relocating the people in the district.

According to the information, 600 Nyau dancers were expected to be unleashed and disturb the meeting.


  1. For those of you who don’t know, this so called apology is what we call diplomacy. The real insult against ba Mpezeni still stands.

    ha ha

    • Mpezeni was Sata’s good friend. Ka Jamasoni Lungu has now disowned him after he campaigned for him.

      Ask Miles Sampa, he knows too well how Lungu uses people. This is the same Miles that smelt the PF presidency only to be dribbled by Lungu’s influence of the then corrupt judiciary. By the time Miles was able to appeal Lungu was already sworn in and smiling.

      Lungu 1: Miles Sampa 0

    • I’ve read this story and still not understood what the actual dispute between the two tribes is about

    • The police statement does not add up and is even contradictory. For instance, Sibote claims that “no one turned up to the meeting stating that only police officers who were deployed and only left around 16:00 hours.” Yet in the same breath he also says that “when officers went there they advised the people who had gathered to leave the premises and this was not done by use of teargas or force”. Mr Commissioner Sibote, do you see the problem with lies? If there was no one who turned up to the meeting besides police officers, who were the people who had gathered whom you advised to leave the premises?

  2. can govt also apologize to the tonga chiefs for remarks attributed by pf SG on polygamy statement ,as of now its just a vote apology to mpezeni.

  3. Long Live Nkhosi! This apology is apt and in time just to smooth over matters. We need to massage and calm his mood.

    I never understand why issues arising from the pre colonial times are never sent to an International Court where UK can be made to make corrections for their dastardly divide and rule muddles. This includes issues in HH land.

    Why hack each other really!

  4. That’s how we know that elections are just around the corner.
    The reason for getting a police permit is so that in case the crowd becomes unruly, they can be controlled by professionals. In the event that the meeting takes place without proper crowd control and a small faction decides to use physical intimidation to put their point across, the government will have to answer for any crimes that may take place, upto and including murder.
    We should respect the elders, but let us not be led into anarchy!

  5. ZNBC HEADLINE: police refute reports of teargas so are they saying the nkosi yama nkosi is lying about teargas?

  6. Isn’t this where the Ministry for chiefs (or whatever its called) is supposed to come in and play the advisory role?

  7. The apology is welcome . However the police statement implies the paramount chief is a liar. I just cannot understand why PF gets in problem with Chiefs for no apparent reason. If they had sensed trouble they should have despatched the minister of Chiefs to go and talk to all concern.

  8. Lol, africa has lots of tribal issues…Tutsis vs Hutus,Shona vs Ndebele,Kikuyu vs Luo,Hausas vs Igbos and in Zambia its all tribes vs evil Bembas.

    • I beg to disagree with that all tribes in Zambia are against the Bembas. From what I have been reading on this page and other similar items, it is some Tongas who have chosen to declare war against the Bembas just because they think they are the one who are blocking HH from being President.

      I find this hatred unjustfied, unfair and unrealistic. The Bembas are progressive and proud group of people.

      So my friend, move away from your over-ethnol centrist position and learn that all people are born free, equal, proud and free.

      Being an ethnol centrist only show backward someone is.

    • “Evil Bembas” are only in your silly mind. Perhaps you should try to mix with real Bembas a bit more not Bemba speaking people – you will notice the difference.

    • Mwana wa Lucifer Satana iwe! Which evil Bembas? you are the evil one for coming out with this garbage!!!

    • the last i checked, northern, luapula and muchinga had the highest poverty levels. also the same provinces had the highest illiteracy levels. furthermore, collegues from here would rather built a new kasama in lusaka and cant go and invest in their villages.


    • How does Banda come into your hallucinations? Your Chief wanted to go and address a meeting in area that does not fall under his jurisdiction – so claim the other party. That is a recipe for chaos.

    • @ aleshady
      Freedom of movement does not imply freedom to trespass and urinate in your neighbour’s yard! Perhaps you should look deeper into Mpezeni and Madzimawe’s conduct vis-à-vis mukula tree plunder with the Chinese “infestors”! That’s where Mpezeni’s real problems lie. A short while ago, Chagwa Lungu alluded to the fact that some traditional leaders were involved in this illegality! He may not have mentioned Mpezeni and Madzimawe, but law enforcement agencies know who he was referring to, and so do we! Mpezeni should not create this smoke screen to divert from real issues! Chiefs should not be in the fore front of criminality just because they have been allowed some jurisdiction over land!

  10. I’ve heard itv from very credible sources that this Oaf in a suit is the next Presidio. I cringe at the very thought. But then others are asking if there can be anything worse than Bro Jameson. I’m hopeful on the latter

  11. Kambwili’s Copperstone degree seems to be defective. The Minister should know that the Chewas have allowed the Ngonis to settle in Chipangali just like other Zambians have settled in Lamba-land.

    The Chewa Chiefs closely associated to Chipangali are Chiefs Chanje, Chinunda and Mafuta who are the direct subjects of Paramount Chief Undi. If Mpezeni had any concerns on the welfare of the Ngonis in Chipangali he should wisely consulted Paramount Chief Undi to resolve any issues.

    In similar vein Minister Kambwili and his Permanent Secretary should have initially consulted the Provincial Minister and Chief Undi. Data on the ground should have compelled Kambwili to issue an apology to Paramount Chief Undi rather than defend a wrong doer. Hence his intellectual deficiency.

  12. The Ngonis by nature want to always be dominant. Chipagali area has never been a Ngoni area. Mpezeni and his people are beggars in Chipangali constituency. It was wrong for Mpezeni to even suggest that chief Saili should preside over an area which is not his. Gawa Undi is the owner. Mpezeni should appreciate this. Why does he want to cause chaos in an area which is not his?

  13. These are deep rooted problems which require wisdom to solve not emotions .That’s why we have he house of chiefs,Judiciary and the presidency in this country.If we the international court of justice is there.At no time should the police tear gas or shout or arrest Mpezeni there role to protect those attacked but should not involve themselves in traditional issues or take sides.The paramount chief should sit down with there subjects to dialogue if they fail processes are there to be followed.No one should die we are all Zambians.

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