Government to avoid maize wastage during marketing


Thousands of bags of maize have continued to go to waste in the country. This picture was taken at Nangweshi area of Shangombo District in Western Province last week
FILE: Rotten Maize at Nangweshi area of Shangombo District in Western Province

Government says it will not allow any maize wastage during this year’s crop marketing season.

And the Food Reserve Agency (FRA) will purchase 7,500 metric tonnes of white maize from farmers in Monze district.

Officially opening a one-day-training workshop for satellite depot supervisors held at Southern Comfort Lodge today, newly appointed Monze District Commissioner, Cyprian Hamanyanga, said government expects all FRA officials to perform to their expectation and avoid any maize wastages during the marketing season.

Mr Hamanyanga said he was impressed with the FRA’s performance in the district last year when it drastically reduced maize thefts and wastages.

He urged all FRA officials in the district not to relent but to perform better than last year by ensuring that the purchased commodity was moved to the holding depots without delay to avoid thefts and wastages.

“It is imperative that this year we perform better than last year by expediting the movement of purchased maize stock from satellite depots to holding depots because the government shall not allow maize going to waste.

“It is for this reason that I implore you as supervisors to perform to the expectation of government so that maize is not stolen and that it is moved to safety before the next rainy season,” said Mr. Hamanyanga.

The District Commissioner also strongly advised the supervisors to be honest beyond reproach in their work to buy the right quantity and quality of white maize from farmers when the exercise commences.

He said government shall not tolerate any malpractices during the maize buying exercise, adding that those who would be found wanting shall be liable of immediate prosecution.

“As you start buying when the maize moisture content drops to the recommended 12.5 per cent, I wish to advise you as satellite depot supervisors to be honest beyond reproach in your work to receive the right quality and quantity of white maize,” said Mr. Hamanyanga.

He further urged the 36 satellite depot supervisors to take the training seriously as an important platform that would provide them with guidance and modalities aimed at preventing crop wastages and thefts to be followed during the 2014/2015 marketing season.

And Mr Hamanyanga said government would buy all the maize that will be supplied by farmers in Monze district and advised the farmers to be patient saying government would soon announce the floor price of maize.


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