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Katele Kalumba accuse UPND of launching an online campaign of insults against him

Headlines Katele Kalumba accuse UPND of launching an online campaign of insults against...

FILE: HH and Katele Kalumba on the shores of Lake Mweru
FILE: HH and Katele Kalumba on the shores of Lake Mweru

RENOWNED politician Katele Kalumba says the United Party for National Development (UPND) has allegedly launched an online campaign of scathing insults against him because of his support for President Lungu.

Dr Kalumba, who is former MMD national secretary, supported UPND president Hakainde Hichilema in the January 20 presidential election but recently declared his allegiance to President Lungu.

Dr Kalumba said in a statement yesterday that there has been a barrage of insults, misconceptions and gibberish for the correct decision he made.

“The UPND’s insults to me vindicates both my concern that this party [UPND] is of elitism and regionalism. If HH [Hakainde Hichilema] wants to stand as a national leader, UPND cannot be assumed to some sector of Zambia,” he said.

Dr Kalumba said he is now proud of supporting the PF as an “educated kaponya” and not the UPND.

Dr Kalumba said no-one can have a right to “forget about Luapula or Northern thieves or bakaponya [call boys]” as demanded by the UPND.

“In the equation of Zambia, the self-righteous, the ‘bakaponya’ and many other categories cannot be subtracted from the totality that make up Zambia,” he said.

Dr Kalumba said he is now proud of supporting the PF as an “educated kaponya” and not the UPND.

“It is infinitely better to support the PF than an English golem with a fraction of a brain of a single cell species. Either because of a deficit of mental or social intelligence, they believe I make my important decisions based on some imaginary ontological insecurity about my legal situation,” Dr Kalumba said.


    • It is what you stand for that is under scrutiny; you initially assumed UPND would win the elections; obviously if it had won, you would not have noticed anything wrong with the party. That it lost, you shifted support. That is moral elasticity fit for Kaponyas. What did you expect? Praises from them after your derogatory remarks? Get a life!

    • Wow, what a way to describe Educated UPND, ati

      an English golem with a fraction of a brain of a single cell species.

      I can’t wait to hear the reaction from the UPND ZWD

    • HH will always be the PRESIDENT of Southern Province.

      And Southern Province AMBASSADOR to both Northern Western and Western.

      He underestimated Lungu, who is winning hearts with his humble approach.

    • Which sites online have been insulting Katele, I have not seen any. When does his appeal at the Supreme Court come up again, oh is doesn’t matter, the dude is so smart whatever the outcome he will be pardoned. That is politics pa Zed

    • Mr Kalumba has no integrity whatsoever and is a convicted criminal, by court of laws.

      He should not be given any platform to air his maligned views.

      He is a disgrace in every form, and his kind and RB are what is wrong about Politics. The man should gratefully stay out of the limelight.

      He is merely a a Political prostitute.


    • Katele is mental. What is that English in the last paragraph of the article? lmao!

      HH from sandy shores of Lake Bangweulu to the the grassy plains from i’ngombe ilede

  1. HH b careful…the man has a special laptop designed by congolese IT experts upgraded in mununga….runs on blood and os 2.0

  2. It is what you stand for that is under scrutiny; you initially assumed UPND would win the elections; obviously if it had won, you would not have noticed anything wrong with the party. That it lost, you shifted support. That is moral elasticity fit for Kaponyas. What did you expect? Praises from them after your derogatory remarks? Get a life!

  3. Convict concentrate on your appeal than whine about imaginary appeal clauses- HH is not going to help you in your defence! There has been several Finance Minister before you and after you, you are the only one who is a thief! Before you think about suing me for calling you kabwalala not kaponya, read your judgment again- convict!

  4. Katele is a finished poliician i remember in the times of Levy after his witchcraft case how while in Matero he went knelling down for Levy to give him a job. It was so embrassing of him! It is a shame to have technocrats loosing respect

  5. why are Zambian politicians so “dynamic”? One minute this one is good and the other one is bad. The next time I support this one and leaving this one because this one is that. Too much of friends today and enemies tomorrow and enemies today and friends tomorrow.Is the question of poverty and bread and butter a measure or yardstick on which Zambian politics are anchored? I hope not. That is why I am looking for a better Zambia based on my efforts and doings not depending on Chagwa, HH, Nawakwi, Miyanda……. as I sing my favourite “SING”…….standa and singo zambia prou nda flee, landof weka joy……..

    • Please change your name, you are not suppose to be careless whisper because what you have typed and posted is full of wisdom. Continue with this spirit which brings personal independence as well as family independence. Mind you, national independence is not enough without the two.

      But don`t forget to respect all those you have mentioned so as to
      please God,the Creator. This will make you highly favoured in the land of the living.

  6. leave katele alone he is zambian he has a right to choose he has seen sense in pf than upnd coz its regional.

  7. The biggest problem in UPND is that who ever is not supporting then he is a fool , then he is not educated. And yet it is UPND that has a lowest percentage of educated MPS in parliament, yet they think the opposite

  8. It hurts to agree with Katele on this issue… The fact of the matter is, he is actually telling the truth here (for the first time in a million moon). The upnd peoples, especially their online cadres see the PF as a party of the kaponyas+Bemba thieves + their traditional cousins (Eastners) as partners in crime.
    But hey, every genuine political analyst in Zambia would actually tell you that you can’t get to state house without a vote from these two regions.
    So then what do you do if you were an educated upnd economist…???

  9. This is the sole reason why upnd will continue being in opposition,zwd their mouth piece,is a good example.Whoever critics them or their god hh,they block or insult.You will continue winning online elections if this mentality continues ba upnd.

  10. Katele kalumba is not a factor,he does not feed,educate anyone apart from his only family those that may be luck to receive from him in this harsh unbearable economic hardship Zambia is undergoing through pf govt. Am sure every individual surrounding Katele and even himself are wallowing in the same hardship that why he is asking for favor from the ruling part for his belly. Zambians work up please for betterment of our future and children. The kind of no direction in the leadership is worrisome . Let us not talk about regionalism ,tribalism can we focus our energies on improved leadership .

    • How can we not talk about tribalism and regionalism. The Tongas started it and they employ only Tongas, carry out an investigation and you will see. So tell the Tongas to stop their tr.ib.alism first before you can tell us anything

    • It is the way upnd and their zwd reacts to political issues that makes katele and most of us zambia think this party is regional and tribal based and if upnd want win next years election they have to do away with zwd.even the post despite being againest edger they have found it difficult to intract with upnd

    • Kakonga mpidi,

      As I quote you:

      “Let us not talk about regionalism ,tribalism can we focus our energies on improved leadership.” If I may ask – Which improved leadership are you referring to?
      If it is hh then you are confused.

      Stop the noise

    • Nadime ulichipuba am Tonga with 12 workers and only two are Tonga, the reason being that they are family the rest are from all over the country including a Bemba whom I fired for stealing spare tyres from all vehicles in my yard and telling his friends that he had a tyre business.

  11. People like Katele don’t add value to the political landscape of zambia. UPND has been on the political scene for a considerable period of time now and Katele for whatever reasons cannot just work up one morning saying I didn’t know why I supported them for the learned person he is. Assuming HH was in state house was Katele going to say the same. Am I surprised? No. This is one Dr who practices witchcraft which belongs to the primitive realms. Yes he has amply discribed himself very well.

  12. Dr as much as the UPND cherished your support they also respect your right and decesion to change your mind. The UPND is not in the business of velifying opponents because they hold a different position. It is the very right for you to do that that they fight for. So to you Dr we would say please go well and may you have good fortunes. However we remain resolute in our defiance towards the policies with which you now align yourself and therefore by rejecting such such policies and consequently disagreeing with you is not insulting you. We are political opponents and not enemies. It is a difference in policy that we advocate not a question of morals for all that disagree with us. Go well Dr no insolence intended.

    • @loadist
      I like your approach to these political debates unlike 90% of the UPND supporters who believe in insults. This is our country regardless of tribe we must work together to better our lives as a people.

  13. The difficult thing for politicians in the opposition is sustainability. Its rough guys to stay in the opposition for a long time. I give credit especially to UPND MPs who many have been tempted to ditch the party and join the ruling party for many years. Yes, they have stood the taste of time. This is party that will never fall, you can rubbish it and call it all sorts of names but it will live on. KAKA, you have left us and please leave us in peace. Ofcourse will miss you but do not score insults on us.You will one day need us as we are here to stay. We do not care whether one day we shall be in power or not. In which ever way we shall be, we shall contribute positively to the development of thic country. Ours is not an issue of honey for ourselves but honey for Zambia.

    • The MPs who have “stood” the test of time draw a salary and allowances never mind the gratuity they draw a tax free car of choice never mind the subsidized drinks at parliament motel. It’s the “cardres” who suffer the most they lack sustainability

  14. Dr Katele made a wise decision.The UP and DOWN will never form govt in Zambia cos they are selfish.The way they vote in Southern province is now teaching the entire country the unfortunate lesson of high levels of tribalism.Their voting pattern in Southern province is very shameful and abnormal.People need to reflect on a serious note.

  15. The PF has done extremely well in terms of development but wait for 2016 and you will hear the results in Nega nega and Bweengwa……They would have forgotten about the Niko Monze road,Niko boarding secondary,township roads and many other projects.What a province !

    • Yes Joseph, they will think of the nation debt, they will think of corrupt leaders who would have ballooned their wealth at the expense of national debt, they will think of lack of teachers at Niko Secondary School, they will think of lack of Nurses at the hospitals, they will think of failure to maintain Nico road, they will think of lack of medicines in the hospital. Joseph, they will think of poor water and sanitation, they will think of our brother who was shot in Mongu. Joseph, they will think of the Panga that have been wielding and hitting innocent citizens, cum’on brother Joseph, they will think of comparing us to Chickens. Yes they will think of a terrible insult from Mr Chama and his Chitika. We do not owe the little development to any one, but it is owed to us. We also pay tax.

    • Joseph are you in Zambia? Your analysis is extremely strange. Your own minister was just this week saying prepare for hard times and you are saying the opposite. Wake up and smell the coffee. stop being a cadre.

  16. It is an insult to call you Kaponyas but it is not an isnult to compare us to chickens, it is an insult to call you thieves but it is not an insult to call us cows. If there is any tribe that has been insulted online several times even political pronouncement such us that from Chama, it is us the Tongas. Sir, thank you for the time you supported us and my plea is support who ever you wish to but do not undermine us, we will also never say anything about you. For now we soldier on. By the way, that’s a nice beach KAKA. We also invite you to Kafue Gorge and Kariba. We light Zambia and one day, just one day we shall switch you off. SOUTHERN POWER, WE LIGHT THE NATION, WE SUPPLY SUGAR, WE LEAD IN TOURISIM AND ABOVE ALL WE SUPPLY BEEF

  17. Life is simple if you live what you are not what we think we all think big but are we all big . frustrated people live what they dream

  18. Kalumba, we all remember you caught hiding in a hole naked with a laptop surrounded by charms after plundering with chiluba

  19. We need hate crimes legislation and not these other wishy-washy archaic laws of public order or sedition. It is very unkind to insult any section of a society and then even after you have lost their vote you now continue to malign them on presumed stereotypical lines. There are no specific thief genes defined by ethnicity or tribe; there are no herders genetically predisposed. Let’s get our minds out of the dark and narrow and practice to be strongly objective.

  20. If debt is got to develop Zambia as we are seeing its ok.UP and DOWN will not change anything if they are given chance.The way they vote that is how they will also distribute development in Zambia…..who wants that by the way ?

  21. RENOWNED politician? This man is a thief who was even once a fugitive. What a misuse of words. Are we so short people to celebrate in Zambia that we are now celebrating crininals? KATELE is now a role model, he should not even be talked about lest our children will think being KATELE is cool. This man is an example of a waste from any angle you look at him, an example of a bad academic, a bad politician, a bad husband (sorry MUMBA), and a bad human being overall. KATELE go away. I don’t know what you ate these days, a chief or whatever but you are very bad.

  22. I stand to be corrected, I have not seen any article where Dr Kalumba has been insulted for crossing from MMD to PF. I have scoured through ZWD (perceived to be UPND) articles and I haven’t seen any where the Chiengi strongman has been insulted. As far as I can remember, the ZWD never even carried the cross-over story. Since he made his announcement last week, the UPND as a party has not issued any statement to that effect (probably because he was not a member). My take is that Dr Kalumba is just trying to remain relevant but alluding to imaginary stories or some Facebook posts by scumbags is quite unfortunate.

  23. The Tongas with their up and down party think they are the most educated and that Zambians understands and appreciates them. Imagine with their regional farce were given power, certainly they will make Choma capital city of Zambia and distribute wealth only within Southern province. There is a difference between recording growth without development and with development. From 1991 to 2011, Zambia has seen growth on paper but with no facts on the ground in terms of infrastructure changes. All that was heard was growth pronouncement but with emphasis on continued wage and employment freeze by IMF and WB. This kind of development clear to the apamwamba and opaque to the middle class and the poor. It is this inequality that PF has come to change. It is pointless to boast of reserves of dollars

  24. CONTD
    if there no benefit to the majority of nationals. This is what made MMD to lose power. MMD were very good economic managers just as HH claims to be. But they have nothing of facts to show on the ground. If we did not have Sata, imagine what would be the ground without what the massive changes or facts on the ground you are seeing now. This is the issue. This is the way forward. This is development not pronouncements. That is why there is no alternative to PF in the next 50 years. UPND must re-look at their boastful agenda and agree that the Kaponya plan is yielding facts of development on the ground. Amen

    • Are you delusional?? We have stikes every week, pipo not being paid, projects stalled, Pf GRZ is broke through mismanagement and going back to borrowing which it seems is all they are good at. Creation of wealth is the key to development, not borrowing.

  25. Ba UP and DOWN you should know that Watchdog failed to make you win in January 2015 and even in 2016 they will fail to make you go to plot one.The Post will also be ashamed because EL will emerge victorious.

  26. I am online everyday and I can’t remember coming across insults against this witchdoctor please people advise me where I can find these insults he is complaining about.

  27. The choice for Zambian come 2016 is either continued theft and plunder like how mulenga sata is stripping lusaka land from the council, including kambwili stealing council land in luwanshyia, or give a proven successful man, Hh a chance. The corruption allegations with Pf are just too much, they don’t even bother reassuring the public, while the supporters cheer on with borrowing in 4 yrs reaching what was reached in 27yrs.
    You want to borrow more, tell the nation where you spend the last borrowings

  28. @The Game-where are you seeing those developments please under that PF,go through ‘Me’s blogging above if you are a physically blind adult! You are the same chaps who must repay all these ODIOUS LOANs you are corruptly contracting should you lose next year which I believe will happen!

  29. Am a PF member but could katele advice me which online media wrote an article on him . I want to read the article . Problem with the likes of kalumba they thought by stealing big they will be important people in Zambia . Theft does not pay….where is Khadafi, Mobutu, etc . Their ending was bad

  30. I’m also surprised that I’m online everyday ie all the known online media but never seen/heard/or read any insult or comment from any perceived UPND online medium/media targeted to this computerised wizard / thief! Moreover this wizard is old & must retire from active politics before it imbalances itself to radical proactive think tanks! Him still thinks that his ill acquired ancientic doctorate is still valid in this global economy,let him ask dinosaurs ABC on how their colonial certificates have become obsolete!

  31. Its UPND with a least percentage of educated MP in zambia, yet they think they are the most educated party

  32. Voting for UPND would mean voting for proper regionalism and elitism as per Kale Kalumba’s postulation. I 100% support him coz really these guys are selfish a thing I have i have noted at work place. HH will remain Southern Province President even in 2016 given that other provinces will also use the ” nega-Nega formula” as they did in 2015.

    Peace and Prosperity to Mother Zambia.

  33. This man is laughing all the way to the bank. The PF thinks he is part of the “head” of UPND that it claims to have swallowed.

  34. The man with KK looks like he is pondering how much the Lake would fetch if sold if he undervalues it.

  35. Dr.Katele Kalumba i agree with u!!you are 100% right!! Let tribal UPND continue insulting us and see if he will enter state house without bemba speaking people’s votes!!they call us “thieves,bakaponya” etc!HH NOTE THIS”WE WILL ALWAYS VOTE FOR PF AS EDUCATED KAPONYAS”!!

  36. HH is a golem with a fraction of a brain of a single cell species.

    He should closed down ZWD, if he wants the educated kaponyas and their rat eating cousines to start appreciating his ngombe ilede party…Fullu stop.

  37. Katele Kalumba is a political prostitute without backbone who is merely supporting Jameson Lungu for personal benefit. He should in fact be behind bars for his criminal activities perpetuated during Chiluba’s misrule. Let him concentrate on witchcraft for which he is infamous for. VIVA HH and UPND-Zambia Forward.

  38. Yes we the educated Kaponyas of the shores of lake Mweru have always been calling shots. For your information it is us the educated Kaponyas who have dominated the the Zambian politics not these these Tonga golems. KaKa wesu viva good decision to support Ejiga chagwela Lungu

  39. I do not understand why this tonga political party is always crying foul each time they are told the truth, the truth still remains that it is a tribal party and lead by a tribal leader. Why should it be the only party always with complaints. Every time they claim they are the only ones who are educated in Zambia but their behaviour do not reflect of people are educated by concentrating on tribalism. They must cleanse themselves of this tug. Katele Kalumba and Davies Chama are right and must be left alone.

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