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Former First Lady Christine Kaseba urges Government to give absolute attention to health

Health Former First Lady Christine Kaseba urges Government to give absolute attention to...

Former First Lady Dr Christine Kaseba
Former First Lady Dr Christine Kaseba

GOVERNMENT should give absolute attention to health as it is an integral part of every human being, says former first lady Dr Christine Kaseba.

Kaseba said perfect health propels individuals to highly motivated performance levels and yields good results both personally and at national level.

She said this yesterday at the 17th edition of the MultiChoice Inter-Company Relay (ICR) held at Lusaka Show grounds under theme ‘Run and Walk for your Health towards Peace and Unity’.

“Health needs to be given absolute attention and I am glad that Government is here because they need to ensure that people are healthy,

“Every day we hear young people collapsing from hypertension, stroke, we need to start paying attention to these conditions because they are really hitting and eating at the production of the nation. Good health is a foundation of healthy communities and everyone needs to strive to keep health through regular exercises,” she said.

She said as Zambia continued to develop in all sectors, good health, peace and unity remained major pillars of success.

“All Zambians should feel obliged that peace and unity are embraced at all levels. We cannot boast of achieving anything if the vital role peace and unity is erased. Zambia is a good example for peace hence has a legacy to protect without compromise, “she said.

Kaseba appealed to the ministry of sports to give more funding to athletics as it is to other major sports disciplines.

And Chinese ambassador to Zambia Yang Youming said his country will remain committed and contribute to both the economic and social development of the nation.

“We have 17 Chinese companies that have taken part in the ICR which is one way of contributing to the social development of the nation. This is a way of giving back to the community through sports. We will continue to commit ourselves to the economic and social development of Zambia, “he said.

And ICR manager Elias Mpondela said the money raised will go a long way in developing athletics in Zambia and results were already manifesting.

“Today we have athletes finishing in the medal bracket in the World Challenge and the Diamond League. It takes funding to nurture talent to that level; hence the funds raised will help in providing the necessary training for these athletes, “he said.

Meanwhile, Zambia Sugar Plc defended the title for the overall winners while Zambia National Service came second.

In the commercial bank category, Standard Chartered scooped the first position while Indo Zambia and Zanaco followed behind.

National Assembly scooped the Arm of Government category while Office of the President were runners up.

In the energy group, Copperbelt Energy Corporation won the title while Zesco and Kafue Gorge scooped the second and third place respectively.

Zambia Sugar emerged victorious in the manufacturing industry while Parmalat was second as Bata settled on third place.

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    • Did you? You spent half his tenure over seas in other hospitals. Useless woman. Don’t you have any once of shame to say some things.

    • Folks Lungu is critically ill and the PF minions are silent about it.

      Kaseba is back from hiding and trying to position her self as the next PF president after rumour has it that Lungu is a critical condition in some hospital in Israel.

      Very soon the truth will come out and the hospital where he is will be known.

    • @Wanzelu,
      Your comments on President Lungu come across rather distasteful to say the least. Not every President will be “critically ill” in some “secret” health mission in Israel.
      As for Madam Kaseba the comments as shared by @Cat Power above say it. She had 3 years at the helm of power and never made any tangible improvements in the health sector – Not even at UTH where she was an employee.
      She clealy made the tangible changes to the national travel costs with her round the world galavanting attending nothing but seminars and conferences…

  1. You failed the health sector when you were first lady but instead went all over the world to collect awards what nonsense are you talking about now?

  2. Nonsense! What did this woman do when innocent nurses were unjustifiably dismissed by her husband’s govt in pursuit of what they were promised? What did u do in the bedroom cabinet?

  3. Ba Kaseba, did you care about your husbands health when you were in Statehouse. You pretended all is well until he kicked the bucket as long as you globe trotted and slept and dined in luxurious hotels. You even had the audacity to try to run for president right after his death. Chopet

  4. She could have easily said this to Sata and had 3 years to do so. Instead she decided to globe trot with him to foreign hospitals at tax payers expense.

  5. Today you have the audacity to insult her because she is not in Upnd. Tomorrow when she becomes Upnd veep she ‘ll be the most elite and wise lady.
    This stewpid thinking by Upnd sympathizers is just taking their party backwards. Grow up fellows. Sata started calling hh under5 10years ago and he is still an under5 because of the style of backward thinking.

    • @sponge, you and kaseba are talking nonsense. Is she veep or health minister material? Hell No! She failed when it mattered in the bedroom cabinet over dessert. Keep her in Pf. It was her husband’s party, was it not?

  6. B.i.t.c.h of a woman. She gladly accepted unconstitutional first ladies budget for globe trotting, son is in boarding school in cape town and London, while the rest of the country is languishing in abject poverty. Africans are mean, greedy, gluttonous, thieves, mention it…makes me sick…

  7. Good message but please don’t talk about peace and unity when you forgot to advise your husband on the meaning of that. And Mpondela Emmanuel is a joke for athletics!

  8. This woman amazes me! Why didn’t she give this very important advice to her divisive husband??
    Give us a break you mukamfwilwa, don’t take us for a ride atase!

  9. A lovely woman is only lovely out of the public eye doing what a lovely woman does caring through emotions and not by lip service.

    • Yamunyokola njala yabu greedness manje. She’s come back for the remnants. Nimambala uyu zimayi uyu

  10. With just a small population, we have become a nation of disagreements, different opinions and no vision.

  11. How can this government put more money into health programs when they are paying out so much on her accommodation. What a lucky chap he is the one who owns the residence. Keep milking us, we don’t care where the tax payers money goes. If we cared, some one would have already put a STOP to it.

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