Digital migration switch over launch postponed


The eagerly awaited launch of the digital migration switch over which was set for Monday, June 22 2015 has been postponed.

The launch was supposed to be held at the Mass media complex in Lusaka and was to be graced by President Edgar Lungu.

President Lungu is believed to be away in South Africa for medical treatment.

ZNBC Public Relations Officer Mupunga Simukwai confirmed the postponement of the launch event in an interview.
Ms Simukwai however stated that invitation cards remain valid and a fresh date will be communicated in due course.


  1. Here we go again, putting things on hold because the president is having a ” routine medical check” that has lasted for over a week in a foreign country. Does it require the whole president to do the launch when we have a minister of broadcasting whom I’m sure will be happy to do it. Why delay the migration launch this was supposed to be done years ago anyway. This president wants to launch everything even small projects like upgrading a township road. Let’s move forward while he receives his treatment for self inflicted ailments please.

    • …..and the president remains at large.

      Maybe he is tired after spending the last 1 month on a campaign tour of north western province instead of spending time addressing the country’s economic problems

    • You Mean No one else can Launch this?? what is special about it as the technology is almost obsolete?? We are always backward.

      A Director General / CEO of a company is more than capable to launch.. Why should it take a President?? Damn Zambian Leaders have no work. it is Nonsense.. to even have invitation cards for this rubbish.. good you have failed to launch..

  2. Now you believe me me that PF ministers are useless ministers only good and going to the airport to see Changwa off and back. Why are we paying the information minister and his deputy. Chagwa will not do any magic except to read a speech prepared for him. Just admit that we’re not ready for migration.

  3. Missing the point? The president is away for “medical treatment” instead of medical check up, and that should be our big concern!! Lord have mercy on the Republic

    • I don’t blame him I blame the clueless, useless people who voted for someone who said he had no plan, no vision for Zambia. That’s why we are diving into a bottomless pit of debt.

  4. Does it mean the digital migration software only responds if it’s the president who presses the button? Zambia!!

  5. This shows that there was nothing ‘routine’ about the check up. If it was scheduled, who then booked the digital migration date, and who accepted from the president’s office? This story stinks!

  6. I thought a launch was supposed to be only symbolic. Are you telling us digital TV has been put on hold because there is no vip to push a button ? That’s the stuff that cartoons are made of! Real silly.

  7. Kachepa says that his excellency has a prestigious diploma in electronics engineering, studied by correspondence. He will personally intervene to solve unexpected glitches. Hence his presence is a PREREQUISITE!

  8. When a digital TV switch happened many, many years ago where I live, I don’t remember a politician making any s!lly ‘launch’statements. It was seamlessly and smoothly done over a gradual period of time with only tech people calling the shots.

    Talk about a poor 4th world country that attaches everything to politics. Apparently if a president is away on ‘routine medical checkup’ the entire country can’t watch TV. Surely how could I even go and contribute to the development of such a country with such poor mentality?

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