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Government to issue a comprehensive statement on Davies Chama’s remarks against the Tonga people

Headlines Government to issue a comprehensive statement on Davies Chama's remarks against the...

Vice President Inonge Wina and PF Secretary general Davies Chama confer
Vice President Inonge Wina and PF Secretary general Davies Chama confer

Acting President Inonge Wina says any element that seeks to undermine national unity is not a policy of government and the Patriotic Front as a party.

Referring to tribal sentiments against the Tonga people attributed to PF Secretary General Davies Chama, Mrs. Wina said the issue was sensitive to the people of Southern Province and that a comprehensive statement would be made soon.

Mrs. Wina said a comprehensive statement on the matter would be made considering that the sentiments attributed to Mr. Chama had brought fears and divisions that were already beginning to be addressed.

“We want the country to be united and the President of the Republic of Zambia, Mr. Edgar Lungu has emphasized the need for unity and cohesion in the country. Anything that undermines that unity is not a policy of this government and the party,” she said.

Mrs. Wina who was accompanied by Deputy Secretary to the Cabinet Peter Kasanda said this on arrival at Harry Mwaanga Nkumbula International Airport in Livingstone today.

She was received by Southern Province Minister Nathaniel Mubukwanu, Provincial Permanent Secretary, Sibanze Simuchoba, his deputy Douglas Ngimbu, Livingstone District Commisioner Omar Munsanje, other district commissioners, senior government and party officials.

The Post Newspaper quoted Mr Chama saying that: “If at all they (UPND) will ever be in power, maybe a 100 years from now, not in my generation, maybe a 100 years from now. They are polygamous by nature, so maybe as they have more children, they can be in power. But not under the leadership of Hichilema. I don’t think it will happen.”

The Post Newspaper further reported that Mr Chama said that: “…And the way they show hate towards other tribes, it’s unbelievable. They can commit genocide and I don’t think we can give chance to Hichilema to ever rule this country. That’s why I said if I had the powers myself, I would ban that political party, ban it completely not to participate in the political life of this country, but I don’t have those powers… ”

And the Acting President said government was determined to resuscitate all projects that had stalled in Livingstone.

Mrs. Wina said government promoted Livingstone as the tourist capital but this should not be construed to mean that it was neglecting other parts of the country.

She was also pleased that various projects that government had embarked on in Livingstone had been finalized.

Earlier, Southern Province Minister Nathaniel Mubukwanu said K5.2 million meant for the completion of the six-storey provincial administration building in Choma had been released.

Mr. Mubukwanu said the money would also cater for the construction of 62 housing units for heads of government departments.

The provincial minister further said K600m had been allocated for the upgrading of the sewer system in Livingstone’s Zambezi Sawmills Compound in a bid to improve sanitation in the area.

“The people of Zambezi Sawmills will have a new sewer system within a period of three months,” he said.

Acting President Inonge Wina is in Livingstone to officiate at the Consortium for International Management, Policy and Development (CIMPAD) Seminar taking place under the theme: Ideals and Practice of Effective Governance in Sub-Saharan Africa.

While in Livingstone, Mrs. Wina is also expected to visit the Maramba Old People’s Home and Cheshire Home.


    • No amount of sugar coating will ease the pain the Southerners(Tongas) are feeling as a result of being insulted by Chama the PF SG.

      Chama ‘s remarks are divisive and dangerous to the unity of the nation . They have an immense potential to ignite tribal genocide between the tribes predominantly in PF and those not supporting the PF. Chama ‘s remaks are similar to the careless remarks of Rwandan politicians who ignited the genocide in Rwanda.

      If Lungu does not act to fire Chama and appologise openly to the Southerners then he is as useless as his appointee Chama.

      If this tribal marginalisation continues under the PF, then the only alternative is vote UPND to restore unity. If PF rigs the elections in their favour, then Southerners , Westerners and North Westerners should go it…

    • By denying the fact that Chama insulted the TONGAS, PF is now rubbing it in. Soon and very soon, it will erupt. Tongas will start demanding for self rule just like the Westerners have.

      I now believe provincial autonomy is the best way for Zambia to develop at the same time as a whole because each province will be responsible for ensuring that the resources they raise locally are better spent to improve the lives of the people in that region. Unlike what the PF is doing, getting wealth else where and developing only those area which support their id0icy.

      Viva UPND .HH is the man to restore sanity in Zambia.

    • Please confuse me is UPND And TONGA SAME? Chama’s sentiment did not say anything about tongas,its on upnd and most of them polygamists including HH

  1. Zambian watchdog in their shameless reporting this morning said that HE the President Edgar Lungu had sidelined madam Inonge the veep and left the instruments of power to the Justice Minister Dr Ngosa Simbyakula during his stay in RSA. What a shameless online media which only thrives on lies and promoting hatred. Awaiting your comments with your blind UPND supporters. By the way I am not a cadre of any political party but I detest lies.

    • Online irresponsibity is causing havoc and we think it’s funny because it’s targetingour perceived enemy!

    • Until ZNBC, Times of Zambia and Daily Mail, Online will always give their skewed views. Zambia Reports is always anti HH and I don’t see Chiparamba Nkausu or Ndaje Khaks chastising them. Not that I agree with Watchdog, but what is good for the gander must be good for the goose

  2. The only workable solution around this is, is Chama being stood down from his position. Short of this will be seen as the government tolerating his careless remarks. Get rid of him so that he can deal with the shooting case. Government will be killing two birds with one stone.

    • The President should not buy into Mmembe’s tricks. The statement attributed to Mr. Chama has been blown out of proportion by Mmembe in order to break PF and stop the speed at which the popularity of the party is growing. Mmembe has felt the heat of Chama. The president should stand by his secretary general. It will be a disaster if Mr Chama is dropped because this is what Kabimba, Mmembe and Hichilema are looking for. Open your eyes Mr president this is a calculated move.

  3. I do not see anything false in what Chama said. The UPND, HH and their online mouthpiece say worse things day in day out. When did HH or his vice come out to issue comprehensive statement against Pilato and zwd?

    • Deliberately slow as they seek best ways to save Chama and are busy consulting among themselves on the format of the “comprehensive statement” to be issued. I have a hunch the VP is caught in the middle and has a dry mouth.

  4. When GBM visited usa while he was defence minister he said pf is not against upnd but that hh has shown the capacity to lead a party financially .He said its pf believe that without HH zambia opposition will be dead.

    • Which tribal *****? Have u ever heard hh talking abt tribe? We know who is tribal….stop barking like a mad dog n stop your cheap hate mr moron

  5. The MAN IS the CEO of the party. What he has said must represent the party, the very least the President and even the government. The VP has stepped in to try and repair the damage. The SG has recently disciplined a presidential confidant on embarrassing statements surrounding the President & his wife and shifting of money. Whatever the Statement to be issued will be examined carefully because the SG knows how and what statements must be issued. To me this party officeris a liability. People will await to hear the statement about this erratic man.

  6. What we need is Chama fired nothing short of that and let him step foot in southern province on his own risk.

  7. Oh how president Lungu would do well to appoint a robust yet intelligent secretary general.

    Viva president Nawakwi.

  8. Is this the same SG who said that PF was swallowing other parties and in some cases there was only one a tail left. The guys was trying to get ZAMBIA to the dark ages of one party state single-handedly. This guy can enact the constitution alone given a chance. Some political players think He should be caged. I couldn’t agree more. He’s dangerous having even been linked to the Mulobezi incident. A strong high-level statement is in order and the whole world awaits it. It’s a test of the party’s resolve.

  9. wina would have kept quiet. How many times have Tongas said bad things about Other tribes and no one has asked for an apology or review? umubemba ngu sata

  10. F.ool Chama is not a govt official, he is a PF cadre SG. Hence, govt is not supposed to issue a statement, it’s the job of PF to issue a statement! Why don’t people in PF see things in their right perspective??????

  11. UPND know deep in their tribalist hearts ???? that what Chama said is very true. The rest of Zambia witnessed their tribalism during the presidential by-election.
    President Lungu though should deal with Mmembe decisively to end his daily mischief of denigrating him in his gutter so-called tabloid. RB ignored Mmembe at his own peril.

    • Arm chair be TRUE to yourseelf…when hh used to get. Zeroes in tribal provinces of muchinga, northern n luapula did u hear anyone talking tribe u *****.just admit dat your drunken monkey z not quality period. Tongas are responsible pipo dear they don’t just follow the wind like u morons.am from luangwa but honestly tongas are not tribe…and. this issue of tribe is now outdated in the minds of voters ..sorry if u dnt hv issues pliz try another strategy

  12. But why is it that everytime there is an issue of tribalism TONGAS are always mentioned? There are 72 tribes in Zambia but TONGAS are always associated with tribalism. TONGAS PLEASE GO BACK TO YOUR DRAWING BOARD. Even in work places they are best known for that, its not a secret.

  13. That’s why we say some political parties are tribal, Chama mention upnd, hw come a certain tribe has been affected. Does it mean upnd has no other tribes apart fm tongas. Chama said upnd will never forn govt unless they produce more voters fm there polygamous marriages since they are polygamous in nature, now where does tonga tribe comes in? Now I believe upnd is the tribal grouping, forget about my vote! We need a party with a national character

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