President Lungu completes his medical review, expected back home today

President Lungu
President Lungu
President Lungu

President Edgar Lungu has completed his medical reviews in South Africa and will return home later today, June 22,2015.

This is according to a Press Statement released to the media by his Special Assistant for for Press Amos Chanda.

The President attended the 25th Session of the African Union (AU) Assembly of Heads of State from 13 – 15 June, 2015. He also held bilateral talks with President General Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria, His Majesty King Mswati of Swaziland,Lesotho’s Prime Minister Dr. Pakalitha Mosisili, Ethiopian Prime Minister Mr. Haile-mariam Desalegn and the heads of two United Nations agencies; the UN Women, Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka, and UNFPA, Osotimehin, respectively. `

The President also addressed Zambians living in South Africa at a special dinner hosted in his honour by His Excellency Mr. Muyeba Chikonde, Zambia’s High Commissioner to South Africa.

The Head of State is accompanied by First Lady Esther, daughter Tasila, Special Assistant for Politics, Mr. Kaizer Zulu and Special Assistant for Press and Public Relations Mr. Amos Chanda.

The President will leave for Mozambique on Wednesday to attend the 40th Anniversary of Independence of Mozambique.


    • Too good for Zambia. You think a Tonga can run this nation. We Tongas are very slow in thinking regardless of education.

    • What kind of review takes that long and why not at UTH? Who is paying for this expense and all those people with the President? Hopefully, he will now deal with that thug, Chama

    • Welcome back up President Lungu!

      What sort of “review” that takes 7 days? Nevertheless good news b’coz the ECONOMY & KWACHA are waiting for you. Also the BANDIT Chama, SG of PF should be fired on national interest & Libongani et al PF cadre police MUST arrest the illusionist for attempted murder of Mushaukwa the UPND member, effectively upon your immediate arrival in the country. People need ACTION not VISIONLESS leadership of the last 6 months, worse off, the clueless & tribalist PF of Sata.

      Good news too, HH is constructing the $80 million UNIVERSITY, that’s VISION for real. RB however, with his MMD BANDITS are bringing confusion, corruption & violence to Eastern province. Leave the DPP alone!

      Action or visionless?

      The Skeleton Key

    • Lungu should fire Chama ASAP for the sake of unity. Otherwise Chamas ‘s careless verbal diarrhoea will one day land our peaceful nation into civil strife. May be thats what Zambia needs to cleanse itself of rogue politicians like those at the helm of power in PF government.


    • No amount of sugar coating will ease the pain the Southerners(Tongas) are feeling as a result of being insulted by Chama the PF SG.

      Chama ‘s remarks are divisive and dangerous to the unity of the nation . They have an immense potential to ignite tribal genocide between the tribes predominantly in PF and those not supporting the PF. Chama ‘s remaks are similar to the careless remarks of Rwandan politicians who ignited the genocide in Rwanda.

      If Lungu does not act to fire Chama and appologise openly to the Southerners then he is as useless as his appointee Chama.

      If this tribal marginalisation continues under the PF, then the only alternative is vote UPND to restore unity. If PF rigs the elections in their favour, then Southerners , Westerners and North Westerners should go it…

    • By denying the fact that Chama insulted the TONGAS, PF is now rubbing it in. Soon and very soon, it will erupt. Tongas will start demanding for self rule just like the Westerners have.

      I now believe provincial autonomy is the best way for Zambia to develop at the same time as a whole because each province will be responsible for ensuring that the resources they raise locally are better spent to improve the lives of the people in that region. Unlike what the PF is doing, getting wealth else where and developing only those area which support their id0icy.

      Viva UPND .HH is the man to restore sanity in Zambia.

    • @Mwinga

      If you were born with down syndrome,unfortunate as it may-not your fault, do not think all Tongas are as slow in thinking like you.

      If Tongas were slow in thinking, how then has HH a Tonga has amassed so much wealth when many non Tongas failed to do so apart from stealing when in government?

      There are many Tongas doing amazing things around the world and in Zambia in particular.

      For your info, the best president to have ruled Zambia and revived it economically was a Tonga(Bantu botatwe) by the name of Dr Mwanawasa.

      Guess which tribal grouping where all the presidents who have messed up Zambia’s economy big time come from? You had the late Chiluba and the late Sata! What a mess they left behind!

      Its such useless tribal elements like you that are going to ignite a…

    • Either he wants all the allowances or we can smell a rat. ZAMBIA ONE. And who’s gonna win him Petauke by elections? The guy has lost it before he even starts. Roll back to Chikwanda’s secret recording of his conversation. His opinion of ALUNGU wasn’t much then I believe it’s the same today.

    • Shame who! which president stays in another country seven days after the summit he went to attend is over. You are the one who is shameless!

  1. If Chikwanda and Chama are not fired then have no reason to support PF. I will have no choice but vote HH in 2016.

  2. You don’t have doctors in Zambia? He goes to SA and get treated by the same Zambian doctor. Waste of money, you can’t invest in your own hospitals but each time a Zambian president is sick they all run abroad for treatment. It’s really a shame! Invest in you own hospitals and stop wasting money.

    • The father is Chagwa, I learn the name means something has fallen. And the daughter is Tasila; meaning we are finished? Wow, some Zambian names. These names must be hinged on some myths.

    • Debo

      Oz oz oz! Oi Oi Oi!

      Well, you never know these things, but precedence of the past is a great lesson for electorates.

      Otherwise, that’s tax payers monies & needs to be accounted for. Only 13 months left for PF to be democratically kicked out of govt.

      The Skeleton Key
      Oi Oi Oi!

  3. Welcome back Sir.just to check on us thanks ,we are fine except tu pamela natutudula mudala.Have a safe trip to Maputo.

  4. Some people the way they talk about illness of other, very heartless. You cant even learn from Sata who was making fun of Levy and George Kunda, only to win the Presidency and be holed up in state house due to poor health!!! At least His Excellency Edgar Changwa Lungu is open about his medical reviews which means he has nothing to fear. He will in 2016 and live more years after that to shame doom preachers!!!!

  5. 7 months ago some one posted this.
    I was ready to give PF some measured support. But looking at the level of confusion going on, this is likely to continue until 2016 elections, thereby making the next 18 months null and void if PF wins. The simple Qn is; WHY VOTE FOR PF CONFUSION? HH you have my vote on condition that you tell me where you are going to get money for all those things you are promising; free education, free quality health care, cheaper cost of living etc? What is your position on wind fall tax?
    HH never gave an answer on any of the above questions.

  6. We are waiting for you Sir its good you have dealt with all the chaps Watchdog was dry this time no info. they just started hallucinating yesterday. Good job Amos and Kaizer.

  7. I must have missed the part of the article where they say ka Lungu is fit as a fiddle. Like they always said with dictator Sata.

  8. Did part of the redundant delegation come back after the meeting? Sata used to go with one person only for medicals, the press aide.
    In the spirit of openness about the health of the president which was applauded when H.E. E.C. Lungu took office, can the press aide tell us the results of the check up.

  9. So ka tasila was busy chewing my money ka? That means she owes me and I mean to collect. Docile Zambians, that is why Lungu has the audacity to carry along his daughter on my tab coz he knows we won’t do sh!t.

  10. As the wise old adage goes “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me”.

    If anyone believes that Lungu had any genuine productive bilateral talks with any of the people mentioned, them shame on you. This is nothing but a cover-up for the medical check he went for in South Africa. Late Sata fooled Zambians in the same fashion, shame on him. Now, Zambians are allowing Lungu to fool them in the exact same fashion??. Then shame on the Zambians.

    And, to put it in simple terms that an average humble Zambian reading this can understand, here is what Chikwanda is doing to pay for Lungu’s medical check ups and pay for the fake bilateral cover up entourage:- He is borrowing money and using Zambians as surety to pay back. So, more budget overruns.

  11. this is akin to a father who outwardly appears as though he takes care of his children when the fact is they are all in vigamba, what a shame – he eats the chicken and gives the children vikondilo

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