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Lodge owner apologises to Government for issuing an eviction order to Dr Kaseba

Headlines Lodge owner apologises to Government for issuing an eviction order to Dr...

Former First Lady Dr Christine Kaseba -Sata  confers Musimbi Kanyoro after the Global Leaders Council discussion forum at Westin Hotel in New York on Sept 23,2014 -Picture by THOMAS
Former First Lady Dr Christine Kaseba -Sata confers Musimbi Kanyoro after the Global Leaders Council discussion forum at Westin Hotel in New York on Sept 23,2014 -Picture by THOMAS

Government has disclosed that former first Lady Dr Christine Kaseba was not evicted from 8 Reedbuck Lodge where she was staying after leaving State House.

Responding to questions in Parliament, Justice Minister Dr Ngosa Simbyakula said there was miscommunication between the Lodge owner and Government through Cabinet Office.

Dr Simbyakula who is the acting leader of Government business revealed that the Lodge owner has since written to Government apologising for issuing an eviction order to Dr Kaseba.

He clarified that Dr Kaseba choose to move into 8 Reedbuck Lodge on 15th January 2015 as part of her entitlement as prescribed in the Benefits of Former Presidents Section 2 (b) of 1998.
Dr Simbyakula said the Lodge owner erred when he wrote directly to Dr Kaseba when the contract was entered into between the Government and the Lodge owner.

He insisted that Government has paid up to K 2,246, 547 in full board and lodging fees to 8 Reedbuck Lodge which are still in effect until June 30th 2015.

Dr Simbyakula said Government is in contact with the former first lady adding that it is aware that Dr Kaseba is now residing in Libala Township.

He said Government has since secured a new House for Dr Kaseba on 29B Mutende Road in Woodlands which is currently being occupied by Outgoing World Bank Country Representative Kundhavi Kadiresan.

The Justice Minister revealed that the house will be available for occupation on Tuesday, June 30th 2015.

He also disclosed that Government has started constructing two transit homes for the Incoming and Outgoing Heads of States to avoid the inconvenience that Dr Kaseba has been subjected to.
Dr Simbyakula said the issue was a simple case of miscommunication which has been blown out of proportion.


    • Let her move her house, what’s wrong with you PF Foo.ls. the money spent can buy an ambulance for each province in Zambia.. People are dying on hunger and yet you busy wasting money.

      Ba Kaseba Mwatusebanya??

    • I care…the most spent thus far could have been to build whatever presidential pension house she needs…poor planning again and again…

    • Well, everything happens for a reason.

      There is no honor among thieves indeed. This has happened to expose the looting of money by PF. Yes, she’s entitled for incentives by law, BUT spending K 2,246, 547 billion for stay at a lodge in 5 months is shocking mediocre politics.

      The’re crying over spilt milk & trying to defend the ungodly squandering Zambian tax payers. No wonder the ECONOMY & KWACHA is in LIMBO!


      The Skeleton Key

    • PF is the party for the rich life style by leaders and put in power by the poor. Look at this lavish spending.

    • you paid on paper and not to the owner, no sane person or landlord can evict anyone if at all payment was in his/her hand/account. we are no longer sleeping; please sought out your mess and dont leave it for other…

    • You mean to tell me Kaseba’s old house is not good enough for her now because she is “a former First Lady.” Her political career is dead before it even began. Lungu is very smart and calculative. He wanted the nation to know how much Kaseba used in tax payers money even though it’s her entiltlement. UPND you have been played. UPND thought they had an asset in DR Kaseba but now she is damaged goods because of this. Underestimate Lungu at your own peril!

    • The black widow

      She has done what most if not all of you would do. Exploit anything at any stage. Why should she care about you/

      With the demise of her husband, she has lost potential earning, potential luxury trips, potential statehouse dreams, removed from being the most adored woman in the country, she has lost it all.
      You name it, she is not ‘it; anymore.

      She is doing what any woman would do, do not blame her, that gene embedded in her, is also in YOU.

      Wynter or HH must recruit her as she has some momentum at the moment.

      Money is NEVER enough. Not even to the richest man in the world.

      Why does most of you want her to go away quiet;y? are you insane?
      Would you have done so?
      Stop lying

      I speak as someone with MBA, MSC,Bsc, CIMA ACCA and PhD…

    • Thank you for address, we go for house warming party kuli Muka Yama!!!
      But I still want to know who is the owner of that 8Bucks lodge. What is his phone number?

    • Olivia pope u are one smart cookie! Zambians don’t know Lungu…..the think he is dumb and stup1d because he is ‘humble’ he so calculative that they always lose at their own game. Keep underestimating him lwenu!

    • Nostradamus the owner of lodge is Clive Shamwana. You too late boyi for phoning him. We have already received our cuts. I collected my ka small amount from Mulenga Sata this morning and delivered some of it to RB since he is the recommender of using that lodge. Used it for Maureen, for himself and now for Dr Kaseba

  1. Disaster mismanagement pa Zed! it is not a surprise!!
    The Lodge owner has been threatened to issue an apology and the state is embarrassed.

    Think about how well organised MMD of with Chiluba and Mwanawasa was? These two former heads of State (May their Souls rest in Peace) had a system of operation.

    Chintobe ntobe started with Banda, Sata and now it is Chagwa agwa!! what a shame!! Kick out *****s and bring in HH with a sober mind than ma jamasoni.

    Zambians please let us learn

    • The price Zambians have to pay for unwarranted excessive courtesy to wives of former heads of state! Someone who by extension found themselves in the luxuries of state house to start calling the shots and the whole government machinery is falling over itself to the detriment of alleviating the sufferings of many a citizen! Countries richer than Zambia and take for instance Malawi not as resource blessed as Zambia has upright thinking politicians who revert to their homesteads than burdening government to become trophy! For what? It is high time government started working towards restoring dignity for many of its citizens than behaving as though once being privileged to be in state house or elected as a leader then the country owes you lifetime care! Nshatalamonapo ubupuba kwati pa Zed!

    • @2.1
      your pettiness will consume you one day. simply coz your lazy foolish father never worked hard for your mother/children doesnt mean kaseba should not enjoy what her husband toiled for.

      these things happen so often in developed countries- Hillary Clinton still boards Airforce one when need arises and she’s never treated same as before husband became president.

      most pipo mouthing dung about this issue are easterners simply coz their man has not measured up. This is kaseba’s entitlement, stop bringing in toilet pan thinking. you are even comparing her to kalingalinga women- sorry they will never be the same.

    • Nostradamus the owner of lodge is Clive Shamwana. You too late boyi for phoning him. We have already received our cuts. I collected my ka small amount from Mulenga Sata this morning and delivered some of it to RB since he is the recommender of using that lodge. Used it for Maureen, for himself and now for Dr Kaseba

    • Nostradamus the owner of lodge is Clive Shamwana. You too late boyi for phoning him. We have already received our cuts. I collected my ka small amount from Mulenga Sata this morning and delivered some of it to RB since he is the recommender of using that lodge. Used it for Maureen, for himself and now for Dr Kaseba.

    • I concur with you @chagwa. If the govt had paid the bill for up to June 30, why would they be contented that the landlord has apologized. They should sue the landlord and get refunded plus penalties. Kaseba, too, could sue for humiliation and suffering. Obviously, there is more to the story than meets the eye. The govt response is targeted at face saving.

    • HH with a sober mind . I can assure you HH drinks something stronger than Jemason. I would rather stick with a Jemason than a Free mason

  2. Iye, mwalimupata Edgar. Since Jan, all you take about is lets kick out EL and PF. Politicking everyday. Eish…its annoying

  3. @Chagwa Agwa

    Spot on mate, Zambians never get angry to cause a real change even if its within their means.
    Another disaster is pending much in the offing and foresight over it is silent. Its taboo to talk about sickness and death hypocrits will argue. Late Sata was known to be sick and the eventuality was inevitable. Ofcourse death is never definitive however, certain sickness will DEFINATELY lead to death. Zambia can not afford to burry its head in the sand when the sitting president is frequently undergoing medical treatment out side Zambia.

    Facts: 1- Sitting president is sick.
    2- Eventuality can be foreseen.

    Let Zambia begin now to prepare for this if 3 deaths of former presindents were not enough lessons for us.

  4. This is something even Dr. kaseba confirmed. she asked govt and they said the owner apologized but she was not just comfortable and she missed her mum. moreover what happened to the house in Rhodes park. its not like she is a destitute for crying out loud. A privilege can be given at any time depending on how the giver is doing his thing. te nkongole iyo. So lets offer constructive critism like why foreign companies should do works and why banks will respect foreign companies at the expense of locals. the whole nation should stand still coz od Kaseba,s house surely??? we can do better in opposition and ruling

  5. Don’t apologise for making a business decision. If rent wasn’t paid then eviction follows unheeded rent-due notices. Period.

  6. Zambia is a poor country and this issue of building and looking after former presidents and their families should be look at carefully. If the most developed countries do not do such why Zambia where 60% of retired civil die before they get their benefits.
    Why not let these guys go back from where the come from or use the money the get when in office to construct their own houses, i mean their salaries are not used for anything because the state pays for everything when they are in state house.

    • which developed countries dont build houses for former presidents? keep your warped thinking to yourself

  7. Seriously, is this issue worth talking about everyday just because it involves Dr Kaseba and her status as first lady? In Zambia there is so much precious time being wasted over unproductive issues. What does parliament hope to achieve from this that will benefit struggling Zambians who have no connections to the PF hierarchy?
    Some bloggers have already said that Dr Kaseba has made millions of US$ in the 3 years her late husband was in power and therefore she should be the last person to moan about accommodation. These same leaders always say Zambians should sacrifice to uplift the country, are they doing so themselves?

    • Exactly my thoughts.

      Too much attention to reports which turn out to be purely sensational and exagerrated. Meanwhile, issues of national necessity are overlooked.

    • When they are thrown out of power. MMD did it once they were booted out. They don’t learn, they in fact need to be arrested as soon as.

  8. We have nothing to do but talk and rumor monger. Our school certificates are not different from a death certificate!!

  9. Well, wisdom is the outcome to this story.

    Now 2 new Presidential Homes are being built. For Incoming and Outgoing. Although, a new one for the Current serving President must also be on the cards. Let’s get it over with, let’s improve accommodation for our most prized citizens.

    Let’s see now……there is the matter of the Palaces for Traditional Chiefs…….the till is still ringing!

    • When they are thrown out of power. MMD did it once they were booted out. They don’t learn, they in fact need to be arrested as soon as.

  10. jealousy will consume us as zambians. kaseba is entitled, just your parents or yourselves to work hard. mouthing dung or using toilet pan type of thing wont work for you.

    • No jealousy here.

      I am only concerned that MY taxpayers money is now being squandered to pay for luxury accommodation for a greedy person that has no conscience and is doing NOTHING for it.

      This woman unconstitutionaly received an amount of Zambians money that was simply theft. Now she still expects MORE!

      And that was after Sata DOUBLED his salary as soon as he was elected!

      She should be accommodated by GRZ. IN JAIL!

  11. Can Akashambatwa list countries which build houses for former presidents? I am interested to know because it is an important point.

  12. DR Kaseba has told how the husband FORMED PF at Kaseba’s mother’s home at the topical Libala home. The basic principles of the foundation of PF and the direction had intended for PF are also outlined. Now such intimate details including the blessing SATA got from Kaseba’s father on the formation of the party are worthy of political capital for a lady who once was PF presidential candidate. With such information the lady can bring down Chagwa who’s clueless and is embracing people against whose principles PF was formed. What Dr Kaseba is saying is that ECL is a traitor, has hijacked PF and is doing things wrong. She’s right. ECL and others should immediately resign from PF on moral grounds, assuming they have any.

    • When one forms a political party with a view to forming Govt., it is not a personal organization. This revelation by Dr. Kaseba is useless and malicious. PF is not a personal property in a Libala House.

    • Did Sata(n) bequeath the PF to Kaseba in his will? Is Kaseba entitled to PF just because she serviced Sata as first lady in State House? How many other people can lay claim to PF just because they were there at its formation? How many founder members should claim part ownership of PF? Hasn’t this woman reaped enough from the party and its government (PIG)? Let her “get a life” and move on! What’s wrong with us, Africans, kanshi? Are we cursed? If so, by who?

    • @Sunny Chintombwa 10 what for Edgar Lungu? You mean 10 bottles of Jameson for Edgar and 0 for HH? Okay that is about right although I feel it’s an underestimation for Edgar. You maybe right to say 10 on one afternoon drinking spree, a bit more longer time.

  13. Damage already done. Who can believe you by saying the lodge owner erred. If you paid for up 30.6 there is no reason she would have been evicted. Just accept that u did not pay.. Now too late ..Pres Lungu was informed two wks before eviction, He was silent..

  14. This Kasebagate issue is disgusting. I just hope the amount I saw[K2M ,,,,] was misrepresented . If its true then government is full of *****s whose brains are full of tapeworms

  15. The issue of why Zambians are paying this kind of money “until a house is built” has not been settled. A poor country should not burden its citizens with this just to serve the rich APAMWAMBA. Sata’s manifesto to serve the poor was false or it was reserved for others to do but not for him and his family to be participants = DICTATORSHIP.
    Lungu has an opportunity to stop this dictatorship type of governing for the rich against the poor.

  16. Thanks Garry for bringing this out,the woman is entitled to vip treatment acording to that stupid law now Garry should speak for its repeal.


  18. Ba Zambians like Dr Kaseba are rich foolz…money rich but poor in ideas ,in execution and in strategy.

    And it is so bcoz Dr Kaseba got to where she is by knowing and stealing the “right man”

  19. Some people are full of hate, Dr Kaseba deserve respect and compassion Just like mrs Maureen Mwanawasa was treated and cared for.every person should be treated with respect especially that people who are enjoying today are enjoying the labour of Sata and Dr Scott . Surely Pilato was tight to record what Sata said in his song A lungu anabwera.

  20. What is this nonsense about HH being Freemason? You are the first people who go to India to be treated by devil worshippers! Why are you pretending you were never taught by a Buddist?

  21. This reminds me of MMD adverts that would go like……ZMK2 247 000 enough to sink 60 boreholes in schools where Thyphoid has broken out.Yes 60 boreholes…..and you heard me right…an average borehole together with tank and tap to run water will cost you that much.The money could have also been very useful if bought a 500KW generator for UTH where we here babies are dying in incubators.
    Kaseba is certainly not the last to find her self widowed God forbid but I think its better to put up measures that will not make us spend these amounts of monies on one citizen.
    So how much are we paying for her new accomodation.

  22. Such poor policies are a burden to the poor. The other day, there was a ZNBC report on problems of water for people in Zimba area sharing dirty water with their animals after travelling several kilometers. Imagine how 60 boreholes would have changed their quality of life & this government feels spending this money on one person who is never likely to ever go without food & shelter is the best use of the nation’s public resources…..

    • shallow thinking. why were these boreholes not built all this long? they can only be built when this kaseba issue is hot. there are funds wasted elsewhere.

  23. People are asking what about the Rhodes Park house, but the question is , isnt that house on rent or something if it is and a contract was signed this may have made it difficult for her to occupy it at a time she needed it.Secondly it probably government policy for the first family to be put somewhere before they move in to the house meant for them..I agree the amount is too much for rent for a few months only..But i think there is more to that its not only rent but allowances and other entitlements..Government policy again. The problem i dont think its Dr. Kaseba but government policy which can be changed.

  24. This nonsense only happen in Zambia….where on earth can u have such a wasteful policy which encourage such mediocrity and impunity..people of Zambia please wake up…this is tax payers money being wasted to satisfy few egoistic non performers…
    So this policy will continue in perpetuity from the sound of it!! Atase…naba HH nabo he will move into a transit home??.?..when he owns a house if not houses… Alabalimitola mu zed…..


  26. Look at the issue critically,you will see that the issue is not simple at all.Only Simbyakula and the Lodge owner are that simple.

  27. And you think that with such reckless and disgusting expenditures Zambia will develop? The money spent at Reedbuck or whatever you call it is enough to build a sensible and decent house. Can you imagine that now Govt will spend more billions to build a house for a former first lady….on top of colossal sums already spent. Tomorrow, the same govt will be borrowing for more to spend on things like that. Zambians, where are we going bane? Cry the beloved country indeed! Do people understand that actually its the citizens spending (through Tax) and not the govt? Somehow, we Zambians are responsible because we are so docile.

  28. Let’s set aside the politics and our feelings and put these figures in perspective. The amount paid for six months to 30 June is K12,480.00 per month. For a luxury lodge and the likely size of Dr Kaseba’s family and visitors, the figure is just about right considering that a lodge charges daily rates. To me what looks wrong is not the rate but the fact that she is accommodated in a lodge and not a house where she can cook her own food, like chibwabwa instead of prawns and caviar. Now let’s debate intelligently!

  29. People thought looting was only prevent in Chiluba regime…nooo!!!!! actually looting, though subtle, has continued to this moment in Zambia..lwenu bane if you cant stop these kleptomaniacs the country will continue sinking at a fast pace…
    The constitution review process should critically focus on such issues and not to allow for leaders to have unreasonable benefits at the expense of the poor. The country cannot accommodate the homeless poor but it is over accommodating former presidents and first ladies using public funds..atase!! very disgusting..

  30. I smell a rat with this issue on Kaseba’s eviction! A big fat rat! In all the discussions has the owner been named? This makes me wonder about the identity of the owner. Is it someone connected to PF?
    LT please find out!

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