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Artist Profile: USA Based Female Musician Siphiwe Wright

Headlines Artist Profile: USA Based Female Musician Siphiwe Wright


Siphiwe Wright , born and raised in Zambia,  is currently based in the United States ,she has been there since  2002. The soft spoken artiste had this to say in a recent interview  “I grew up in a musical family and so singing came naturally to me. when I was nine years, me and my twin sister formed a trio with our cousin called the shinning stars that helped me grow in music and the love of music. In my teenage years I joined a group called golden shields today known as the Twelve Gates, we traveled all over Zambia even outside of the country and those are some good memories I cherish singing to the glory of God.”

It’s not until she went to the States that she was encouraged to sing solo . That is something she has grown to love.

Mpeni Umutima



Interact with her on social media :

Twitter: @siphiwe_wright

Facebook: Thesiphiwenotes

Instagram: @singspiwetion



  1. Nice girl and nice songs.Keep it up Siphiwe.Teach yr kids yr native language also though you are in America like Nigerians do.But Zambians when abroad do not teach their children their languages.

    • And you are that ignorant to know that some South African tribes migrated to Zambia during the Shaka Zulu wars, right? Did you skip your history classes in high school?

    • No sir those African tribes didn’t bring the name Siphiwe to Zed. Nefishili fyakupontela.

    • Sure ba Yambayamba the Ubuntungwa guy is just asking. Just answer him instead of trying to show off. It looks like that is the only historical information you know so you have to grandstand. By the way It was only one Kwazulu natal tribe that came to Zambia. Not tribes as you are putting it

  2. Good & not bad. Better than the ever rapping music. But a little Fire fire will help your music. Ask Pentes and they’ll tell you what I mean by fire fire.

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